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1905 Teddy Roosevelt in Oyster Bay. Political cartoon from Leslie's Weekly showing Roosevelt in Oyster Bay Long Island, engaged in diplomacy to avoid war with other nations. 11x16 in. $30

1874 Long Island Forest Fire views. Three hand colored engraved scenes on one page, showing the destructive effects of forest fires. 11x16 in. $50

1880 Battle of Long Island. "Retreat of the Americans under General Stirling across Gowanus Creek." Hand colored steel engraving entered according to act of Congress AD 1877 by Johnson and Miles in the office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. size: 7x9.5 in. $50

This hand colored wood engraving was featured in Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion and shows in top image the Long Island Head Light in Boston Harbor. Scenes from Chelsea Beach are
featured below that.
15 x 10-1/2 in. $50

1888 Truck Farming on Long Island. Hand colored antique engraving from Harper's shows how New York City kept a fresh vegetable supply.
11x16 in. $50

1883 Winter Sketches on Long Island Shore. Collection of hand colored antique engraved Long Island winter scenes on one page. Harper's.
11x16 in. $50

1901 Chinese farm on Long Island. Hand colored antique half-tone print.
11x16 in. $60

1886 Duck Hunting on Long Island. Scenes from the opening of duck hunting season on Long Island Sound. Hand colored antique engraving from original Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
11x16 in. $50

1873: Windmills at East Hampton Long Island. Hand colored engraving from Picturesque America, titled "Grist Wind-Mills at East Hampton." Nice view of the windmills, with ducks and a horse-drawn cart in the foreground. 9x12 in. $40

1873: Eastern Long Island Scenes. Hand colored engraving from Picturesque America, titled, "Eastern Long Island Scenes." Six views of the Eastern Long Island countryside are shown, mostly along the water. 9x12 in. $40

1887 Menhaden Fishing, South Long Island. Hand colored engraving from an 1887 book on US commercial fisheries. Title of the scene is "The Menhaden Fishery. Fleet of Menhaden Steamers En Route to Fishing Grounds on South Side
 of Long Island."
9x11 in. $50

1902: Polo on Long Island, New York. Three hand-tinted, photographic images from Harper's Weekly, titled "Polo at the Meadowbrook Club, Long Island." Nice views of the action in a polo game, taken from the side of the field. 11x16 in. $60

1887: Scenes in Flushing, Long Island. Five engraved scenes from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, titled "Long Island: Historic Buildings and Picturesque Relics of the Old Town of Flushing." Contains views of the exteriors and interiors of historic houses in the town.
11x16 in. $60

1882 Long Island Trout Fishing. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "Trout Fishing on Long Island." Text surrounding the image describes the Long Island countryside, and the fishing that is done there.
11x16 in. $60

1885: Transporting Long Island Produce. Four hand-colored, engraved scenes from Harper's Weekly, titled "Long Island Produce by Rail." Shows farm animals and wagons full of fresh produce being loaded onto railroad cars, for a trip into the city. 11x16 in. $60

1885 Long Island: Manhattan Beach Fireworks. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "Fire-Works at Manhattan Beach: The Last Days of Pompeii." Shows a large crowd gathered to watch a spectacular fireworks show, featuring a reenactment of Mount Vesuvius erupting.
11x16 in. $60

1895 German American Festival, Long Island. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "Scenes at the International Schuetzenfest at Glendale, Park, Long Island." Contains many small scenes from the German American festival, where visitors are enjoying themselves. 11x16 in. $60

1884: Hunter's Point Long Island Fire. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "A Big Blaze at Hunter's Point: A Constant Menace to New York and Brooklyn." Shows a view of the fire from off shore, where onlookers are watching from a boat. 11x16 in. $50

1898 Army Camp, Montauk Point Long Island. Engraved scenes from Harper's Weekly, titled "Scenes at Camp Wikoff, Montauk Point, Long Island." Soldiers are shown performing drills and guarding the camp, at the time of the
Spanish American War.
11x16 in. $40

1878 Long Island Fox Hunting Scenes. Six hand-colored scenes from Harper's Weekly, titled "A Queen's County, Long Island Fox Hunt." Humorous views showing the trials and tribulations of hunters chasing foxes in the Long Island countryside.
11x16 in. $60

1873 View of East Hampton Long Island. Hand colored engraving from Picturesque America, titled "East Hampton, From the Church Belfry." Nice view of the town as seen from above, with windmills in the distance. 9x12 in. $40

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1883 Images of Naval Architechture. Elegantly hand colored engraved images titled, "Progess of Naval Architecture,-Interior and Exterior Views of the New Steamship "Pilgrim," the Flagship of the Fall River Line," drawn by C. Upham from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Shows scenes of the progress of
Naval Architecture.
 11 x 16 in. $50

1913 Commercial Atlas of America, The Rand McNally New Commercial Atlas Map of Conneticut and Rhode Island 28x21 in. $60

A rare hand colored map issued by Asher & Adams in 1871. Highlighting New York City and it's surrounding counties, Putman, Rockland, Westchester, Richmond, Queens, Kings, and Suffolk. Also includes a New York time indicator, showing what time it is in various cities when it's noon in Albany.
24 1/2 x 17 1/2 in. $400

1857 - Southern Tip of Long Island/Block Island. Hand colored lithograph showing the Montauk area and Block Island. Beautiful Survey of the Coast of the United States by A.D. Bache. Vignettes on bottomwhich include
Montauk lighthouse.
36 x 26-1/2 in. $500

1924 Commercial Atlas of America, The Rand McNally Black and White Mileage Map of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island 27.5x20.5 in. $50

1873 Hand colored wood engraving with text describing "Scenes in Eastern Long Island. Image
is of Sag Harbor.
12-1/2 x 9-1/2 in. $30

Hy. S. Watson Hand colored lithograph titled, "Surf Fishing at Montauk Point -- Hooking
A Striped Bass."
11 x 8 in. $50

A.B. Frost hand colored half-tone showing people fishing from a boat.
15 x 10-1/2 in. $60

Hand colored half-tones showing Snap-Shots of the Recent Beagle Trials on the Estate of the Late W.C. Whitney at Westbury, Long Island.
13 x 9 in. $60

Hand colored wood engraving from Eastern Long Island titled, "View from White Hill, Shelter Island."
Text on top of page.
12-1/2 x 9-1/2 in. $30

Harper's Weekly hand colored half-tones showing views surrounding Polo at the Meadowbrook Club, Long Island.
15-1/2 x 10 in. $80

1885 Hand colored wood engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper titled, "New York -- The Rockaway Fall Steeplechases -- A Day at Cedarhurst, L.I."
15-1/2 x 11 in. $80

1880 Hand colored wood engraving from Harper's Weekly titled, "The New Summer Resort at Long Beach." Drawn by W.P. Snyder.
16 x 11 in. $90

1883 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving titled, "Sands Point, Long Island." Drawn by
Charles Graham.
16 x 11 in. $60

120lni: 1889 Long Island Nassau County Polo Scene. Large, beautifully hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "Polo at Cedarhurst." Shows a scene in the middle of a polo match, where both teams are competing for the ball. In excellent condition. size: 16x22 in. $150

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