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Partie Du Canada, deVaugondy 1749 - An attractive, small, engraved, early map with pastel hand coloring focusing on the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Great Lakes in North America, from Robert De Vaugondy's Atlas Portatif. The map appears to follow D'Anville's treatment of the Great Lakes. Quebec is named, as are a number of early French forts; the Bay of Fundy is named Bay of Francoise. Condition: Very fine, minimal aging color and
 very large margin.
size 8.5 x 6.5 image.

Native Races of the Pacific States Columbian Group Bancroft 1882 A fine small map of British Columbia and Washington-Oregon from Hubert Howe Bancroft’s Native Races of the Pacific States (vols. 1–5, 1874) published in 1876, Begins with the Umpquas, and extends east to the Palouse and Cayuse around Walla Walla, to the Nootkas of B. C. This is an important map for western collectors, Bancroft was very important western historian, and a prolific publisher and ethnologist who wrote, published and collected works concerning the western United States, Texas, California, Alaska, Mexico, Central America and British Columbia. Condition: Like new, small margin at the top,
engraved with original
 hand coloring.
size, 9.5 x 8 image

General Amherst Expedition to Montreal with a Plan of Town & Draft of the Land 1760, J. Gibson - This map illustrates the expedition led by General Lord Jeffrey Amherst against the French at Montreal in 1760, which led to the surrender of the city in September of that year. It shows the region along and south of the St. Lawrence River extending from Quebec to the Thousand Islands, and then around Lake Ontario and to the Niagara River. Forts, Indian tribes, rivers, portages, and other such information is clearly presented. Also included are insets of Montreal Island and of the city itself, indicating its major streets, buildings, and the surrounding fortifications. Condition: Excellent for a map this old small piece missing from top right margin.
size 8 .75 x 7 image

Canada, Johnston 1875 - This is a large, steel engraved and detailed, original hand colored map of Eastern Canada and upper New England from Long Island north. Township references in the legend are numbered and all water way and tributaries including the Great lakes are described in great detail. The map extends west to Lake Huron, north to James Bay, east to Maine and south to Lake Erie, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Light foxing.
23 x 19 in. $325

1843 map of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick etc. Original color.
 13x18 in. $100

OLD MAP - ST. LAWRENCE RIVER & GREAT LAKES 1855. "Map of the Province of Canada and the Lower Colonies shewing the connection by Steam Navigation with New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin & Minnesota, and with Europe by the Route of the River St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes. Showing also the connection by old railways & canals with New England, Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, Iowa and Nebraska. Prepared for the Canadian Commissioners of the Paris Exhibition by Thomas Keefer, Montreal, 1855." Condition good, originally folded. 40" x 26" $350

1895 railroad map of the Maritimes. Lists and shows the old routes of the many railroads that passed through the region. 13.5x20.5 in. $60

1875 Map of the Eastern Canada by Gray. Interesting map, with original hand coloring, from O.W. Gray's world atlas of 1875. Includes the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. Every department within those provinces is separately colored. Cities, towns, railroad lines and geographical features are all shown. Very attractive map which would look great in a frame!
14x17 in. $80

1745 Map: Louisburg, Cape Breton Isle Canada. Antique hand colored, copper engraved map from Gentleman's Magazine, titled "A Plan of the City & Harbour of Louisburg, Shewing That Part of Gabaru's Bay in which the English Landed, Also their Encampment during the Siege in 1745." Main portion of the map is a close-up view of Louisburg harbor, with the walled city and English encampment clearly marked. In the upper left corner, there is an inset map of Cape Breton Island. This map is in very good condition. The left margin was cut very close to the map border, and it has been extended to facilitate framing. A small portion of the left border's edge has been re-drawn by a restoration professional. The repair is almost unnoticeable. 9x11 in. $120
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1867 Mitchell map of New Brunswick, Noca Scotia, and Prince Edward's Island. Attractive original hand color map with very nice borders. Inset of Halifax Harbor in the lower right corner.
11.5x15 in. $60

1855 Colton Map of Dominion of Canada, The Provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Beautifully engraved, hand-colored map from the first edition of Colton's world atlas, 1855. Cities, towns, major roads, railroad lines and geographical features are all shown. Individual areas are separately colored. The entire image is surrounded by a decorative border. Excellent condition.
 17.5 x 28 in. $100

Beautiful hand colored engravings from the February 21, 1880 cover of The Graphic. Page titled, Canoeing in Nova Scotia, and shows various views of people conoeing.
10.5 X 16 in. $50

1878 Print: Pepperell-Siege Louisburg. Nova Scotia. General Pepperell at the Siege of Louisburg. Color: Water Color. Type: Steel Engraving. Size: 10x8 in. $50

