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This is a small selection of our inventory of Antique Baseball prints for sale. Additional inventory is available. Contact us with your request. 1-800-879-6277 

1934 Half-tones with article titled, "Minnesota Paces Simon Pures." Article continues on back of page.
11-1/2 x 9 in. $30

1890 Baseball's Social Scene. Lovely antique color engraving shows several scenes of crowds socializing during baseball. Caption reads, "The Social Side of Inter-Collegiate Baseball." Published in an issue of Harper's Weekly circa 1890.
11x16 in. $50

1894 Inter-Collegiate Baseball Scenes. Print shows several photgraphs of inter-collegiate baseball games. Photos accompanied by unrelated text. Published in an 1894 issue of Harper's Weekly.
11x16 in. $30

1895 Inter-collegiate Portraits. Print shows several scenes of Ivy League baseball teams. Photos are accompanied by text. Published in an 1895 issue of Harper's Weekly.
11x16 in. $60

1899 Inter-collegiate Baseball Stars. Print shows several scenes of Ivy League stars in action. Photos accompanied by text. Published in an 1899 issue of Harper's Weekly.
11x16 in. $30

A.B. Frost baseball print. This hand colored half tone shows a runner about to slide into home base with the catcher standing ready to catch the ball and tag the runner out.This would make an excellent gift for any baseball enthusiasts
10.5x15 in. $80

Hand-colored engraving from Harper's Weekly. The Winning Run - How Is It, Umpire? Dated August 22, 1885 Drawn by T. De Thulstrup. 11x16 in. $150

1867 Harper's Weekly wood engraving showing "The Champion Nine of the Union Base-Ball Club of Morrisania, New York."
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $40

This print is a an advertisement dated 1935 for the Young & Rubicam Advertising Agency of New York, Chicago and Detroit. The title at the top reads, "Not So Good", while the text relays the message
 that you shouldn't sacrifice
sureness simply to
play to the grandstand.
13.5x11 in. $40

A. B. Frost did this delightful cartoon version of a baseball team in the August 30, 1890 issue of Harper's Weekly. Each of the team positions is portrayed by a different caricature - including the Grand Stand and the Bleachers. 16x11in. $40

1889 New York Baseball Club showing a picture of William Ewing, Captain, in a catcher's uniform. This was originally drawn by T. De Thulstrup and was featured in Harper's Weekly and is a hand colored half-tone.
16 x 11 in. $150

1887 Second baseman catching the ball. Hand colored full page engraved image from Harper's Weekly titled, "Thrown Out on Second" drawn by Gilbert Gaul. Shows a second baseman catching the ball during a baseball game. Mended at fold.
22 x 16 in. $250


1869 Burglar's Implements Used In the Ocean Bank Robbery, New York City AND Presentation Of A Champion Bat To the "Red Stocking" Base-Ball Club, Cincinnati, Ohio, On Its Return Home - Sketched By J.A. Gervis. Hand-colored half-tone published in Harper's Weekly on July 24, 1869. Top scene on page depicts various types of tools and bottom scene on page displays the Presentation of a Champion Bat to the "Red-Stocking" Baseball Club. 11x16in. $50

1881 The Cornel Crew For England - From Photographs By Evans and The Princeton College Base-Ball Nine - Photographed By Pach, hand-colored wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly on May 14, 1881, depicting on upper half of page, the four Cornell Crew for England; and on lower half of page, The Princeton College Base-Ball Nine. 11x16in. $60

Safe Hit Texas Vegetables Package Label from Gulf Distributing Co., Inc. in Weslaco, Texas, U.S.A. Picture shows a baseball player in action after striking the ball with his bat. 5x7in. $30


Harper's Weekly
Two popular players of the St. Louis Base-ball Team
On the fiels portraits of Charles Comiskey and W. A Latham. Top of page inclused obituary and portrait of John Wentworth, former Mayor of Chicago Hand Colored
11" x 16" $70

Harper's Weekly
Two Out and Bases
Full description
11 x 16 page, inset image is 8" x 5.75" $30

The Eleventh Hour
Hand Colored wood engraving, drawn by O.D. Gibson
16" x 11"

Colliers Weekly
The Game Begins
A note on the weaker sex- the hero attends a championship football match, but finds it difficult to fasten his attention on the contest. Hand Colored
16" x 22"



