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1890 El Paso, Mexican Gateway of Western Texas - Hand colored wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Ilustrated Newspaper. Images show downtown El Paso, the Smelting Works, the Residence of Dr. Alexander, the wine cellar, Veridome Hotel, and Courtyard. Fine condition.
16 x 10-1/2 in. $95

1903 Texas Oil Well Fire. Early photo of oil field fire at Sour Lake, Texas. 13x9 in. $30

1882 Views of Texas. This hand colored engraving shows a view of a family in Quelle des San Pedro with two small insets showing scenes outside the house. There is also a view of the Military Plaza in San Antonio. This genuine antique print is from the March, 1882 edition of the German publication Um die Welt. 11x16 in. $80

1858 view, Presidio De Rio Grande. "Las Isletas- Falls of Presidio De Rio Grande." A beautifully watercolored old steel engraving from the U.S./ Mexico Border Survey, 1858. Shows the shoreline of the great river with indigenous cactus and other plants and island out in the river. Storm clouds loom in the distance. Genuine antique print, 142 years old. 
10.75x 8.5 in. $60

1890 Val Verde County, Texas - Hand colored wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing the Court House and Opera House, the Ochre Mines, San Felipe Springs. Showing Scenes in and about Del Rio. Fine condition.
16 x 10-1/2 in. $80

1874 Irrigation in Texas. Hand colored front page engraving from Harper's. 11x16 in. $60

TEXAS/MEXICAN BORDER VIEWS - 1857. Two fine engravings, professionally watercolored, generated by the U.S. & Mexican Boundary Survey, 1857. Views from Iron Monument No. 11. Top view near the edge of the Colorado Desert looking east towards Monument No. 4. Lower view looking southwest towards the Cordilleras of Lower California. This print is 143 years old - an authentic antique. 
8-1/2" x 11-1/2" $40

1857 ANTIQUE RIO GRANDE VIEW - FRONTERA. Fine old steel engraving, "Rio Grand - Near Frontera." Shows a bend in the river at dusk, with deer coming out to drink at water's edge. Rocky bluffs in the distance across the river. Antique print produced in 1857 from the U.S. & Mexican Boundary Survey.Matted.
14 x 12 in. $50

1858 Antique Texas view. "Comanche Camp on Shady Creek." Litho from Railroad Survey. 11-1/2x8-1/2 in. $50

1900 Texas Geological map. Color litho shows drainage of Black 
and Grand Prairies. 
By US Geological Survey. 11-1/2x14-1/2 in. $30

CONFEDERATE MONUMENT - SAN ANTONIO. Old half-tone view from 1900, showing the Confederate Monument in Travis Park, San Antonio, Texas. The reverse side has a great half-tone image of the Alamo.
7-3/4" x 9-3/4" $30

GAINESVILLE TEXAS - ANTIQUE VIEWS. Eleven engraved views, professionally watercolored, from the German edition of Frank Leslie's, Sept. 1890. Captions in German describe several scenes in this city near the Red River in northern Texas. The reverse side has article in German on "Der 'Lone Star' Staat." A genuine antique print. 
11" x 16" $50

Galveston After the Fire. This hand colored birds eye view shows the rubble of buildings destroyed by the fire. This genuine antique print is from the November, 1885 
edition of Harper's Weekly. 
11x16 in. $80

1876 Texas view. "The Indian War - Buying Cavalry Horses." Hand colored engraving from Harper's. 16x11 in. $60

1878 RED RIVER VIEW - FOREST FIRE. "Forest Fire on the Banks of the Red River," drawn by W.A. Rogers, 1878. A professionally watercolored engraving showing a barge and riverboat anchored on the river while passengers watch the raging fire. Authentic 
antique print - 122 years old.
11" x 16" $50

1874 Texas views. Four nicely hand colored engravings on one page depicting "Scenes in Emigrant Life." Harper's. 11x16 in. $50