1926 Map of Montreal & vicinity. Hand colored. Shows public buildings and many other significant areas. 14x21 in. $60

1923 Map of Toronto. Hand colored lithograph. 11x15 in. $30

1855 Colton map of Canada East, or Lower Canada and New Brunswick. Original hand color. 16x18.5 in. $90

1875 Mitchell map of Quebec, divided into counties. Inset map of the environs of Montreal. Original hand color, decorative border. $60

1880 Bruce County, Ontario. Uncolored lithographic views of farms and businesses. 13x17.5 in. $50

1891 McGill University. Four half-tone photos on one page, showing engineering laboratories. 10x13 in. $50

1860: Timber Slide at Ottawa Canada. Hand colored engraving from the Illustrated London News, titled "The Prince of Wales in Canada: His Royal Highness Descending a Timber Slide at Ottawa." The Prince and his entourage are shown seated on a large wooden raft, which is sliding quickly down a man-made waterway. 11x16 in. $50

Map of the Great Western Railway of Canada - Very informative (mostly uncolored) lithographed map of railways of Western Canada including the Great Lakes, from St. Paul in the west to Portland, Boston and Quebec in the east. Shows Grand Trunk Railway of Maine, Hudson River line and New York Central to Rochester, Hamilton, London, Windsor and off to Chicago. A Martin and Hood Lithograph 8, GT Newport street, depicting all the major railroad lines Ohio and Miss, Bellefontaine, Michigan Southern, Chicago Burlington, Atlantic Great Western and many more. This is a must for railroad collectors as this map depicts the new narrow gauge route between New York and Boston highlighted in blue circa probably 1885. Condition: Very Good, rare map, slight tear on right margin folds barely noticeable.
Size: 12.75 x 21.5

Old Rare Map Great Lakes Ontario Michigan Etc. Fascinating, engraved map of the region around lakes Huron, Erie and Ontario, published in 1832 by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). Title of the map is "North America, Sheet III. Upper Canada with Parts of New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan." The entire region is shown in great detail, with even the smallest towns marked. The eastern part of Michigan is included, as well as the northern tip of Ohio, northern Pennsylvania, most of New York State, and much of Ontario. County, state and national boundaries are drawn with original outline hand coloring. The shipping lane from northern Lake Huron through Lake Ontario is shown, and water depths are marked along the way. This map is in very good condition. There is a horizontal crease on the image near the right edge, which is visible but not distracting. In the upper right corner, a small piece (approx. 2 inches) of the margin and border are missing, but the image is not affected. A cut along the border in the upper right side has been repaired on the back with archival tape. The image itself is clean and clear throughout. 14x18 in. $150
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Carte Particuliere De La Nord Quest Amerique, Herault 1786 - This large-scale map of British Columbia and the southeast coast of Alaska depicts the route of La Perouse's voyage with only those parts actually surveyed from Bay de Clonard (Graham Island) to Mt. St. Elias. Drawn by Herault and engraved by Bouclet. Special Note: La Perouse set sail from France in 1785 to continue the discoveries of Captain Cook. He was shipwrecked in 1788 but his narrative, maps, and views survived and were published in 1797. This copy consists of the Atlas only to the First French edition. It is an exceptional copy, with very strong impressions. It should be compared to the smaller English Atlas of 1799. Maps are without color and bound in half leather brown marbled paper covered boards with "La Perouse's Voyages. Atlas" Condition: Very Fine, large wide side margins, small tear on bottom margin with fold in middle, small hole at lower left margin corner.
size 27.5 x 19.5 image $400

1857 Print: Death of Gen. Wolfe (British vs French Quebec (1857). Color: Black and White. Type: Steel Engraving. Size: 10x8 in. $24

1862: Maps of Quebec, Ontario. Two fine Johnson maps of Quebec, Ontario (1862). Color: Original Water Color. Type: Wood Engraving. Size: 18x26 in. $60

1883 "Wild Fowling" views in the Northwest of Canada. Hand colored engraving. 11x16 in. $50

1895 British Columbia. Two hand colored photographic views: City of Westminster (top), and the British/American territorial disputes commission (bottom). 11x16 in. $50

1900 map of Alberta, Assiniboia, Athabasca and Saskatchewan. Lithograph, printed in color.
11.5x14 in. $40

1908 photo series: Building the town of Prince Rupert in British Columbia. Six interesting photos.
15.5x22 in. $50

1891 map of Northwest Territory and early western provinces. Railroads are shown in various colors. 17.5x22.5 in. $60

1891 map of British Columbia. Lithograph, printed in color.
17.5x22 in. $60

1891 map of Manitoba. Lithograph, printed in color.
17.5x22 in. $60

1882: Vancouver Island British Columbia. Large, hand colored engraving from the Illustrated London News, titled "Sketches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia." Page contains thirteen separate scenes, showing the scenery in the Vancouver Island area. At bottom is a panoramic view of the town of Victoria.
16x22 in. $120

1795 Cook View: Nootka Sound Canada. Hand colored copper engraving, printed on hand laid paper, from Alexander Hogg's 1795 edition of Captain Cook's expedition to the Pacific Ocean. Title is "The Inside of a House in Nootka sound." Shows the interior of a typical native dwelling on the shore of what is now western Canada. 9x15 in. $100

