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1834 Very rare Map of New Bedford with large inset of its Vicinity. Very rare lithograph by J. Congdon, published by Pendleton's Lithography, Boston. Map includes Village of New Bedford with public buildings, roads, cemeteries, churches, plan and waterfront docks, population and more.
Condition: Good. Browning and aging throughout with small margins, and foxing throughout.
34 x 21 in. $3,950

1857 Scarce Texas: "Carte Du Texas pour les Missions Et Voyages de L'Abbe Em. Domenech. Journeys of the First Catholic Priest in Texas (1846-52). Shows Apache and Comanche land, rivers, Corpus Christi, Galveston, and other Texas towns. Very good condition.
19 x 15-1/2 in. $750

1852 Kiepert Map of Mexico, Texas und Californien.
Fine large format map which also includes Deseret (Utah Territory) and New Mexico Territory. Insets of the Gold Region, Central America and Mexico City. Hand colored steel engraved map.
Condition: Very good.
27-1/2 x 22 in. $2,500

Plan of the Battle of Eckeren, Netherlands, 1750, Rapin-Thoyras - An engraved and highly-detailed, regional black and white map, showing Fort St. Philip, F. de la Croix, F. Liefkenshock and Lillo, beyond the river and towns, farms and roads, by Paul Rapin. A number of ships in the River Scheld depicts the French attack of June 30, 1703. The map has a large title cartouche from Tindal's Continuation of Rapin's History.
Condition: Very good, two vertical folds, some water staining
on lower left margin.
size, 18.5 x 14 image.

1794 Switzerland Divided Into the Thirteen Cantons with their Allies and their Subjects. Hand colored copper engraving showing great detail of towns, castles, parishes, navigable rivers, Fields of Battle, great vineyards, mountains, cities, and many more historic places.
28 x 20-1/2 in. $375

008rare: 1770 Lotter Map of North America, West Indies. This fascinating map of North America and the West Indies is titled "America Septentrionalis, Concinnata juxta Observationes Dnn Academiae Regalis Scientiarum et nonnullorum aliorum, et juxta annotations recentissimas Per G. de L'Isle, Geographum Venalis prostat Augustae Vindelicurum." It was published by Tobias Lotter shortly before the American Revolutionary War. The map title is surrounded by a decorative cartouche, depicting trade between Europe and the Americas. In the top left corner, a scale of miles and a notation by the cartographer are shown. Bright, original wash and outline hand coloring delineates the areas that had been colonized by various European countries. On the East Coast, the British colonies are shown extending as far west as the Mississippi River. The names of many colonial cities and towns, as well as Native American settlements, appear throughout the Eastern part of the continent. In the region which is now the Southwestern United States (labeled "Nova Mexico"), Lotter includes the names of nomadic Indian tribes as well as Spanish colonial settlements. California, which was still thought by some cartographers to be an island off the west coast, is ambiguously drawn on the left side of the map image. Lotter appears to be sidestepping the California-as-an-island issue by showing it neither definitely connected nor disconnected from the mainland. Along the west coast of Mexico and California, the routes of several European explorers are shown. With the exception of Sir Francis Drake, none of the explorers' routes extends farther north than the top of Baja California. This map is in very good condition, with no tears or major blemishes. There is a small dark spot in the Atlantic Ocean (just above the Tropic of Cancer), but other than that, the image
 is clean and clear.
Size is 18x22.5 in.

1769 Copper engraved
Plan of New Orleans
This eloquent plan shows ancient views of New Orleans and the Mississippi River Delta. The city layout is displayed in the larger of the maps and the smaller maps detail the mouth of the Mississippi and the east passage detailing Fort La Balise. Engraved map is by Isaak Tirion.
19 x 15 in. $2,500