1874 Texas Stagecoaches. "Staging in the Far West." Four hand colored engravings on one page depicting stagecoach activities. Harper's.
11x16 in. $60

1874 Western Views. Interactions with buffalo and other hand colored engraved scenes of the American West, with text from Harper's.
11x16 in. $50

1866 Wood engraving showing Matamoras Mexico Battle. U.S. troops attack Government House. Four original engravings on one page depicting this 1866 battle. Harper's. 15-1/2x10-1/2 in. $30
Hand colored: $40

1874 Red River view. Early immigrants make their way in an overcrowded boat down the swollen Texas river. Hand colored wood engraving. 10-1/2x8-1/2 in. $50

WAR-CLOUD IN LAREDO TEXAS - 1877 VIEWS. Two expertly hand watercolored engravings accompanying an original article in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Top view: "Laredo Texas-The Point of Concentration of American Troops, on the Rio Grande, April 24th." Lower view: "The Town of Nuevo Laredo, in Mexico, Menaced by General Ord, April 24th, from the Opposite Bank of the Rio Grande." Authentic antique print reporting on the Mexican-American War. 
11" x 16" $50

1907 Texas Views. Titled "Texas: The Land of Bounteous Plenty." Hand colored views: Among the Long Leaf Pines, Hunting for Edible Turtles, In a Cocoanut Grove, 
The Agave, and others. 
14-1/2x11 in. $40

1900 Texas Atlas. Uvalde quadrangle folio, published by U.S. Geological Survey. 12 pages including three large color Topographic Historical Geology Structural Section maps and much text. Each map measures:
18-1/2x21-1/2 in. $70

1947 Asburn's Fort Worth Revised Map with skyline cartouche bottom left. Map shows bus lines, parks, and adjoining town limits. Business section and Street Guide Index 
are on back of map.
24-1/2 x 18-1/2 in. $30

1893 MAP - EL PASO RESERVOIR PLAN. This old map shows the Site of the El Paso Reservoir in the Rio Grande Basin, with sketches of plans of the Upper and Lower Dams, and a profile of the Upper Dam site. U.S. Corps. of Engineers. 107 years old! 
37" x 11-1/2" $45

Austin County Map - Based on General Land Office 1895 issued by Bramletts in 1915. Shows land usage, property owners, waterways. A lightly-tinted lithograph.
16 x 13-1/2 in. $150

Austin, Texas - Legilslature 1880 - Rare early view of Texas State government, small view of State Capitol. The accompanying article calls Austin "whitest and brightest of cities, referencing to the marble buildings. Wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
16 x 11 in. $90

1852 Kiepert Map of Mexico, Texas und Californien.
Fine large format map which also includes Deseret (Utah Territory) and New Mexico Territory. Insets of the Gold Region, Central America and Mexico City. Hand colored steel engraved map.
Condition: Very good.
27-1/2 x 22 in. $2,500 
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Natalia, San Antonio Suburb - 1928 Medina County, Texas "Ittigated Farms" which shows schools, hotels, streets, and lots. Published by the Office of Chief Engineer and 
printed in color.
27 x 17 in. $125

1857 Scarce Texas: "Carte Du Texas pour les Missions Et Voyages de L'Abbe Em. Domenech. Journeys of the First Catholic Priest in Texas (1846-52). Shows Apache and Comanche land, rivers, Corpus Christi, Galveston, and other Texas towns. Very good condition.
19 x 15-1/2 in. $750

U.S. Mexican War Forts, 1858 - Hand colored lithographed map by Siebert and Kogge, Washington, D.C. depicts "Lines of March" passed over by the Troops of the United States and the Mexican War, showing the United States, Central America and the West Indies. Details a line from New York to Havana to Panama then to San Francisco. Lines include the National Road, marches up the Mississippi River to St. Louis; and much travel, showing the forts, camps and barracks in Texas; Forts include a march from Fort Yuma to Pimas, Tucson and Fort Buchanan near the border.
Condition: Very good with slight folding creases. This map is 
unusual and rare.
19 x 17-1/2 in. $350