Copper engravings of Nootka Sound, Canada. Upper picture titled, Habitations in Nootka Sound North America. Bottom picture is titled, The Inside of a Habitation in Nootka Sound. Engraved for Bankes's New System of Geography, Published by Royal Authority in 1775. 15x9 in. $100

Very nice color lithograph from the November 30, 1889 issue of West Shore. British Columbia - Natural Bridge over Kicking Horse River. 17x11 in. $80

Canada's Glory -- Color lithograph showing Portraits of Celebrated Light Horses. 1. Jubilee Chief, Hackney; 2. Knight of the Vale, Vol. 5, Yorkshire Coach; 3. Marauder, Thoroughbred; 4. Wildmont, Standard-Bred; 5. Kilnwick - Fireaway, Hackney; 6. Althorpe Duchess, Hackney Mare; 7. Mikado, Thoroughbred; 8. Amsterdam, Thoroughbred; 9. Kilburn, Thoroughbred; 10. Clonmore, Standard-Bred; 11. Miss Baker, Hackney. Engraved and issued for the "Farmer's Advocate," London, Ontario, and Winnipeg, Manitoba.
34 x 24 in. $225

Image from the January 11, 1908 issue of The Illustrated London News. Hand colored wood engraving of Ice Fishing. Top caption reads " A Compendium of Comfort for Fishermen in Canada". The bottom caption is "Catching your dinner at your own fireside: fishing through the ice under shelter in the Bay of Hamilton". The text below the bottom caption explains that this is how fishermen around the Great Lakes work in the winter.
16x11 in. $60

1887 Frederick Remington: Canadian Mounted Police. Uncolored, engraved image from the December 24, 1887 issue of Harper's Weekly. Drawn by 19th century artist Frederick Remington. Title is "The Canadian Mounted Police on a 'Musical Ride.' Charge!" Excellent Condition. 11x16 in. $80

Hand colored copper engravings of Nootka Sound, Canada. Upper picture titled, Habitations in Nootka Sound North America. Bottom picture is titled, The Inside of a Habitation in Nootka Sound. Engraved for Bankes's New System of Geography, Published by Royal Authority in 1775. 15x8.5 in. $100

1894 Map of North West Territories and Brish Columbia (1894). Color: Printed in Color. Type: Wood Engraving. Size: 11x10 in. $30


1901 Arlington Hotel - Corner of King and John Streets. Half-tone picture of the Arlington Hotel in Toronto, Canada. 6.5x8.5in. $30

1901 Views in Rosedale - North East City Limits. Three half-tones of the road leading up to Mayor Hill, the road to Castle Frank, and Rosedale Ravine Drive. 6.5x8.5in. $30

1838 Junction of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence (near Cedars). Hand colored steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett depicting the Junction of the Ottawa and St. Lawrence (near Cedars) on a grey and cloudy day. 7.5x10.5in. $40

1839 Falls On the St. John River. Hand colored steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett depicting the misty falls on the St. John River on a cloudy day. 9.5x12in. $50

1838 Rapids, On the Approach to the Village of Cedars. Hand colored steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett depicting people riding on rafts on the rapids near the village of Cedars on a partly cloudy day. 7.5x9in. $40

1838 Church at Point-Levi. Hand colored steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett depicting the church at Point-Levi with some people on a grassy knoll in the foreground and the lake in the background.
7.5x9.5in. $40

1838 Haliburton House. Hand colored steel engraving by W.H. Bartlett depicting the house as it looked in 1838. This image also appeared in Canadian Scenery Illustrated in 1842. 7x10in. $40

1850 Montreal River Falls. Hand colored lithograph by Ackerman Lithographs in N.Y. A colorful lithograph depicting the Montreal River Falls with forest surrounding each side of the river. 5x9in. $40

1860 Reception of His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, by the Inhabitants of Toronto, Canada West - From A Sketch By Our Special Artist, G.H. Andrews. Wood engraving published in The Illustrated London News on October 27, 1860. 16x22in. $30

1778 Hand colored copper engraving titled, "Esquimaux's of Hudson's Bay." Image shows a small family of eskimos standing outside their home near a stone-made fireplace.
10-1/2 x 8-1/2 in. $125

1853 Hand colored lithographed Map of the British North America including the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and part of the New England States, Compiled from the latest Surveys and Charts. By Henry F. Perley For the Report of Israel D. Andrews. To Hon. Thomas Corwin, Secretary of the Treasury. By Ackerman Lithograph. Shown on map are also Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Map is
in fine condition.
48 x 28 in. $250

1827 Sable Island (Nova Scotia) - View of East end of Island by Edmund Blunt. Engraved by the American Coast Pilot. Hand colored steel engraving.
9 x 5 in. $65


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