1730 Seutter North America Map with Inset of Gulf Coast, & "Mississippi Bubble" Cartouche.
This fascinating map, published in 1730 by Mattheus Seutter, is titled "Accurata delineatio celeberrimae Regionis Ludovicianae vel Gallice Louisiane ol. Cauad' et Floridae adpellatione in Septemtrionali America." It shows most of North America from the East coast to Spanish-controlled New Mexico. The French territory of Louisiana, which is really the focus of this map, spans the area between New Mexico and the Appalachian Mountains. Seutter indicates the locations of European and Indian settlements, as well as major roads and geographical features throughout the continent. In the upper left-hand corner of the map, there is an inset map of the Louisiana coastline, from the Mississippi Delta to the Florida Panhandle. In the lower right corner, the map title is surrounded by a cartouche that represents the unhappy story of the "Mississippi Bubble," a stock scandal that financially ruined many Europeans in the early 1700s. The cartouche shows wealthy, hopeful investors standing to the left of a statue of Faith, who is pouring riches out of a large cornucopia. The investors are eagerly buying shares of stock from winged cherubs. Several more cherubs are seated on the ground, cutting piles of paper into stock shares. To the right of the statue, a group of impoverished, cheated investors watches sadly as a cherub dangles an empty purse before them. Beneath the cheated investors, two small children are blowing soap bubbles from pipes. This map is in very good condition with original hand coloring and no significant tears or blemishes. There is some very slight discoloration along the center crease, which
 is barely noticeable.
Size is 19.5 x 22 in.

1641 Hand colored copper-engraved map titled, "America Noviter Delineata," which shows the Western Hemisphere and is made by Henricus Hondius. The map's localities are the Americas and the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. This is one of six oldest printed maps of the Americas, (together with Ortelius, de Jode, Mercator deVries, and such). California belongs to the continent and is not an island like in later maps. The original old colors note the Spanish Missions along the California sea coasts. Coastal parts of the East coast, (namely New England) and the St. Lawrence River already known, but the Great Lakes still undiscovered. Much better knowledge on Central America, West Indies, and South America where also inner parts are better known. This map shows intricately-detailed view of the new world. Two small vignettes in the interior of South America appear to show us Europeans meeting a native king, and in Brazil, a small party of cannibals. Map is in very good condition.
20-3/4 x 16-3/4 in.

Basire Map of Dendermonde, Belgium. This beautifully engraved, hand-colored map was engraved by J. Basire for Mr. Tindal's Continuation of Rapin's History of England in 1747. The map is titled "Plan of the City of Dendermonde, and the Manner in which it was Blocked by the Troops of the Allies." It shows the locations of troops that were stationed around the city during the War for Spanish Succession in the early 1700s. A decorative cartouche in the lower right corner contains explanations of troop movements and major landmarks. In the lower left there is a bird's eye view of the city. This map is in very good condition, with no tears, stains or other blemishes on the image.
15x18 in. $275

1640 Jansson Map
of Rheims, France.
This beautiful, engraved map is titled "Dioecese de Rheims, et le Pais de Rethel." It was published by Dutch cartographer Jan Jansson in his Nieuwen Atlas, Ofte Weerelt-Beschrijvinghe, circa 1640. It depicts the area around the city of Rheims, which is northwest of Paris France. Beneath the title, which is in the upper left corner of the image, Jansson acknowledges the work of French surveyor Jean Jubrien as the source of his geographical information. He shows fortified cities and towns as groups of buildings surrounded by walls. Smaller, unfortified villages are marked with simple dots. Wooded areas throughout the region appear as groups of individual trees. This map is quite decorative. The title is surrounded by an ornate cartouche, flanked by two cherubs. In the upper right corner there is a brightly colored coat of arms, also flanked by cherubs. The scale of miles at bottom right includes the figure of a man who is measuring distances with a cartographer's tool. Original hand coloring and considerable detail make this a very attractive map. It is in very good condition, with no stains, tears or other blemishes on the image. A small split along the center crease is in the margin only; the image itself is not affected.
Paper size is 19"x23",
and image size is 15"x19".

Beautiful Large 1823 Tanner
 Map of the World.
This fascinating world map is from the fifth (1823) edition of Henry Tanner's American Atlas. The map is titled "The World on Mercator's Projection." While the names of individual countries are shown, Tanner focuses mainly on the physical world with little emphasis on political borders. Australia is labeled as "New Holland." Most of northern North America is not shown at all, because of the lack of available information about that region. Of particular interest in this map is the inclusion of 18th century explorers' routes (shown as dotted lines), and the dates of each expedition. A table in the lower left corner gives the estimated sizes of five continents-Europe, North & South America, Africa and Asia--as well as their populations. This map is in very good condition, with no tears, stains or other blemishes on the image. Very small tears on the top, bottom and right edges (none more than 1 inch long) are completely in the margins and do not affect
the image at all.
Paper size is 23x30 inches,
 and image size is 19x21 inches.

