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1879 Mitchell's original hand colored map of Cuba showing the Gulf of Florida and the Great Bahama Bank above it. Entered According to Act of congress in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.
15 x 12 in. $150

003cuba: 1853 Havana view. Great overview of Imperial Del Paseo, Havana. Antique hand colored front page view from Gleason's.
10-1/2x15 in. $50

005cuba: 1853 Alameda De Paula, Havana. Rare black and white engraving, with text. Original antique front page, Illustrated News, London, 1853. 11-1/2x16 in. $40

014cuba: Harbor of Havannah - Landing of Spanish Reinforcements for Cuba. Hand colored wood engraving from the May 22, 1869 issue of Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $50

015cuba: Very old Plan of the City and Harbour of Havana by cartographer, Jolly. This hand colored antique map is from the April, 1762 edition of Gentlemans Magazine. Size: 4.5x7 in. $160



203cuba: 1873 Views in Havana, Santiago de Cuba. Three hand-colored, engraved images from the December 6, 1873 issue of Harper's Weekly. Two images at top show scenes in Santiago de Cuba, where troops had recently massacred civilians. Larger image at bottom is a panoramic view of Havana, as seen from the lower batteries of Fortress Cabana.
16x22 in. $80

204cuba: Beautifully hand colored steel engraving. Published by Herrmann J Meyer in Meyer's Universum c 1850. Picture titled, Havannah. 7.5x10 in. $75

207cuba: Three hand colored engraved images from the February 1, 1879 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Scenes and Incidents of a Winter Residence in Havana. Shows three different views of the Fish Market, the interior, the end of the market, and the bay behind the market. 11x16 in. $50

208cuba: Hand colored engraving from the January 25, 1879 of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Three images of Scenes in Havana. Large top image captioned, Scene at the Drawing of the Havana Lottery in the Court of the Old Custom House. Lower left image captioned, A Water-Side Express. Lower right image captioned, The Lottery in the Calle Barrillo. 11x16 in. $50

209cuba: Cuba.-Scenes in Havana - Incidents of a Winter Residence in the Cuban Capital. Three hand colored engravings on one page. From the January 18, 1879 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. 11x16 in. $50

Colton map, beautifully engraved, hand colored map of Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico from the First Edition of Colton's World Atlas, printed in 1855. The map shows all three islands as well as the Bahama Islands. Each of the islands is hand-colored showing Parishes (counties) on the island, as well as major cities. Entire map is surrounded by a decorative border.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $295

212cuba: c1800s Bird's Eye View of the City of Havana, Cuba. Hand colored wood engraving published in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion. Picture depicts an aerial view of the City of Havana's waterway. Engraving is done horizontally on a vertical page with text. 11x16in. $50



214cuba: 1880 General Grant in Cuba - The Trip To San Diego - Drawn From Sketches By Frank H. Taylor. Four hand colored wood engravings published in Harper's Weekly on March 6, 1880. Each scene captioned as follows: Ball By The Natives - Dancing The "Zapateo" (Showing a couple engaged in a dance routine); "A Leading Occupation" (Showing a man asleep in a chair); The Village And Baths Of San Diego (Showing a narrow bridge leading to a small town); AND On The Road To San Diego - Travelling By Volante (Showing a well-dressed couple riding in a fancy carriage driven by three horses and a horseman). 11x16in. $50

217cuba: 1873 The Massacre In Cuba - Havana, From the Lower Batteries of Fortress Cabana - From Photographs and Sketches. Three hand colored wood engravings published in Harper's Weekly on December 6, 1873. Each caption reads as follows: Santiago De Cuba- (From A Sketch By G. Perkins); The Slaughter-House, Santiago De Cuba (From A Sketch By Our Cuban Artist); Slope Where Golcouria And Others Were Executed in 1870 (Showing the Custom-House, Captain-General's Palace, Cathedral, Jail;, Penitentiary, and Hospital and the Entrance to the Harbor). 16x22in. $80

220cuba: 1899 Cuba Under An American Protectorate - Life in the Famous Centre of Cuban Interest, As Our Correspondent Saw It. Eleven half-tone pictures reflecting various places in Havana, including a picture of a family of suffering and half-starved Cuban children. Pictures and text published in Leslie's Weekly in 1899. 16x22in. $60

221cuba: 1899 Cuba's Day of Freedom. Four half-tone pictures with text published in Leslie's Weekly on January 26, 1899. Top two pictured depict the Spanish General Castellanos on his way to the wharf and his farewell to Cuba. Large picture in the middle depicts the Last Troop of Spanish Soldiers Leaving the Palace; and the bottom picture depicts the Spanish Guard Drawn Up Before the Palace After Vacating the Guard-House For the Last Time. 11x16in. $40

222cuba: 1899 Havana Flies Our Flag - Five half-tone pictures with text published in Leslie's Weekly on February 2, 1899. Each picture depicts how the Cuban capital looked in its new decoration of the star-spangled banner on Evacuation Day, January 1, 1899. 11x16in. $30

1133cuba: 1854 Cock-fighting in Havana. Gleason's Pictorial (1854). Representation of Cock-fighting in Havana. Color: Black and White. Type: Wood Engraving. Size: 11x7 in. $30


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