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1834 Very rare Map of New Bedford with large inset of its Vicinity. Very rare lithograph by J. Congdon, published by Pendleton's Lithography, Boston. Map includes Village of New Bedford with public buildings, roads, cemeteries, churches, plan and waterfront docks, population and more.
Condition: Good. Browning and aging throughout with small margins, and foxing throughout.
34 x 21 in. $3,950

J.H. Colton original hand colored engraved map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with inset showing the Vicinity of Boston. Colton was among the earliest map makers with very accurate maps depicting cities and states in the United States.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $250

1889 Bradley's color map of Massachusetts, Connecticut 
and Rhode Island.
26 x 19 in. $100

1871 Rare Walling & Gray Railway & Township Map of Massachusetts and Boston. Hand colored map showing large Railway inset for the various stations. Nantucket is shown bottom right corner of map, 
along with Dukes, 
No Mans Land and Cape Cod.
24 x 15 in. $150

1850 Rare Cowperthwart hand colored Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with inset of Boston. Table of statistics inset on right.
17 x 13-1/2 in.
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1891 Bradley's color map of Massachusetts with lower section highlighted on lower left of map. Featured in Bradley's 
Atlas of the World.
26 x 19 in. $100

1873 Boston. Hand colored bird's-eye view from Mt. Bowdoin. Antique engraving from Picturesque America. 12-1/2x9 in. $30

1839 Massachusetts. Bartlett view, "Mount Tom and the Connecticut River." Hand colored engraving. 11x8-1/2 in. $60

1872 Massachusetts. Several hand colored scenes on one page from Springfield MA. Antique wood engravings from Picturesque America. 9x12-1/2 in. $30

1900 Map of Boston. Shows freight and passenger depots, grain elevators, steamboat wharves. From Rand McNally. 11x14 in. $30

1873 Massachusetts view. "On the Beverly Coast." (North of Boston) Hand colored steel engraving from Picturesque America. 
12-1/2x9 in. $40

1873 Boston scenes. Seven views of Old Boston from Pictuesque America. Hand colored engravings. 9-1/2x12-1/2 in. $30

1875 Norfolk County Massachusetts map. Hand colored county map. Note Cohasset connected to county. 
Also shows Boston Harbor. 
18x12 in. $80

1911 Railroad Map of Massachusetts. Ten railroads listed and shown, plus shipping routes and lines. Inset of environs of Boston. 29-1/2x21-1/2 in. $80

1827 Martha's Vineyard "Cape Poge," Rare view near Chappaquiddick. Hand colored steel engraving by Edmund Blunt for the American Coast Pilot.
8 x 4-2/4 in. $125

1884 Gay Head on Martha's Vineyard is the backdrop for the sinking of the "City of Columbus" in this hand colored wood engraving. Drawn by Schell and Hogan.
16 x 11 in. $95

1901 Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Beautiful map from the 1901 first edition of George Cram's folio-size world atlas. Color coded lines on the map show the names and locations of railroads throughout both states. State and county borders are outlined in yellow. Cities, towns and geographical features are all shown. Included is an inset map of the Boston metro area.  
18x27 in. $100

C.1880 Springfield Massachusetts Victorian Residence. Hand colored lithograph showing an authentic antique view of the residence 
of M.A. Clyde.
11-1/2 x 8-1/2 in. $50

Beautiful 1872 map of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Published by Asher & Adams in the New Statistical and Topographical Atlas of the United States. 
Original hand coloring. 
17.5x24.5 in. $150

Hand colored lithograph of Barnstable Harbor Massachusetts. US Coast Survey chart showing details of Sandy Neck. Includes route of the Cape Cod Railroad, Light House locations, Tide information, as well as the Soundings. 
24.5x19 in. $300

Hand colored antique American view titled, "Billington Sea." Shows scene of a deer overlooking the Billington Sea in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 
5 x 8in. $30

C1830 Picture of Autumnal Scenery with a View of Amherst. Elegantly hand colored Hitchcock antique American view titled, "Autumnal Scenery, View of Amherst," 
by Hitchcock. 
10 x 9in. $225

1858 Image of the Battle of Lexington. Beautifully hand colored engraved image titled, "The Battle of Lexington." Shows scene of soldiers fighting during the Battle of Lexington. 10 1/2 x 8in. $50


C.1950 Colorful vacation pamphlet of Cape Cod. This pamphlet includes the history and popular sights of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, including historical exhibits, forests, 
parks and books.
16 x 9in. $30