1784 Map Shows Dismemberment
 of Poland in Process.
Between the years of 1773 and 1795, Poland was claimed and divided by three of the great 18th century European powers: Prussia, Russia and Austria. This map, titled "Poland with its Dismember'd Provinces," was published by British cartographer Thomas Kitchin Sr. in 1784 - during the middle of the period of division. Each of the three powers' territorial claims is labeled on the map image, and the claimed areas are separately hand colored. This map is quite detailed. Cities, towns and small villages are shown, as well as geographical features. It is in very good condition, printed from a copper plate on hand-laid paper. There are no blemishes on the image. A small stain in the top margin extends onto the map border, but is barely noticeable. Several small tears on the right side of the image have been professionally repaired. The right margin is cut close
 to the map border.
Size of the map is 17x20 in.

First Printed Chart of Brittany's Northern Coastline: 1583.
This rare, beautiful chart is titled "Verthoninghe van de Zee Custen Van Bretaignen." It was published by Dutch cartographer L.J. Waghenaer in his 1583 "Spieghel Der Zeevaerdt," which was the first detailed chart book of western European coasts. The chart covers an area between the cities of St. Malo and Roscoff, on Brittany's northern shore. It was the first printed chart to cover that area of coastline. In addition to being historically significant, it is also extremely decorative. The water off shore contains sea monsters and sailing ships, and an intricate compass rose is in the middle of the image. On land, trees, fields and farm buildings can be seen. The chart title and scale of distances are surrounded by intricate designs. This chart is in excellent condition,
and has been
 beautifully hand colored.
15x21 in. $3,300

1640 Blaeu Map of Lorraine, in Eastern France.
This beautifully hand colored, engraved map was published circa 1640 by Dutch mapmaker William Blaeu. It is titled "Lotharingia Ducatus; Vulgo Lorraine." The map image centers on the city of Nancy, with parts of Alsace and Burgundy on the far left side. Blaeu included considerable detail throughout the map, including fortified cities (shown surrounded by walls), small villages, wooded areas (indicated by groups of individually drawn trees), and rivers. In the lower right corner, a coat of arms is shown. This map is in excellent condition, with no tears, stains or other blemishes.
Size is 15x19.5 in.

This beautiful 1857 map is entitled, "A Map of the Country Between Wills Creek & Monongahhela River, showing the route and Encampment of the English Army in 1755." It shows sections of three states - Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland in a scale of 0.5 inches to 5 miles. There is a reference key in the bottom corner of the map naming the 19 different places numbered on the map. The Laurel Hills and the Allegany Mountains are also shown. The map is beautifully hand colored.
11.5x10 in. $150

This is a spectacular Grindley map from 1758 that actually has two maps in one. The main body of the map is titled, "A Plan of the City & Harbour of LOUISBURG; shewing that part of GABARUS BAY in which the English landed, also their Encampment during the Siege in 1745." The map is beautifully done with details including location of each regiment as well as the French settlement. The key is shown in English miles and there is a lovely small compass rose to the right. The inset map is titled, "A Map of the Island of Cape Breton." On the map the island is also named "Isle Royal" and names each of the Bays and inlets with a lovely compass rose in the upper left corner. There is a border to this section of the map showing latitude and longitudes and the lower right corner of the inset is beautifully drawn to look like th page is curled. An archival border has been added at the bottom
and right side of the map.
7.5x10in $120

This rare Arkansas map was published in 1857 as a part of Colby's Diamond Atlas. It has its original hand coloring with each county in a different pastel color. All of the counties are named and divided into township sections with many cities named. Rivers are also named. The simple border shows latitude and longitude lines.
7.5x6 in. $125

C.1695 This Amsterdam hand colored, copper-engraved by P. Pickard cartouche map is by Johannes van Keulen and is titled, "Wasende Graade Kaart Van elle bekende Zeekusten op den geheelen Aardbodem door CJ Voogt Geometra." This elegant map is criss-crossed with directional lines depicting California as an island and is in fine condition.
24 x 21 in. $7,500

1852 Mitchell's North America map from his School and Family Geography edition. This is a small map with lots of information and detail. The key in the lower left corner reads, " EXPLANATION, The Capitals of Countries are represented thus*. The figures attached to the Cities and Towns indicate the number of thousands of the population, thus New York 516 signifies 516,000 inhabitants. The figures attached to the Rivers, indicate the number of hundreds of miles of their length of course, thus the Mississippi River 41 signifies 4100 miles long. The words underscored are the names of Indian Tribes, Missionary Stations are shown by a small church." The hand coloring is done in pastel tones with the United States being in pink; Canada, Mexico and Cuba in yellow, Greenland, Central America and Hayti in blue The area we know now as Alaska is called "Russian America" and is also in blue.
11x9 in. $150