1874 Texas Cattle Trade. Color wood engravings show two scenes of the cattle trade--guarding the herd and the night guard. Published in an 1874 issue of Harper's Weekly. 
11x16 in. $60

1947 Color Texas map for Tourists, a Highway and Reference Map Pubished by The Dallas Morning News for the Texas Almanac and State Industrial Guide. Inset top left of map shows the Texas Panhandle. There is also an Index to the Points of Interest in Texas on 
bottom left of map.
25 x 20-1/2 in. $290

1907 Views of Texas Natural Wealth. Six hand tinted photographic views on one page, titled "The Diversified Wealth of Texas." Published in 1907 as an illustration to a book. Shows views of Texas mines, rivers, 
quarries and farms. 
11x16 in. $50

1931 Soil Map: Central and West Texas. Interesting, color coded map of central and western Texas, published in the 1931 Atlas of American Agriculture. Colors indicate different soils throughout the region. Also included are small inset photos of desert vegetation and a cotton field. 
19x26 in. $50

1898 Rand, McNalley & Co. Color Texas Railroads Map which also has inset of the Southern Portion of Texas on bottom left. Key to all the railroads is on top left. Each county in Texas is outlined in red.
27-1/2 x 20-1/2 in. $300

1886 Zogbaum Western Print: Cowboys in Town. Harper's Weekly hand colored, wood-engraving is titled "Painting the Town Red."
16x22 in. $250

1874: Hunting Deer in Texas. Nicely hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "A Deer Drive in the Texas Cross-Timber." Men on horses are shown riding through the woods, with their hunting dogs running after 
two deer ahead of them. 

16x22 in. $250

1874 RARE Antique Texas Cattle, Cowboy Scenes. Hand colored, engraved scenes from Harper's Weekly. Title is "The Texas Cattle Trade." Cowboys are shown rounding up cattle, branding them, moving them across the prairie and shipping them to Eastern markets. Wonderful views of life on the range, from the golden age of  the 
Texas cowboys! 
22 x 16  in. $350

1886 Cowboys Fight Prairie Fire. Dramatic woodcut engraving from the July 17, 1886 issue of Harper's Weekly, titled "A Ranch in Danger: Cowboys Fighting a Prairie Fire." Shows a group of cowboys racing for their lives as the fire approaches. Excellent condition. 
16x22 in. $200

1874 Texas-The City of Dallas, Its Progress and its Prospects. This beautiful hand colored engraving is from the 1888 Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. It shows views of City Hall from 3 different sides, the Alliance Exchange Building, 4 private residencies, the corner of Commerce and Elm streets, Merchants' Exchange, Texas State Fair Grounds, and the Dallas Club House. 22.5x16 in. $150

1890 Scenes In and Near Waco Texas. This engraving is from the May 17, 1890 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. It shows scenes of: a street in Waco, Lover's Leap on the Boskey River, an Artesian well, Building of the Provident Savings Life Assurance Society of New York. 
11x16 in. $50

1882 Two views of Texas Sheep ranchers. This rare, hand colored engraving is from the 1882 German publication "Um die Welt." 
11x16 in. $80

1890 Views In Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas. This engraving is from the May 3, 1890 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. It shows scenes of: Office of J. Duetschman, Broad Street, residence of W.A. Kelsey, Union Depot, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Texarkana Ice Co., Water Works, Kizer Lumber, Benefield Hotel, O.P. Taylor Real Estate, and Huckins House. Size: 11x16 in. $60

1890 Views of Waco, Texas. This hand colored engraving shows the Rotan Mann building, the Federal Building, Sanger Brothers the residence of S.B. Parrot and Baylor University. This rare print is from Frank Leslie's German publication.  11x16 in. $80

1890 Views of the City of El Paso and Houston. This hand colored engraving shows 4 views of El Paso and 3 of Houston: El Paso city, a school house, a railroad station, the Court House, a Hotel, a Synagogue, and Buffalo Bayou. This rare print is from Frank Leslie's 
German publication. 
11x16 in. $90