1892 Picture of two men on their way to go fishing on Cape Cod. Elegantly hand colored engraved image titled, "Mr. Cleveland Goes Fishing," drawn by T. de Thulstrup from Harper's Weekly. 11 x 16in. $50

1891 Pictures of Ex-President Cleveland's visit to Sandwich, Cape Cod. Elegant hand colored engraved image titled, "Incidents of Ex-President Cleveland's Visit to Sandwich, Cape Cod, The Dinner at Sandwich to Neighbor Cleveland and Some of the Ex-President Cleveland's Neighbors," drawn by W. A. Rogers from Harper's Weekly. 11 x 16in. $50

1852 Provincetown - Cape Cod - Catered celebration of the "Sons of Cape Cod with descriptions and article. Hand colored wood engraving featured in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion.
15 x 10-1/2 in. $60

1887 Pictures of the Wiseacres of Marblehead and the Fleet in Vineyard Sound. Beautifully hand colored engraved images various captions read: Wiseacres of Marblehead discussing the Volunteer, A Chivalrous Deed, A Reporter Drops the News Overboard in a Demijohn, In the Cabin of the Volunteer, Capt. Haff of the Volunteer, Hard a lee Jack and the Fleet in Vineyard Sound from Harper's Weekly. 
11 x 16in. $60

C1900 Images of the Battleship Manoeuvres Off Provincetown. Gorgeous photographed images titled,"The Battleship Manoeuvres Off Provincetown." Shows scene of the battleship fleet entering the harbor of Provincetown, Massachusetts. 
11 x 16in. $30

1850 Rare hand colored Cowperthwait Map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island with inset on bottom of Boston. A key to Statistical Tables
is also shown.
17 x 13-1/2 in. $350

1934 U.S. Geological Survey of Cape Cod Bay by the U.S. Department of Interior. This colored survey contains the different life saving stations, beaches, lighthouses, ponds and harbor of Provincetown. 16 1/2 x 20in. $80

1883 Image of women admiring artifacts in a museum. Beautifully hand colored engraved image titled, "Massachusetts-Past and Present: A Character Sketch in the Boston Museum," drawn by Hyde from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. 11 x 16in. $50

1887 Around Cape Ann - Drawn By Harry Fenn. Hand colored wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly on August 6, 1887 depicts several different scenes: Manchester Harbor and the Old Village from Thunderbolt Hill; Lobster Cove, Manchester-by-the-Sea; Some Architectural Features of Manchester & Magnolia; Magnolia from the Northeast; At Rockport; A Bit of Gloucester; and Halibut point & the Rocking Stone, The point of Cape Ann. 16x22in. $250

1854 Preliminary Chart of Nantucket Shoals, Massachusetts, By the Hydrographic Parties under the command of Lieut. H.S. Stillwagen, U.S. Navy; A.D. Bache, Superintendent. Hand colored Lithograph by James Ackerman, Ltd. Map in excellent condition with a yellow and black-lined border.

19.5x21in. $300

1861 Winslow Homer wood engraving titled, "Filling Cartridges at the United States Arsenal, At Watertown, Massachusetts." Featured in Harper's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization.
16 x 11 in. $50

1859 Winslow Homer double-paged wood engraving featured in Harper's Weekly titled, "The Grand Review at Camp Massachusetts, Near Concord, September 9, 1859."
22 x 16 in. $125

1860 Winslow Homer wood engraving featured in Harper's Weekly titled, "Chime of Thirteen Bells for Christ Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Manufactured by Messrs. Henry N. Hooper & 
Co., of  Boston."
15-1/2 x 11 in. $60

1853 Springfield Horse Show -- Hand colored wood engraving and text showing the National Horse Exhibit in top image and bottom image shows some of the  
seven-year-old stallions.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $50

1853 Fishing Print: Marblehead, MA. Gleason's Pictorial (1853). Fishing at Marblehead, plus text. Color: Water Color. Type: Wood Engraving. 
Size: 11x16 in. $40 

Lowell, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.53 Shows Merimac River, Town of Lowell, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Framingham 
and Lowell RR.
19 x 13 in. $80

Lawrence, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No. 54 Showing 
Salem and Lawrence.
19 x 13 in. $80

Framingham Sheet, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No. 55 Showing Old Colony RR, Mass Central RR, Town of Natuck 
19 x 13 in. $90