Map of the Territory of Minnesota exhibiting the route of the expedition to the Red River of the north in the summer of 1849 by Captain John Pope, Corps Top. Engineers."The territory covers from Lake of the Woods down to Prarie du Chien and the Eastern Dakotas to the Wisconsin River. Lakes, Rivers and mountains are all detailed as well as the different areas. Some of the areas listed are Warpekutey Country, Sissiton Country, Yankton Country, Chipeway Country, Missabany Heights Warpeton Country. Note these names are listed as Country NOT County. Proposed railroad routes are marked as well as major cities and towns. Wisconsin Territory is shown to the east. This is the last map that was done prior to statehood. Near top left border there
 is an old tape stain.
26x29.5 in. $550

1814 Thomson map of the Atlantic Islands. This map has its original hand coloring and is divided into four sections: Canary Islands, Cape Verdi Islands, Azore Islands and Madeira Islands. The Azore Island map has an inset of the Island of Fayal and the Madiera Island map has an inset of the Isle of Lancarota. There is a lovely engraving of the Peak of Teneriffe in the Canary Isles in the center of the map.
19x22 in $500

Lithuania - Rare 1770 Hand colored copper engraved map by George Frederich Lotter which shows much detail. Countries included are Riga, Smolensko, Warsaw, Lublin, Wilna and many more.
26 x 21 in. $700

H.S. Tanner's American Atlas of 1823 contained this spectacular hand colored map of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Tanner's is the most outstanding atlas produced in the United States. The detail is amazing with rivers, mountians and roads. The Key at the lower right corner of the maps lists the folowing things as being shown : state capital, county towns, villages, mills, iron works, forts, post offices, battle grounds, places of worship, public houses, roads, ferries and falls. Below the key is printed, "All Towns having a dot in the center thus * are Post Towns. The figures near each county town denoted its distance form the State capital. The figures at the State capitals, denote their respective distance form Washington." The border has latitude and longitude marks as well as a lovely pink border. An amazing map with the areas surrounding the state shown as well.

ANTIQUE MAP OF MARYLAND - 1823. Hand colored engraved map produced in 1823. Indiana is centered with important historical, statistical and geographical information about the state. Roads, rivers and counties are all shown as well as Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington D.C. and Cypress Swamp. Carey & Lea are the cartographers. Condition is good, two archivally repaired holes along originally centerfold near rivers edge.
17.5x22 in. $600

1821 L'America Settentrional, L'America Meridionale in original outline coloring by Cartographer Luigi Rossi. Large-scale detailed map of the Americas. Map was engraved by Giovanni Antonio Sasso and Marco Bonatti for the "Nuovo atlante di geografia universale." Published in Milan. Map in very good condition and was originally folded in quarters.
31 x 29-1/2 in. $950

1851 A Diagram of A Portion Of OREGON TERRITORY, Surveyor Generals Office, Oregon City October 20, 1851. John B. Preston, Surveyor General. Antique hand colored map with thin yellow and black border in excellent condition.
17x39in. $500

1663 Antique hand colored map titled, "Orbis Terrarum Tabula Recens Emendate et in Lucem Edita Per N. Visscher," by map maker, Nicholaus Visscher in Amsterdam. This is a double-hemisphere map of the world, which includes many of the great seventeenth century cartographic myths and errors. The directional symbols rest top and bottom center of double-hemisphere. Map is in
very good condition.
18-1/2 x 12 in.

C.1704 Monaco (Nice Provence) Abriss uncolored copper engraving of the Mediterranean Coast by Gabriel Bodenehr in Augsburg. Map's title is, "Abriss der Dryen gegeneinander Correspondierenden Vestungun Monaco, Capo di Sant Spirito und Niza di Provenza."
7-1/2 x 6 in. $250

1826 German map of Maryland with geographic and historic information done by "Weimar, im Verlages des Geographischen Instituts." This map has its original hand coloring with each of the counties outlined in a different color. County names are included as well as rivers and many cities across the state. Chesapeake Bay is shown in detail with all of the inlets and islands.
20.5x25in $400

1838 Map showing the Disputed Boundary of Missouri and Iowa.Original folds. House document 128. Settled by Supreme
 Court in 1849.
30-1/2 x 20-1/2 in.

