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Crime and Punishment

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1883: Woman Fights With Burglar. Detailed woodcut engraving from an 1883 issue of the National Police Gazette. Title is "They Exchanged Blows. Mrs. Richardson of Waterloo, NY, Knocks Down a Burglar with a Chair and Received a Blow with a Sand-Bag." Left corner of the top margin is torn off,
but the image is intact.
7x10 in. $30

1860 Torture Scene. Engraved antique prison scene in Italy, where interrogators are forcing a confession from a political prisoner. They are using The Tourniquet, which is described in text above the image as "a cord passed round the head, and tightened by means of a stick inserted in it till the skin cracks and the eyes start from their sockets." There is some light water staining in the left margin of this print, but the image is not affected. 11x16 in. $40

1872: Execution by Elephant. Gruesome engraved image from the February 3, 1872 issue of Harper's Weekly, showing an execution scene in India. The death sentence is being carried out by an elephant, which was trained to kill prisoners by stepping on their heads. Text to the left of the image describes the scene. 11x11 in. $50

1856 Torture Scene. Engraved image from an 1856 issue of Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, titled "Punishment of the Wheel, in the Turkish Army." Shows a Turkish soldier tied to a large wooden wheel, being whipped for an offense. An article above the
 image explains how the
 punishment was carried out.
11x16 in. $40

1880 Stagecoach Robbery. Woodcut engraving from an 1880 issue of the National Police Gazette. Title is "A Frightful Outrage by Escaped Convicts in Southern Idaho: They Rob a Stage Coach and
Completely Denude the Seven
Passengers of Their Clothing."
6x10 in. $40

1858 Torture and Homicide in an American State Prison. Old wood engraving published in an 1858 issue of Harper's Weekly shows two engravings, the first of which is an exterior view of the State Prison at Auburn, New York. The second engraving shows a Black convict being tortured. The engravings are accompanied by text describing torture and homicide
 in U.S. prisons.
 11x16 in. $40

1768 Spanish Inquisition: Burning Heretics. Engraved scene from the Royal Magazine, titled, "The Procession of the Inquisition for the Burning of Hereticks." Shows a long line of church officials marching through a town square, followed by penitents and
condemned heretics.
8x10 in. $50

Medieval Torture Devices for Women. Illustrated article from the Oct. 25, 1862 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, describing the use of "branks" to silence women who gossiped or scolded their husbands. A brank was an iron bridle which was placed around a woman's head. Sharp spikes on the front were forced into her mouth, causing injuries to the tongue if she talked. Above the article is an image which is unrelated to the topic. 11x16 in. $40

RARE Old Text: Electric Chair Execution Death. Fascinating one-page article, with engraved illustrations, from the June 30, 1888 issue of Scientific American. Title of the article is "Execution by Electricity." Electricity had not yet been used for capital punishment, but the article describes in detail how it could be most effective. It also describes some of the experiments that had been tried on animals such as dogs. According to the article, the state of New York was about to begin using the electric chair as its primary means of execution. This item is in very good condition. There is a light water stain on the paper, but it is not visually distracting.
11x16 in. $40

Very nice double-page spread from the August 2, 1890 issue of Harper's Weekly. Scenes of Prison Life in the South. Seven hand colored engravings showing different aspects of the Colored Prison. 16x22 in. $120

JESSIE JAMES - Extremely rare wood engraved cover of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper dated April 22, 1882. The feature story of this issue was news of the death of Jessie James in St. Joseph, Missouri on April 3rd.
 16x11 in. $250

This is a hand colored engraving printed in London circa 1825 entitled, "Chinese Punishment of the Rack". Image shows a man hammering a wedge into the rack with two assistants pulling ropes and a man having his ankles crushed by the rack. The condition is excellent
with very vibrant colors.
8x10.5 in. $60

This is a hand colored engraving printed in London circa 1825 entitled, "Street Punsihment". The scene is of a man with his hands bound with flags attached to his head being beaten with reeds while parading through town. There is a drummer who leads the procession. The condition is excellent
with very vibrant colors.
 8x10.5 in. $60

Kentucky Moonshiners - This is a rare 1879 view of illicit distillers in action. Seven vignettes featured in The Daily Graphic. Hand colored wood engravings.
20-1/2 x 14 in. $295

Harper's Weekly
December 18, 1858
Torture and Homicide in an American State Prison (2 pages)
wood cut engraving
11" x 16" each

Frank Leslie's
November 19, 1887
The Law Vindicated - Four of The Chicago Anarchists - Cook County Jail  - wood cut engraving
22" x 15.75" $50

Harper's Weekly
June 8, 1889
Execution by Electricity
hand colored woodcut engraving
9" x 7.5" $40

Harper's Weekly
1869  - Punishment of Convicts - Torture and Death by the
shower-bath at Sing Sing
woodcut engraving
4.5" x 7.5" $20

Harper's Weekly
July 4, 1863
Execution by Hanging of
Two Rebel Spies
11" x 16" $30

Frank Leslie's
January 14, 1882
Waiting - A Scene in a Corridor of the Jail at Washington, DC
wood cut engraving
11" x 16" $40

Frank Leslie's
Execution of the Conspirators in Washington, D.C .
wood cut engraving
11" x 16" $40

Frank Leslie's 1865 - Mrs. Surratt, with the conspirators and assassins, hooded and ironed, proceeding to the penitentiary at Washington -
 wood cut engraving
11" x 16" $50

1907 Half-tone Crime story about the Kidnapping of Little Horace Marvin with story which was featured in Harper's Weekly. At the date of publication, the disappearance of little Horace Martin was never solved, even after a $2000 reward offered by the Delaware legislature when the President offered to help with the search. The print is in very good condition with a very light stain on bottom right of page.
13 x 9 in. $30


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