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006nv: 1906 Cram Map of Nevada. Good printed color and details on this large state map. 14-1/2x22 in. $40


008nv: 1914 Reno Nevada. Four hand colored views on one page. 14-1/2x11-1/2 in. $40

009nv: 1893 Nevada Map. Colored lithograph by Rand McNally. 11x14 in. $40

011nv: 1898 Nevada Map. Lithographic color by Rand McNally. 10-1/2x13-1/2 in. $40

012nv: 1855 Nevada-California view. Humboldt Pass. Hand colored steel engraving by U.S. Government. 11x8 in. $50

013nv: 1855 Nevada Railroad. Color litho view of the "Valley in the Slope of the Great Basin." By U.S. Government. 11x9 in. $40

015nv: 1855 Nevada Railroad Lithograph. Color view "Lost Mountains in the Great Basin." With paper mat. 11x8 in. $40

019nv: 1877 Nevada view. Charcoal burning. Early Nevada industry. Hand colored engraving, Harper's. 9x6-1/2 in. $30

020nv: 1869 Scenies in the White Pine Mine District. This hand colored engraving shows the following 9 scenes: the discovery, Jumpin claims is yer?, Main Streeet, "whisky goes", the pack-mules, freight for the diggings, the mill, "John", the pack mules, and Sunday amusements. This genuine antique print is from the April, 1869 Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $50

100nv: 1888 Map of Nevada. Nice map of Nevada from Rand McNally's 1888 Atlas of the World. Each county is colored separately. Railroad lines through the state are shown, as well as cities, towns and geographical features. 11x14 in. $30

1888 Map of Nevada from Rand McNally's Atlas of the World. Each county is colored in various shades. Railroad lines are marked, as well as cities, towns and geographical features.
20-1/2 x 14 in. $50

102nv: 1885 Map of Nevada. Colorful map, published circa 1885 in a world atlas. Shows cities, towns, railroad routes and geographical features throughout the state. A key in the right margin gives the locations of counties, cities and towns. 11x16 in. $30

103nv: 1906 Nevada Map by Rand McNally. Detailed map of the state, with each county colored separately. Shows cities, towns, railroad lines and geographical features. A key in the left margin gives the population by ethnic group, and the locations of counties, cities and towns. 11x14 in. $30

104nv: 1884 Bradley Map of Nevada, Utah. Engraved map of the two states, showing cities, towns, Indian reservations, railroad lines and geographical features. Each county is separately colored. 15x24 in. $90

105nv: 1855 Railroad Survey Map: Nevada, California. This hand colored, lithographed map was published in 1855 by the US War Department. It is part of a series of maps titled "Explorations and Surveys for a Rail Road Route from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean." This is map number four in the series, published in 1855. The map shows an area from Pyramid Lake, Nevada in the east, across the Sierra Nevada mountains, as far as Shasta City California.. The Sacramento River is shown running south from Shasta City. This map highlights the routes taken across the Sierra Nevada by US Army explorers in 1854. It also shows the proposed routes for railroads across the mountains. It is in very good condition. A few splits along the original creases have been repaired on the back with archival tape. There is some light browning along the creases, but it is not visually distracting. Size of the map is 20x22 in. $225

108nv: 1855 West: Pyramid Lake NV, Lewis Fork. Two hand colored engravings from Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion. Top image shows the falls of Lewis Fork, in the Oregon Territory. Bottom image is a view of Pyramid Lake in Utah Territory (now Nevada). Text between the images describes both scenes. 11x16 in. $50

109nv: 1877 A Perilous Trip- Shooting A Flume in the Sierra Nevadas. This hand colored engraving is from the June 2, 1877 Harper's Weekly and shows two miners "shooting the flume" in a boat constructed specifically for that dangerous task. 22x16 in. $120

111nv: Beautiful 1872 map of the North Portion of California and Nevada. Published by Asher & Adams in the New Statistical and Topographical Atlas of the United States. Original hand coloring. 17.5x24.5 in. $200

201nv: 1897 Railroad and County map of Nevada done by A. A. Grant of New York. County borders, meridians, cities, towns and even post offices are all shown on this map. There is great topographical detail as well names of mountians, valleys and deserts. The state border is highlighted in a pale red. A simple reference grid is contained in the border. 23x17 in. $80


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