This 1838 map is a survey of a road route from saginaw to Macinac M. T. executed by Lieut. Poole 3d Arty. The road is shown in four sections with towns and the
typography of the land.
16x27.5 in. $350

La Perouse 1798 map titled "Plan du Port des Francais sur la Cote du Nord-Ouest de l'Amerique, Par 58 degrees 37 minutes de Latitude Nord et 139 degrees 50 minutes de Longitude Occidentale decouvert le Juillert 1786 par les Frigates Francaise la Bousole et l'Astrolabe." This map is a section of Alaska and is very detailed showing the topography of the area. There are three small stains in the bottom right
 border that will easily be
hidden by matting.
21x29 in. $800

This beautiful map of the French part of Santo Domingo was made in 1800 by Varle in 1800. The title is in both French and English and reads "Carte de la Partie Francoise de St. Domingue Faite par Bellin Ing. de la Marine et depuis augmentee par P.C. Varle et autres." The all markings on the map, including they key, are in both English and French. ivers, lakes, towns and borders are all marked.

This beautiful Thomas Bowen map of South America was done in 1787 and has its original outline coloring. Title reads, "An Accurate Map of Sosuth America from the best Modern Maps and Charts by Thomas Bowen, Geographer. It has curved longitudinal lines. The Pacific Ocean is also listed as "The Great South Sea". Individual countires are outlined in different colors with ports,major cities rivers and mountains marked. Many
islands are also listed.
15x19.5in. $300

1821 Geographical, Historical, and Statistical Map of America. from the third Philadelphia Edition - Printed by T. H. Palmer for M. Carey & Son, from the London Edition of 1817, with corrections and additions. This hand colored map shows separate maps for North America and South America. The South America map has each of the countires done in a different color. The North America map has the United States, Canada, Russian Settlements (Alaska), Mexico, Cuba and Greenland. Note that the west is named as Internal Provinces - New Navarre. Text gives detailed information of natural history, climate, population and poitical divisions. Routes of Columbus, Cortez and Pizarro are marked on the maps.
17.5x22in. $200

1855 Coast Survey map of Florida with insets of Tortugas Island and upper eastern coast. Tampa Bay, St. Augustine, Indian River inlet, Fort Pierce, St. Lucie and Jupiter inlet are all marked as well as many others. The key in the upper right corner is a table of latitudes and longitudes.
26x18 in. $300

This beautiful hand colored map was done in 1838 by T. G. Bradford in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of Mass. It is divided into four sections, each showing a major city. The cities included are Washington, Louisville and Jefersonville, New Orleans and Cincinnati. Detailed streets are shown as well as divisions within the cities. There is a simple
 light green border.
15.5x19.5 in. $200

Titled, "Map of French & English Grants on Lake Champlain published in approximately 1850. Grant boundaries are marked in four different colors with a key to the colors in the lower right corner. Names of the grantees are marked inside their boundaries. This is a very close in map with a scale of only 4 miles to the inch.
23.5x13in. $150

This map was originally done in 1796 by George Henri Collot but was not published until 1826 in the "Journey in North America..." by Arthus Bertrand of Paris. This hand colored map shows the detailed plans of the fort showing the nearby town and burying ground. There is a lovely compass rose to the left. The scale for this map is done in fathoms.
10x13 in. $300

Jaques Nicholas Bellin was one of the most important and proficient French cartographers of the mid-eighteenth century. He was appointed the first Ingenieur Hydrographe de la Marine, and also Official Hydrographer to the French King. In 1757 he printed this map in Paris titled,"Carte de La Baye de Hudson pour servir a l'Histoire Generale des Voyages." It shows Hudson Bay and St. James Bay in Canada. It has its original outline hand coloring with a lovely engraved cartouche in the upper left corner.
10.5x15.5in. $250

1785 map titled "A Map of the Discoveries made by Capts. Cook & Clerke, in the years 1778 & 1779 between the Eastern Coast of Asia and the Western Coast of North America, when they attempted to Navigate the North Sea. Also Mr. Hearn's discoveries to the North westward of Hudson's Bay in 1772". This beautiful map shows the routes of the explorers including exploration of Niohon (Japan). Originally engraved for Hervey's New System of Geography, it is beautifully engraved with
original outline coloring.
10.5x17in. $150

This map is from Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography improved. The first edition of this map was done in 1794. This version, with page numbers from the atlas, was done in approximately 1814. The title of the map is "The Province of Maine from the best Authorities by Samuel Lewis 1794." It is a beautiful hand colored map showing rivers, lakes, mountains cities, towns and ports. A coastal road is shown going from Portsmouth to Pownalboro. It has a lovely half of a compass rose at the bottom edge and a simple border with latitude and longitude markings.

