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We Want To Be Your Winning Source For Rare Maps and Historic Philly Ephemera. This is a Small Selection of our Huge Inventory of Antique Philadelphia, PA Prints and Maps.
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001Philadelphia Bradford 1838:

Philadelphia, Bradford 1838 - A handsome and engraved and original hand colored map of Philadelphia, from T.G. Bradford's Illustrated Atlas of the United States 1st Edition. Published by Weeks Jordan & Co. in Boston in 1838. The map of extends from West Philadelphia and the Schuylkill River to the Delaware and Windmill Island. Kennsington, Northern Liberties, Southwark, and Passyunk are shown and the map identifies, streets, buildings, rail lines, and many other details. Girard College, County Prison, Navy Yard, Independence Hall, Alms House, Wills Asylum, Penn Square, and Fairmount Waterworks are just a few of the many landmarks named. Condition: Very good, this is an increasingly hard to find and rare map with very wide margins normal aging color on edges of paper.
size 11 x 14 image

002Philadelphia 1850 Cowperthwait hand colored Philadelphia map:

We Want To Be Your Winning Source for Rare Maps & Philly Ephemera.
1850 Cowperthwait hand colored Philadelphia map showing all the streets and other attractions.
17 x 13-1/2 in. $350


003Philadelphia Race Bridge:

 1834 Race Bridge Philadelphia. View from Fair Mount Water Works. Early hand colored steel engraving. 11x9 in. $50

007Philadelphia 1873 Philadelphia View:

1873 Philadelphia View. Beautifully hand colored scene from Picturesque America, published in 1873. Title is "Philadelphia from Belmont (West Park)." Shows the city from a distance, with rural countryside and the river in the foreground. 
9x12 in. $80


010Philadelphia 1838 Bartlett Exchange:

1838 Bartlett Exchange Philadephia view. The Exchange and Girard's Bank. Very handsome hand colored steel engraving. 10-1/2x8 in. $80

011Philadelphia 1838 Bartlett Philadelphia Engraving:

 1838 Bartlett Philadelphia engraving. The United States Bank. A fine hand colored view of this short-lived bank in Philadelphia. Hand colored steel engraving. 10-1/2x8 in. $60

017Philadelphia 1863 Portrait of Benjamin Franklin:

 1863 Portrait of Benjamin Franklin. This is a detailed steel-engraved portrait of Benjamin Franklin, seated with his cane in his lap and a paper in his hand. It is in very good condition.
Size is 8x10 in. $60

103Philadelphia Main Buidling of the Internationl Exhibition Litograph:

Philadelphia lithograph from 1876. Main Building of the International Exhibition. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. H. Pettit and Jos. M. Wilson, Engineers and Architects. Photo-Lith by Julius Bien, N.Y.  18.5x24 in. $145

104Philadelphia Machinery Hall, Fairmount Park 1876:

Machinery Hall, International Exhibition. Fairmount Park, Philadelphia 1876. Photo-litho by Julius Bien, N.Y. H. Pettit and Jos. M. Wilson, Engineers and Architects.  18.5x24 in. $145

105Philadelphia 1906 Cram Map of Philadelphia:

1906 Cram map of Philadelphia. Large very detailed hand colored map showing streets, railroad lines, parks and some major buildings. There is a key on the bottom right of the map listing the location of Wharves and Ferrys. There are some small water stain on the left and right borders.
27x18 in. $80

107Philadelphia 1855 Coton Hand Colord Engraved Map:

1855 J.H. Colton & Company hand colored engraved map of Philadelphia. Colton was among the earliest map maker with very accurate maps of the United States.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $250

111Philadelphia Harper's 1876 Centennial Fourth-Illumination of Independence Hall:

Harper's 1876 The Centennial Fourth-Illumination of Independence Hall, Philadelphia. Hand Colored wood engraving
11 x 16 in.

112Philadelphia 1873 Tower and Steeple, Independence Hall:

Picturesque America
1873 Tower and Steeple, Independence Hall Inset image
of Independence Hall
3.75 x 9 in. $30

115Philadelphia Harper's Weekly 1897 Restoration of Independence Hall:

Harpers Weekly
1897 Restoration of Independence Hall, Philadelphia. Hand Colored interior and exterior views
16 x 22 in.

