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Lithographs from this series are some of the best posters of the Belle Epoque. Images by Cheret, Livemont, Toulouse-Lautrec, Mucha and others became widely popular. At that time, Cheret thought many would enjoy to have best posters from around the world that could be admired in a smaller, more usable format. The series was a huge success and today are highly collectible. Some of the Maitres are often as rare as the original large format posters.

Special Plate 3 by Jules Cheret $450

Special Plate 4 by Willette $150

Plate 49 Le Courrier Francais by Jules Cheret $500

Plate 50 Les Fetes de Paris by Eugene Grasset $100


Plate 51 Salon du Cycle by J. -L. Forain $250

Plate 52 When Hearts are Trumps by Will Bradley $350


Plate 53 Bal Au Moulin Rouge by Jules Cheret $850


Plate 54 Sainte Genevieve by Puvis de Chavannes $100

Plate 55 Electricine by Lucien Lefevre $250


Plate 56 Exposition Ethnographique Tcheco-Slave de Prague by Hynais $150

Plate 57 Theatre de l'Opera 1897 by Jules Cheret $800

Plate 58 Les Arts de la Femme by Moreau-Nelaton $100

Plate 59 Concours Chant d'Ensemble by August Donnay $100


Plate 60 Womens Edition Courier by Alice R. Glenny $200

Plate 61 Paris Courses by Jules Cheret $450

Plate 62 Trianon Concert by Georges Meunier $400

Plate 63 Don Quixote by Beggarstaff $850

Plate 64 Barcelona by A. De Riquer $400

Plate 65 Jardin de Paris by Jules Cheret $700


Plate 66 Centenaire de la Lithographie by F. Hugo D'Alesi $650

Plate 67 Pan 1895 by Joseph Sattler $100


Plate 68 Die Alte Stadt by Otto Fischer $100


Plate 69 La Terre by Jules Cheret $100

Plate 70 Exposition Russe by Caran D'Ache $100


Plate 71 Lessive Figaro by Leo Gausson $200

Plate 72 Incandescenza A Gaz by G. Mataloni $300

Plate 73 La Loie Fuller by Jules Cheret $1400

Plate 74 Salon de la Rose Croix by Carloz Schwabe $400


Plate 75 Moulin de la Galette by Roedel $250


Plate 76 Geo Humfrey by M. L. Stowell $300

Plate 77 Vin Mariani by Jules Cheret $800

Plate 78 Mevisto by H. G. Ibels $100

Plate 79 The New Woman by A. G. Morrow $400

Plate 80 Le Sillon by Fernand Toussaint $1300

Plate 81 Pan a Journal of Satire by Cheret Jules $200

Plate 82 La Revue Blanche by Toulouse-Lautrec $4000

Plate 83 Chocolat Carpentier by H. Gerbault $400

Plate 84 Reklame Plakater by Paul Fischer $200

Plate 85 Redoute des Etudiants by Jules Cheret $700

Plate 86 Cycles Gladiator by Misti $500

Plate 87 Living Posters by Frank Hazenplug $100

Plate 88 Cabourg by Privat-Livemont $600

Plate 89 Fete de Charite 97 by Cheret Jules $100


Plate 90 Cirage Jacquot and Co by Lefevre Lucien $450


Plate 91 Paul Hankar Architecte by Crespin A. $450

Plate 92 Abbots Phit eesi by Dudley Hardy $180

Plate 93 Camille Stefani by Cheret Jules $450

Plate 94 Salon des Cent by Mucha Alphonse $3500


Plate 95 Lait Pur Sterilise by Steinlen T. A. $2800

Plate 96 The Gay Parisienne by Ellis Hyland $300

Plate 97 pl.233 Jules Cheret, Chaix Printing Co.$

Plate 98 1899 pl.153 by Cheret Jules $325

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