This Public Survey map was done in the 1840's and is titled, "Sketch of the Public Surveys in Iowa Territory" The scale of the map is 18 miles to the inch and it covers the eastern portion of the state along the Mississippi River. Cities marked on this map include Keokuck, Fairfield, Iowa City, Fort Atkinson and Raccoon Agency. Many Indian tribes are named on this map. Some shown are the Sioux, Winnebago, and Nation of the United Chippewa, Ottawa and Pottawatomie.
Original hand coloring.
15.75x12.5 in. $75

1750 PLAN DU FORT DAUPHIN, Construit par les Francois dans L' Isle de Madagascar, Pour Servir a l' Histoire Generale des Voyages, 1750. Partie De L' Isle De Madagascar. Tome VIII., No. 10. French hand colored copper-engraved antique map with a thin black and orange-lined border in
excellent condition.
10x15in. $150

c1750 A Plan of the Town and Fortress of GARIAH belonging to ANGRIA the Admiral to the Sahou Rajah on the Coast of MALLABAR. Hand colored copper-engraved antique map with a thin orange and black lined border and a long Explanation written on the side.
 Excellent condition.
12x18 in. $250

1754 Empire Du MONOMOTAPA Et Etats Voisins, Tire' de M Delisle et autres Auteurs. Tom. V. No. 14. French hand colored copper-engraved map in excellent condition with thick shaded border.
9x12 in. $150

1856 Preliminary Chart of ST. JOHN'S RIVER, FLORIDA, From Brown's Creek to Jacksonville. U.S. Coast Survey by A.D. Bache, Superintendent. Map displays many detailed soundings in the river. Shows Mill Cove, Marian Island, Radcliffe Island, Reed Island, Quarantine Island, San Carlos Creek, Newcastle Island, Pauline Island, and many small creeks. Map gives navigational notes on tides. Map shows block plan of Jacksonville
on bottom left side.
25x32 in. (includes mat)

1814 Very rare hand colored copper engraved map in fine condition. Title of map is "States of America" and it shows Georgia extending to the Mississippi River, a massive NW Territory including Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and a massive Louisiana Territory. Many Indian tribes are named. Published by Nutall, Fisher & Dixon,
Liverpool. Full margins.
10 x 8 in. $300

1561 Girolamo Ruscelli Tabula Africa IIII very rare antique hand colored copper-engraved map published by Girolamo Ruscelli, which is titled, "Tabula Africa IIII." Map was published in Venice, Italy. This is an uncommon first edition of one of the earliest maps of Egypt.
12 x 9 in. $225

1780 Bonne hand colored copper engraved map titled, "Carte De La Partie Nord Des E Tats Unis De L'Amerique Septentrionale." Map shows North Virginia to Maine. Map enclosed in a lovely mat.
12.5 x 8.3 in. $325

1849 RARE hand colored lithograph showing Gold Mining in California titled, "Sketch of General Riley's Route Through the Mining Districts,
July and August, 1849."
23 x 19 in. $750

1937 Rare Color Dole Map of the Hawaiian Islands - Cartoon picture map by Parker Edwards of the Islands before Statehood.
35-1/2 x 17-1/2 in. $735

1867 Map of NEW YORK And VICINITY, Accompanying Atlas of New York and Vicinity," published by Beers, Ellis & Soule, 95 Maiden Lane, New York. This rich, hand colored map also includes most of Long Island, most of Northwest New Jersey, and Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, and Rockland counties. Map is in excellent condition with ornate black border.
30.5x31.5in. $700

1835 Original colored Map of America, published by James Wyld, Geographer to Her Majesty, London.
28-1/2 x 23 in. $500

C.1720 Original hand colored copper engraved Homann map titled, "Virginia, Marylandia et Carolina in America Septentrionali Britannorum induftria exculta" which features an uncolored cartouche with a little rubbing in the cartouche but rest of map is in excellent condition.
25-1/2 x 22 in.

1796 Original hand colored copper engraved map titled, "Connecticut entworfen von D.F. Sotzmann," published in Hamburg by Carl Ernst Bohn, publisher. Engraved by P. Schmidt.
Map is in fine condition.
18 x 15 in.