116Philadelphia Announcement of The Declaration of Independence 1860:

circa 1860
Announcement of the Declaration of Independence
Steel engraving, hand colored
6.75 x 10.5 in. $40

117Philadelphia 1876 Reading of The Declaration of Independence by John Nixon:

Reading the Declaration of Independence by John Nixon, From the Steps of Independence Hall, Philadelphia, July 8 1776
Hand colored wood engraving, slight foxing on margin does not
affect the print
16 x 11 in. $80

119Philadelphia 1865 Civil War Photos and Lithographed Certificate from The Citizens:

1865 Civil War photos :
1865 Civil War photos and lithographed Certificate from The Citizens Volunteer Hospital Association of Philadelphia, which was instituted September 5, 1862. Certificate issued to Mrs. Ellen Matthews who was an active member. Certificate was signed by Thomas Gifford, Secretary. This is framed with photos of Gifford and Mrs. Matthews. Back of signed photos are copied so they can be displayed in frame.
Framed image measures:
24 x 22 in. $850
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120Philadelphia 1876 Harper's Weekly "The Grand Plaza, Centennial Grounds."

1876 Hand colored wood engraving from Harper's Weekly titled, "The Grand Plaza, Centennial Grounds, Philadelphia." From a Sketch
by Theo. R. Davis.
16 x 11 in. $40

121Philadelphia 1884 Harper's Weekly, "The New Philadelphia Post-Office.":

1884 Hand colored wood engraving from Harper's Weekly showing, "The New Philadelphia Post-Office." Drawn by F.B. Schell.
16 x 11 in. $60

122Philadelphia 1892 Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Broad Street, Philadelphia:

1892 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Rear View of the Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Broad Street, Philadelphia." Drawn by
W.T. Smedley.
16 x 11 in. $60

123Philadelphia 1889 The Recent Additions to the Commerical Architecture of Philadelphia:

1889 Hand colored wood engravings showing eight views of "The Recent Additions to the Commercial Architecture of Philadelphia," which show important Philadelphia buildings. Drawn by F.E. Lummis.
16 x 11 in. $60

124Philadelphia 1891 The Philadelphia and Reading Termial Facilities:

1891 Hand colored wood engravings titled, "The Philadelphia and Reading Terminal Facilities." These four images show views around the Reading Station.
16 x 11 in. $60

125Philadelphia 1876 Illustrated London News Broad-Street Philadelphia:

1876 Rare hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated London News shows Broad-Street, Philadelphia.
16 x 11 in. $40


126Philadelphia 1851 Rare Meyers View of Girard-College in Philadelphia:

1851 Hand colored steel engraving showing Girard-College in Philadelphia. This is a  rare Meyers View.
8-1/2 x 6 in. $80

127Philadelphia 1840 Girard's Bank in Philadelphia:

1840 Rare hand colored steel engraving showing Girard's Bank
in Philadelphia.
10-1/2 x 7-1/2 in. $60

128Philadelphia 1839 Fairmont Gardens, Philadelphia:

1839 Hand colored steel engraving titled, "Fairmont Gardens, With the Schuylkill Bridge," in Philadelphia. Published for the Proprietors
by Geo. Virtue, London.
10-1/2 x 8 in. $60

130Philadelphia 1898 Lithographed Map of Philadelphia Harbor:

1898 Hand colored lithographed map of Philadelphia Harbor, Showing Condition of Channel After Improvement.
15 x 9 in. $80

131Philadelphia Color Map Philadelphia:

Color map of the most densely settled portion of Philadelphia with a building reference on the right side.
14-1/2 x 11 in. $40

132Philadelphia Rand & McNally Map of Philadelphia:

Rand McNally & Co.'s Map of the Main Portion of Philadelphia which also shows Railroads and Street Car Lines. Featured in the
Atlas of the World.
14 x 11 in. $30