Boston Sheet, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.56 Showing Boston and Boston Harbor 
19 x 13 in. $120

Fall River Sheet, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No. 62 Showing Mt Hope Bay and RR Lines 
19 x 13 in. $80


Newburyport, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No. 68 Showing Newburyport 19 x 13 in. $90

Gloucester Sheet, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.70 Showing Gloucester and Rockport  
19 x 13 in. $70

1879 Mitchell's original hand colored County and Township Map of the States of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Entered according to Act of congress in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.
23 x 15 in. $150

1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.75 Middleboro Old Colony RR (Plymouth)
19 x 13 in. $50

New Bedford Sheet, MA, 1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.77 Showing New Bedford, Clarks Pt. Old Colony RR Tracks 19 x 13 in. $60

1898 U.S. Geological Survey No.84 Yarmouth Cape Cod.
 19 x 13 in. $70

This is an original Broadside 
poster  printed in 1888
It advertised the Westborough Town Fair and Grand Street Parade held on Friday, September 12, 1888 It was put on by the Agricultural Society of Westborough & Vicinity. The Poster includes premium lists and rules: ie. fat cattle, draft horses, bread, etc. 38in x 24in. 

Condition: Left corner (11in long 2-9 in wide) is missing and has been archivally patched and blends in nicely (see picture). Otherwise this poster is in good condition with a few other miscellaneous tears. All mending is archival and the paper in not at all brittle.

RARE 1893 Authentic lithographed City View of Haverhill, Massachusetts, published by O.M. Bailey & Co., Boston. View shows several vignettes surrounding the city of prominent buildings in Haverhill at that time. Key to the prominent buildings is on 
bottom center of page.
39 x 26-1/2 in. $1,200

1872 Hand colored U.S. Coast Survey of Cape Cod Bay showing the keys on the left side. Benjamin Peirce, Superintendent. Coast 
Chart No. 10.
38 x 30 in. $600

1902 Double-paged half-tone engraving showing the Gloucester, Massachusetts Codfish Cake Evolution. This article was featured in Leslie's Weekly and shows in several half-tones the process of catching, cutting, and packaging the codfish cakes from start to finish. Title of article is, "The Evolution of the Codfish-Cake," by Roselle Mercier. Two-page article. Dimension of both pages 
side by side is:
22 x 16 in. $40

1835 Four-part Map of the Extremity of Cape Cod, including the Township of Provincetown and Truro, with a chart of their Sea Coast and of Cape Cod Harbour. Shows eleven wharves, individual structures, roads, hills, ponds, Navy Chart, soundings and lighthouses. Excellent impression done on heavy paper stock. 6 inches to the mile. Photo shown is only 1 section of the 4-part map. Additional photos for the remaining 3 parts are available upon request. Entire map 
(all 4 parts) measures:
56-1/2 x 69-1/2 in. $4,000

C.1847 Hand colored copper engraved Preliminary Sketch showing Nantucket Island and the Davis's South Shoal and Other Dangers that had recently been discovered by the Coast Survey and the Soundings of the Old South Shoal, Bass Rip, Old Man, Pochick Rip, &cc. Left side of map shows Bearings and Distances, and Tides and Tidal Currents. 
A.D. Bache, Superintendent.
21 x 19-1/2 in. $350

1880 Wood engraving showing Concord. Transcendentalism. Pictured is the second term of the School of Philosophy with pictures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, A. Bronson Alcott, Louise Alcott and John Greenleaf Whittier. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated 
Newspaper and 
in fine condition.
16 x 11 in. $45

J.H. Colton original hand colored engraved map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with inset showing the vicinity of Boston. Colton was among the earliest map makers with very accurate maps depicting cities and states in the United States.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $250

1811 Sherburne on Nantucket - Rare hand colored steel engraving which shows many windmills and ships.
8 x 5 in. $195

1889 MOUNT HOLYOKE COLLEGE AND SEMINARY - Very Rare hand colored engraving  
from Harper's Bazar.
16 x 11 in. $150

1939 Ernest Dudley Chase Pictorial lithographed Map of New England States. Map shows cities, towns, historic sites, landmarks, buildings, animals, and people doing recreational activities. Artist signature in pencil on lower left margin. Beautiful compass rose. Map also includes Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine. Water damage to left margin, extending slightly into map. In margin, small insets of 
the State Houses.
25 x 19 in. $275


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