1631 Hondius America Noviter Delineata. Very decorative map of the Americas published in Amsterdam. Showing sea creatures in sailing ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Insets showing the North and South Poles. Copperplate engraving on handmade hand laid rag. Excellent condition, printing on reverse, measuring:
19 1/2 x 15" plus margins.

1799 Hand colored copper engraved map titled, "America, Divided Into North and South With Their Several Subdivisions and the Newest Discoveries," published by Z. Jackson for Paynes New System of Universal Geography. Explanation of Colours key in bottom right corner.
24 x 21 in. $650

1738 Hand colored copper engraved map titled, "The Atrum Belli ad Borysthenem Tyram & Danubiam Eluvios gesti." (Theatrum between Dniepr and Danube Rivers). The region is the East Balkan and South Ukraine. This is a very beautiful map of the region which is rarely shown in one map. Map shows the ethnic mixture of nations and ethnic groups of South Ukraine and Crimeus, and of East Balkan regions. Maker of map is Johan Block. Map
 is in fine condition.
26 x 21 in.

1590 Original hand colored copper engraved map titled, "Tartariae sive magni Chami regni typus." Map published in Antwerp by Ortelius, A. in 1590. Good condition except for a narrow brownish stain in upper left Artic Ocean. Slight
spotting on margins.
Image size: 18-1/2 x 14 in.

C.1630 Copper engraved map titled, "Nova Virginia Tabvla," which features the British Coat of Arms, a native Virginian (rt) facing Chesapeake, Court of Powhatan, old native place names and details of rivers. Map is by Henricus Hondius. Map is in fine condition and surrounded by archival mat.
19-1/2 x 15 in.

1729 hand colored copper engraved map titled, "A Map of America, According to the Newest and most Exact Observations, by Herman Moll, Geographer." This map shows California depicted as an island and shows the Great South Sea and the Equinoctial Line and Tropick of Capricorn. Map is in fine condition.
14 x 9 in. $650

1633 Hand colored copper engraved map titled, "La Beau Ce," published by H. Hondius in Amsterdam in 1633. Map has a beautiful cartouche of the Beauce region of France which is flanked by Paris on the Siene to the north and Orleans on the Loire to the south. Map is in very good condition with mended middle seam.
22 x 18 in. $550

1713 Padva World Map by Lasor A. Varea from the Universus Terrarum Orbis. Hand colored copper engraved map with text from "*MA* Scriptorium Calamo Delineatus, *MA*."
Measurement of page is:
13 x 8-1/2 in.
Measurement of map inside page is:
5-1/2 x 4 in. $300

1658 Niolao Visscher, Auctore Orbis Terrarum Nova et Accuratissima. Amsterdam; after 1658. Copper engraved double hemisphere world map, hand colored. Very good overall condition with a small bit of damage in the middle center.
Measures 21 1/2 x 18 1/4"
 plus margins.

1806 John Cary A New Map of America From the Latest Authorities. Published by J. Cary, engraver and map seller, London. Lovely water colored copperplate engraving on hand made paper.
Excellent condition.
20 1/2 x 18" plus margins.

AFRICA. 1545 Munster (Sebastian) Aphricae Tabula II. Showing the North African coast, Sicily, Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas with a large sailing ship in distress. This old map comes from one of the finest atlases by one of the earliest mapmakers of the 16th Century. Lovely rare copperplate engraving on handmade rag. Some damage along
 the lower centerfold.
Measuring 16" x 12" plus margins.

1671 John Ogilby Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionale cum Terris adiacentibus. Beautiful watercolor copperplate engraving on handmade paper. This beautiful old map shows Virginia, Florida, Mexico Central America and the north shore of South America, including outstanding details on all of the West Indies. Very good condition with tatters on the margins,
bright coloring.
14" x 11.5" plus wide margins.

CHILE. c.1773 Nicolaus Bellin Plan de la Ville de Sant-Jago, Chile. Rare plat map of Santiago, Chile. Copperplate engraving on handmade paper with modern coloring. In excellent condition.
11 1/2 x8" plus margins.

CHILE. 1790 Bonne Le Chili avec les Contrees Voisines et le pays Des Patagons. Published in Paris this watercolored copperplate engraving on handmade paper. Measures:
9.5 x 14.5" plus wide margins.