1888 Nine Views of Fort Worth Texas. This handcolored engraving shows views of First Baptist Church, the High School, Merchants National Bank, a business office in Merchants National Bank, Byers Building, The Natatorium, Hurley Office Building, the Board of Trade Building and Powell Block. This rare print is from Frank Leslie's German publication. 
11x16 in. $80

1888 Views of Austin, Texas. This hand colored engraving shows views of the Driskill Hotel, the Stuart Seminar, Ph. Hatzfald and Co., Texas State University, St. Mary's Academy, Huftin White Lime Co.and St. Edwards College. This rare print is from Frank Leslie's German publication. 11x16 in. $60

1849 Boundary of the Creek Country Surveyed under the direction of the Cureau of Topographical Engineers. This rare, large map is also known as the Abert Survey and runs from Fort Smith, Arkansas to the Texas border through Cherokee, Choctaw and Creek Indian country. It shows the roots of the Canadian and Arkansas River. This map is in excellent condition. There is a small chip in top left corner that does not affect image.
38x26 in. $900

1937 Greater Texas and Pan America Exposition, Dallas June 12 to October 31. 2 sided pamphlet. Shows expo from the air, and the midway 
State of Texas building.  
9x24 in. $30

Scenes In and Near Waco Texas. This hand colored engraving is from the May 17, 1890 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. It shows scenes of: a street in Waco, Lover's Leap on the Boskey River, an Artesian well, and Building of the Provident Savings Life Assurance Society of New York.  
11x16 in. $50

The Texas Hurricane: View in Galveston. Hand colored half-tone from The Illustrated London News, dated September 22, 1900. Shows Galveston Mainland Bridge, Galveston Bridge, City Hall, Surf View at Beach Hotel, Masonic Temple, Ball High School, and an Old Plantation House. 
16x11 in. $60

Three hand colored wood engravings from the July 28, 1888 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Page is titled, Texas - Views in Paris, One of the Representative Cities of the Lone Star State. Two small images above are of, The Court House and A School Building. Larger picture on bottom is captioned, Market Day - Scene on the Market Square. 
11x16 in. $60



Rare Republic of Texas bond - Charles DeMorse $500 1840 Republic of Texas Stock Certificate Signed. One sheet with ten interest coupons, 10" x 7.5". Austin, June 15, 1840. DeMorse, the Texas Stock Commissioner tasked with funding the republic's mounting public debt, has signed this 10% stock certificate, which includes several "X" cut cancellations and is decorated with vignettes. The engraved certificate is issued to Edw. Hall, along with Wm. Bryan, Consul of the Republic has endorsed the document. Engraved by the Southern Bank Note Co. and Ednicott & Clark of New Orleans. Signed by Charles DeMorse - Future Confederate Officer. 1840 Republic of Texas $500.00 Bond. 
Mercury and Sailor.
10 x 8 in. $550

Large Texas Map, 1888 - Original color lithographed map with 3 insets -- corner with El Paso and the Panhandle. Published by Rand McNally. Very good condition.
29 x 25-1/2 in. $325
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Views In Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas. This hand colored wood engraving is from the May 3, 1890 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. It shows scenes of: Office of J. Duetschman, Broad Street, residence of W.A. Kelsey, Union Depot, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Texarkana Ice Co., Water Works, Kizer Lumber, Benefield Hotel, O.P. Taylor Real Estate, and Huckins House. 11x16 in. $70

1867 Engraved Map of the States of Kansas and Texas and Indian Territory, with parts of the Territories of Colorado and New Mexico. Published by the War Department Engineer Bureau.
29 x 18 in. $150