133Philadelphia 1901 Hand Colored Engraved Rand McNally Map of Philadelphia:

1901 Rand McNally & Co. hand colored engraved Philadelphia map showing Philadelphia and Vicinity. Featured in the Rand McNally Indexed Atlas.
27-1/2 x 20 in. $80

134Philadelphia 1898 Hand Colored Map of Philadelphia:

1898 Hand colored Map of Philadelphia.
25 x 17-1/2 in. $80

237Indn 1890 Philadelphia Chromlithograph by Kurz & Allison.:

View of the 1683 Wm. Penn's Treaty With the Indians. Beautiful Philadelphia chromolithograph by Kurz & Allison, c.1890.
28 x 22 in. $350

135Philadelphia 1876 The Centennial - Philadelphia:

1876 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "The Centennial -- Philadelphia, From the West End of Callowhill Street Bridge." Drawn by Schell and Hogan and featured
in Harper's Weekly.
21-1/2 x 15-1/2 in. $180

136Philadelphia 1839 Frank Leslie's "Celebration of the Centennial of the Consitution:

1887 Hand colored wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing a Bird's-Eye View of Philadelphia from Fairmount Park in upper image, the Academies of Fine Art and Music, and other note-worthy buildings. Title of images is, "Celebration of the Centennial of the Constitution in Philadelphia -- Views of Some of the Notable Buildings in the City."
22 x 16 in. $220

137Philadelphia 1876 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - Philadelphia, PA :

1876 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Philadelphia, PA. -- The Centennial Exposition -- The United States Government Building -- Sketches of our Domestic Exhibits." Featured in Frank Leslie's
Illustrated Newspaper.
22 x 15-1/2 in. $200

138Philadelphia 1876 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper - The Centennial Exposition:

1876 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Philadelphia, PA. -- The Centennial Exposition -- View, Looking North, of the Pennsylvania Railroad Centennial Depot and the Exposition Buildings." Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
22 x 16 in. $250

139Philadelphia 1884 Harper's Weekly - The New Philadelphia City Hall:

1884 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving titled, "The New Philadelphia City Hall."
Drawn by F.B. Schell.
21 x 16 in. $250

140Philadelphia 1904 Chromolithograph of Pennsylvania First Assembly of House:

1904 Chromolithograph showing the House of Founder of State of Pennsylvania and First Assembly House of Pennsylvania.
10 x 8 in. $40

141Philadelphia 1866 Harper's Weekly - Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad:

1866 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving showing The Philadelphia and Baltimore Railroad Across the Susquehanna, Connecting Perryville with
Havre De Grace.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $60

143Philadelphia 1850 Litographed map of Philadelphia:

C.1850 Lithographed Map of Philadelphia which also shows the Alms House Property.
12-1/2 x 11 in. $250

144Philadelphia 1879 Hand Colored Engraved Plan of The City of Philadelphia and Camden:

 1879 Hand Colored engraved Plan of The City of Philadelphia and Camden. Entered according by the act of Congress by S. Augustus Mitchell in the office of Librarian of Congress at Washington.
23 x 15 in. $120

145Philadelphia 1915 Whispering Willows Sheet Music:

1915 Willow Grove Park "Whispering Willows" sheet music by Victor Herbert celebrating this famous amusement park (which is now the site of a mall). This is the entire song and the cover shows the fountain and rowboat. Published by M. Witmark & Sons. This is
in fine condition.
13-1/2 x 10 in. $30

146Philadelphia 1876 Hand Colored Lithograph Atlas of Pennsylvania Counties:

C.1876 Hand colored lithographed Atlas of Pennsylvania Counties of Chester, Dauphin, Berks, Lebanon, York, and Lancaster.
26 x 17 in. $80

147Philadelphia 1893 New Driving Map of Philadelphia:

1893 Color New Driving Map
 of Philadelphia.
21 x 13-1/2 in. $60

150Philadelphia Gray Atlas Map:

1885 Gray Map Outline Map of the County and City of
Philadelphia and Vicinity.
27-1/2 x 17-1/2 in. $300


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