PANAMA. 1852 Lionel Gisborne Topographical Map of a Portion of the Isthmus of Darien. This important map shows the proposed canal prior to the Panama Canal, connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific. It also has a profile detailed. Excellent condition with expert hand colored steel plate engraving.
19.25 x 14.25" plus margins.

AFRICA. 1790 Bonne Le Canal de Mosambique , L'Isle de Madagascar. Watercolor copperplate engraving on handmade rag.
Excellent condition.
14.5 x 10" plus margins.

CARIBBEAN. 1800 J. Stockdale. English map of the island of Santa Domingo showing modern Haiti and Dominican Republic, and the eastern portion of Cuba. Beautiful steel plate engraving
with expert water coloring.
36" x 18" plus margins.

1825 German statistical map of Columbia and Panama, in German. Large water colored copperplate engraving on handmade hand laid rag by the GeographicalIinstitute in Weimar. Map surrounded with all the statistical information pertaining to the area.
Excellent condition.
22" x 18" plus margins.

1759 John Gibson, An Accurate Map of California Drawn by the Society of Jesuits and Dedicated to the King of Spain. English Edition after the Spanish edition from the first book in English completely devoted to California. Copperplate engraved map on handmade paper, archivally mended and in fine condition.
8.25 x 13" plus margins.

1670 A. Kircher. Imperium Sinicum Quindecupartitum. Beautiful old map of China and Korea compiled by the Jesuit Father Martino Martini. The trading route between Canton and Peking is noted and the great wall and the Gobi Desert are pictured. Water colored copperplate engraving on handmade paper
in excellent condition.
15 x 12" plus margins.

1750 INDIA. Albrecht Carl Suetter. Imperii Magni Mongolis . from Afghanistan through the Himalayas to Myanmar and most of India. Each province is individually water colored. Beautiful cartouche and vignette of sailing ship. Watercolor to copperplate engraving on handmade rag in outstanding condition,with bright colors.
22.5 x 19.5" plus margins.

Rare Republic of Texas bond - Charles DeMorse $500 1840 Republic of Texas Stock Certificate Signed. One sheet with ten interest coupons, 10" x 7.5". Austin, June 15, 1840. DeMorse, the Texas Stock Commissioner tasked with funding the republic's mounting public debt, has signed this 10% stock certificate, which includes several "X" cut cancellations and is decorated with vignettes. The engraved certificate is issued to Edw. Hall, along with Wm. Bryan, Consul of the Republic has endorsed the document. Engraved by the Southern Bank Note Co. and Ednicott & Clark of New Orleans. Signed by Charles DeMorse - Future Confederate Officer. 1840 Republic of Texas $500.00 Bond. Mercury and Sailor.
10 x 8 in. $550

1796. A Chart of Cochin, China Including Touron Harbour and the Island of Callon, . H. W. Parish & J. Barrow. showing the coast of Vietnam and today's Danang with inset showing the land profile. Steel plate hand colored engraving from Staunton's survey June 1793. Left border has been patched 3" at bottom. Excellent condition.
17 x 22" plus margins.

c. 1768 . John Blair, A Map of the East Indies from the latest Authorities. Highly detailed topographical map with inset of the Philippine Islands. Excellent
condition with minor
repair on original fold.
22 x 16.25" plus margins.

NORTH VIETNAM. c.1780 Engraved by Canu, Map of Tunquin, Where the Vietnam War started. Shows the many rivers around the capital Hanoi, in North Vietnam, compiled by several reports of early French Jesuit explorers. Watercolor copperplate engraving on handmade paper.
Very good condition.
Measuring 14 x 14" plus margins.

1790 Bonne Map of Southeast Asia,: La Presqu'Isle de l'Inde shows the Archipelago of the East Indies including Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Java. Water colored copperplate engraving on
hand made paper.
10 x14" plus margins.

1854 Sidney Hall map from Black's Atlas showing the East Indian Islands of Burma, Borneo, Philippines, Southeast China, etc. Water colored steel plate engraving. Very good condition. Measuring:
10 1/2 x 15" plus margins.

1746 Hand colored copper engraved Map showing Amerique Septentrionale (French Map of North America) by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville. Paris. Four professionally joined sheets.
41 x 36 in.

1780 Hand colored copper engraved Raynal and Bonne Map of Louisiana, Florida and Carolina. Map is named "Carte de ha Louisiane et de la Florida." Map shows early boundaries of Georgia, Merdionale (South Carolina), Septentrionale (North Carolina) and
Chicahas, Tchatasc.
16-1/2 x 10-1/2 in.

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