Harper's Weekly
June 9, 1883
Baseball of the Future
16" x 11"


Harper's Weekly
January 12, 1889
Farmer Stebbin At The Bat
11" x 16" $40



Colliers Weekly
The Game Is On
16" x 22"



1886 Hand colored wood engraving on bottom of page from Harper's Weekly showing, "The New Grounds Of the Metropolitan Baseball Club of Staten Island." Drawn
by Schell and Hogan.
16-1/2 x 11 in. $40
Black & White: $30

1883 Hand colored wood engraving featured in Harper's Weekly showing, "The Boston Baseball Club" and the "Base-ball
Champions of 1883."
15-1/2 x 11 in. $60

1893 Engraving from The Illustrated Sporting And Dramatic News showing scenes of baseball players, the spectators, people cheering, dining, and friends of the players socializing while seated at the ballgame. Title of engraving is, "Eton and Harrow at Lords."
16 x 10-1/2 in. $60

1938 Liberty Magazine cover by artist Charles Towne which shows a gentleman playing baseball as he holds his bat while a young boy stoops nearby, readying
his catcher's mitt.
11-1/2 x 8 in. $20

1889 Hand colored wood engravings featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper titled, "The Popular Interest in Base-Ball."
16 x 11 in. $120

1921 Halftones featured in The National Police Gazette show four images. Top left image is titled, "Pittsburgh's Celebrated Brothers." Image depicts Paul and Lloyd Waner, whose outfielding and batting for Pirates has been one of the season's sensations back in that era.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $40

1891 Hand colored half-tone images on top and bottom of page featured in Harper's Weekly. Top image shows Princeton's Base-Ball Nine team players and bottom image shows Yale's Base-Ball
Nine team players.
16 x 11 in. $80


1911 Half-tone images on top and bottom of page. Bottom image is titled, "When 'The House' Plays Baseball." Baseball players shown are the Washington Statesmen as members of this Baseball Nine.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $40

1888 Harper's Weekly rare hand colored wood engraving titled, "A Ball Or A Strike -- Which?" Drawn by T. De Thulstrup. This classic baseball piece is in fine condition.
16 x 11 in. $150


1882 Currier & Ives/Thomas Worth hand colored lithograph titled, "A Foul Tip." Image is toned and in
very good condition.

16 x 12 in. $475


1889 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "A Collegiate Game of Baseball," drawn by W.P. Snyder. Originally featured in Harper's Weekly. Image shows women sitting in the bandstands as a baseball game is played on the field below.
Very good condition.

22 x 16 in. $250

1874 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving titled, "Base-Ball in England -- The Match on Lord's Cricket Grounds Between the Red Stockings and the Athletics." From a Sketch by Abner Crossman.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $150

1874 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving titled, "The American Base-Ball Players in England -- Match Between the Red Stockings and the Athletics, Prince's Ground, Brompton."
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $150

1886 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving showing, "A Double Play -- First League Game, New York Against Boston, April 29," drawn by W.P. Snyder.
16 x 11 in. $180

1896 Hand colored wood engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing, "The Opening of the Base-Ball War in New York -- General View of the New
Grounds of the Rival Clubs."
16 x 11 in. $150

1885 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper hand colored wood engraving showing sketches at the Polo Grounds during the League Championship Game Between the New York and Detroit Baseball clubs in New York City.
16 x 11 in. $120

1890 Hand colored wood engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing the, "Opening of the Base-Ball Season -- Game Between the Cjicago and Brooklyn Clubs on the lagler Grounds
at St. Augustine, Fla."
8 x 6-1/2 in. $50

1911 Harper's Weekly hand colored lithograph titled, "Some Chips from the Diamond." Drawn
by E.W. Kemble.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $80

Woman's Baseball Team - Harold's Club vs Truckee. Original photo poster advertising. Photo taken on 6/6/1947. Damage to corners.
22 1/2 x 14 in. $75

"The Home Plate." 1912 Kellogg Toasted Corn Flakes ad. Showing boys playing baseball using an empty Kellogg's box as home plate. Hand colored, half-tone print.
10 x 13 1/2 in. $40

National Association of Baseball Players 1866. 5 portraits of officers - Pres. John Wildey, also A. Rogers, Mortimor Rogers, PJ Cozans, and HC Sexton. Wood engraving.
11 x 16 in. $50

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