C.1840 North America New Six Penny Map by D. Macdonald, Glasgow. This is an original, color engraved map. Note: Interesting feature: This map details after Texas became independent and before the California Revolution. Territory shown is the Oregon Border and Russian America, Texas in the U.S. and California and 
Southwest  still in Mexico.
18-1/2 x 15 in. $325

c1857 Picture of the Plaza and Church of El Paso. Hand colored engraved image titled, "The Plaza and Church of El Paso." Shows scene of everyday people by the Plaza and Church of El Paso. 
8 1/2 x 11in. $150

1887 Pictures of San Antonio, Texas. Hand colored engraved images titled, "San Antonio, Texas, Market in Military Plaza, The Alamo, Window 2nd Mission, Doorway 2nd Mission, The Cathedral, 1st Mission-Conception and Parade Ground," drawn by Harry Fenn from Harper's Weekly. Shows scenes of different buildings and 
landmarks in San Antonio, Texas. 
11 x 16in. $80

1874 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Sketches in the Far West-Curing Hides and Bones and Sketches in the Far West- Sugar Making in Texas," drawn by Frenzeny Tavernier from Harper's Weekly. 11 x 16in. $60

1867 Hand colored engraved image titled, "A Drove of Cattle Crossing a Stream," drawn by R. Ward from Harper's Weekly. Shows a dramatic scene of cattle and cowboys crossing a stream. 
11 x 16 in. $80

1885 Hand colored engravings featured in a German issue of Um die Welt titled, "Bilder aus Teras." Images of the El Paso Courthouse, Markthalle in Houston and other historic landmarks in Houston and El Paso are depicted.
15 x 11 in. $60

1858 Rare hand colored steel engraving showing Brownsville, Texas which is a Mexican Boundary Survey. It is in fine 
condition in a French 
mat and very rare.
Image size is:
11-1/4 x 8-1/2 in. $150

1845 Very Rare hand colored steel engraving titled, "Texans Paving the Street at the Archbishop's Palace." Engraving shows the prisoners from the Mier Expedition paving the road leading to Santa Anna's Suburban estate, which is the former Archbishop's Palace.
9 x 5-1/2 in. $150

Hand colored steel engraving titled, "Galveston in Texas" which was featured in Meyer's Universum. Image shows the dock at Galveston with people, homes and a small boat, 
partially sunk nearby. 
DCCIL is printed 
at top border.
9-1/2 x 8 in. $100

C.1860 Hand colored steel engraving showing a portrait of James Polk in frame and the Mexican-American War underneath. The Annexation of Texas is the bottom image title.
9-1/2 x 6-1/2 in. $60

1861 Confederates in Texas. Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Bivouac of Confederate Troops on the Las Moras, Texas, With Stolen U.S. Wagons, Etc." Featured 
in Harper's Weekly. 
Fine condition.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $80

C.1895 San Antonio de Bexar. Hand colored half-tone with article featured in Harper's Weekly showing The Mission San Jose, Mexican Jacal, Mission Concepcion, The Alamo of To-Day, and Window, Mission San Jose.
16 x 11 in. $40

1866 Houston and Galveston. Wood engraving in fine condition showing four vignettes of Houston, The Strand in Galveston, and a Custom-House in Galveston.
16 x 11 in. $80

1861 Hand colored Harper's Weekly wood engraving showing the Confederate Forts -- "Fort Davis, Texas, Head-Quarters of the Eighth Infantry," and Fort Wachita, Texas, and Fort Arbuckle, Texas 
in three images.
16 x 11 in. $60

1883 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Texas -- Cattle-Driving in the Pan-Handle Region." From sketches by Warren Johnson.
16 x 11 in. $100

1888 Exciting Frederic Remington wood engraving titled, "Dragging A Bull's Hide Over A Prairie Fire in Northern Texas." From 
Harper's Weekly.
22 x 15-1/2 in. $300

Texas Map of the United States and Texas Boundary line & Adjacent Territory. (Surveyed 1857-60) Published 1902. Dept. of Interior. NW Boundary of Texas w/ Mexico, Colorado, & Kansas. Very Detailed showing forts, explorer routes, Indian trails, etc.
39 1/2 x 26 1/2 $395


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