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1814 Hand colored copper engraved map of China, divided into its Great Provinces According to Best Authorities. Engraved for Carey's American Edition of Guthries Geography improved. Also shown is Korea, Formosa, and the
bottom of Japan.
17 x 13-1/2 in. $250

1821 Map of China and Korea. Beautiful, copper-engraved map from Lavoisne's Genealogical, Historical, Chronological and Geographical Atlas of 1821. Map title is "Geographical and Historical Map of China. Also included on the map image is the "Tributary Kingdom of Corea." Each province within China is individually colored with original hand coloring. The map image is surrounded on three sides by text describing China's geographical features, its government, history and customs. There is also a small amount of text about the Empire of Japan. This map is in very good condition. There are some light stains in the right and left margins, but the image is clean and clear. 17x22 in. $250

1892 Scene in a Chinese Town. Engraved view in a small Chinese town, titled "The Town of Youn-Tchen-Sian, China." Buildings with ornately decorated roofs line the main street, which is unpaved. $30

1883 View of the Great Wall of China. Hand colored engraving from the Oct. 6, 1883 issue of Harper's Weekly. Title is "The Great Wall of China, Near the Nan-Kow Pass."
8x11 in. $30 

1858 Chinese Justice. Wood engraving published in an 1858 issue of The Illustrated London News. It shows two engravings of Chinese leaders and a thief being whipped through the streets of Canton.
11x16 in. $30 

1860 City of Chokian by T. Allam. Beautiful steel engraving by T. Allam was published as an illustration to a book in 1860. It shows a military station near the city of Chokian.
 8x10 in. $40

1746 Village Scene Near Peking China. Beautiful copper engraving by Nieuhof, published in 1746 as an illustration to a book. Shows the village of Jo Si Wo, situated along a water channel near Peking. Numerous river boats are shown in the channel, with small, one-story houses and rice paddies on either side. Printed on hand laid paper. 10x14 in. $150

RARE Antique View of An Official in China. Beautifully engraved, hand colored scene, printed circa 1750 as an illustration to a book. No artist's name is included on the piece. Title of the scene is "Leam QuamTsunto, Vicar Generall of Two Provinces of China with a Retenue of a Thousand Persons." The Vicar General is shown seated on a chair, which is being carried by eight men. Other members of his retinue are shown marching ahead of him and behind him, through the Chinese countryside. There is a letter next to each person in the image, but unfortunately the legend which identifies them is not included. This engraving is in very good condition, printed on hand laid paper. The original mark from the copper printing plate is visible
around the image border.
11x22 in. $200

Old, RARE Temple Scene in Peking China. This hand-colored, engraved scene is from the Feb. 22, 1873 issue of the Illustrated London News. The image is titled "The Temple of Heaven, Pekin." It shows a scene looking down on the temple, with Chinese countryside in the background. 16x22 in. $80

1670 A. Kircher. Imperium Sinicum Quindecupartitum. Beautiful old map of China and Korea compiled by the Jesuit Father Martino Martini. The trading route between Canton and Peking is noted and the great wall and the Gobi Desert are pictured. Water colored copperplate engraving on handmade paper in
excellent condition.
15 x 12" plus margins.



Old Antique View: City of Nanking China. Nicely hand colored engraving, titled "The City of Nanking." Published circa 1835 by Fisher & Son. Shows the walled city of Nanking from a distance, with a procession of Chinese musicians in the foreground.
8x10 in. $60 

1750 Map by Bowen: Town in Indochina. Engraved map, published circa 1750 by Emanuel Bowen. Title is "Nangasak, call'd by the Chinese Tchangk." Shows the small town on the Nagasak River, with a fort on its western border. Text in the upper right corner gives the locations of prominent buildings and geographical features. Very good condition. $75

Rare 1648 Hand colored copper engraving. Title reads, A View of a Pagan Temple. Engraving is on handmade hand laid rag.
9.5x15 in. $150

1744 Hand colored copper engraving of Confucius titled, "Kong-Fu-Tse or Confucius, the most Celebrated Philosopher of China." Engraved by H Fletcher. Good margins and engraving is in Fine Condition.
13-1/2 x 9 in. $225

1891 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated News of the World. Title of image is, "Across Mongolia, -- With the Russian Heavy Mail Across the Gobi: Our Caravan in Mid-Desert."
16 x 11 in. $60

1861 Johnson's CHINA By Johnson & Browning, with insets in bottom left corner of the Harbor & Island of Amoy; and a Map of Canton and Adjacent Islands. Map was featured in Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas (Johnson & Browning). Antique map is hand colored with a decorative ornate border and is in excellent condition.
14x18in. $150

1906 Manchuria photogravures of Silversmith Street and other crafts in images titled, "Ancient Mukden, One of the World's Most Interesting Cities." Top left image shows Mammoth Stone Elephant Topping Tomb of Manchu
King.Fine condition.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $40

C.1850 City of Amoy - Hand colored steel engraving from Like in China. Title of image is, "City of Amoy, from the Tombs." Allum View. Published by Fisher, Son & Co.,
London & Paris.
10-1/2 x 8-1/4 in. $100

1796. A Chart of Cochin, China Including Touron Harbour and the Island of Callon, . H. W. Parish & J. Barrow. showing the coast of Vietnam and today's Danang with inset showing the land profile. Steel plate hand colored engraving from Staunton's survey June 1793. Left border has been patched 3" at bottom. Excellent condition.
17 x 22" plus margins.

C.1850 Amoy hand colored steel engraving from Life in China. Image titled is, "Amoy, from the Outer Anchorage." Allum view. Published by Fisher, Son & Co.,
London & Paris.
10-1/2 x 8-1/4 in. $100

1858 Wood engraving showing Life in Hong Kong. Pictured is A One Piecie Barber-Man, Chinese Coolies and Celestial Ladies. Images are surrounded by text. Featured
 in Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $40

1853 Half-page hand colored wood engraving titled, "A View of the Victoria Barracks, Hong Kong, China." Featured in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion.
11 x 7-1/2 in. $80

1799 Antique hand colored Stipple and aquatint engraving from the Costumes of China by the Chinese artist, Pu-Qua of Canton. Published by W. Miller, London. Image shows a Chinese Porter brick layer. Costumes are depicted by occupation. Ask us about other engravings from this series. Measurement includes mat.
18-1/2 x 15-1/2 in. $190

1770 Hand colored copper engraving by Bellin titled, "Carte De La Tartarie Orientale of Manchuria and the northeast portion of Tartaria, including Sagallan Anga Hata--Isle de la Bouche Noire, which also includes an ornate cartouche with map's title inside.
13-1/2 x 10 in. $150

1780 Hand colored copper engraving showing the Chinese Tartary and other vicinities in China including the Kingdom of Tonquin.
10 x 8 in. $90

1844 Outline colored steel engraved map of Siberia and Chinese Tartary published by Chase Knight
& Co., London.
17 x 14 in. $150

1843 Hand colored steel engraved map of the Interior and Sea Coast of China, chiefly from Du Halde and the Jesuits. Published by Edward Stanford, London.
17 x 14 in. $150


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