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Caravan in North East Africa (Nubia) - This is a rare chromolithograph by Adolbert van Barnim showing the Hartmann's Expedition to the Nile. Image features dramatic scenery and camels racing. Fine condition.
18 x 12-1/2 in. $300

1754 Bellin Print of Africa Natives. This beautiful copper-engraved print of native Africans was published in 1754 by Jacques Nicolas Bellin. The print shows what Bellin considered to be a typical scene in African life. It is titled "Village et Hutes des Hottentots." It shows several men building a small house, with two small children playing nearby. The print is hand colored, and it is in excellent condition with no tears, stains or other blemishes. It would look fantastic in a frame! Size is 7"x10". $60


1862 Johnson Africa Map. Large scale hand colored antique map. Inset map of St. Helena, with inset engraved views of Cape Town and Port Natal.
18x26 $100

1878 Africa Map. Hand colored map from Britannica, 1878.
Genuine antique. 10-1/2x14-1/2 in. $40

1880 Africa Map. Very interesting hand colored engraved map by Gray. Insets of St. Helena
and the Nile Delta.
14-1/2x17-1/2 in. $90
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1884 Bradley Africa Map. Excellent hand colored antique map, with inset maps of St. Helena Island, and the Nile Delta.
22x15 in. $80

1862 Johnson Africa Map. Large scale hand colored antique map. Inset map of St. Helena, with inset engraved views of Cape Town and Port Natal.
18x26 $100

1866 Mitchell Map of Africa. Engraved, hand colored map of the African continent from S. Augustus Mitchells world atlas of 1866. Cities, major roads and geographical features are all shown. The interior of the continent is labeled as "Unknown Interior." A small inset map of the island of St. Helena is in the
lower left corner.
12x15 in. $80

1838 Bradford Map of Africa. Fascinating map, with original hand coloring, from T.G. Bradfords famous world atlas of 1838. This map is from the 1846 printing of the atlas, and the phrase "corrected to 1846" appears below the bottom border. Regions throughout the continent are colored separately. Cities and geographical features are shown primarily along the coasts. The interior is almost completely blank, because Europeans had not yet explored those areas.

AFRICA. 1790 Bonne Le Canal de Mosambique , L'Isle de Madagascar. Watercolor copperplate engraving on handmade rag. Excellent condition. 14.5 x 10" plus margins.

1753 Natives on Gold Coast of Africa. Hand colored copper engraving, printed on hand laid paper in 1753 as an illustration to a book. Title of the scene is "Habits on the Gold Coast." Four African natives are shown, wearing traditional dress.
 9x15 in. $75

Antique Africa Native Music Scene: 1746. Beautifully engraved image, printed on hand laid paper in 1746. Title is "Negros Playing Upon Kalabasses." On the left side, a man is playing music by rubbing a stick against a hollow gourd. A woman on the right is dancing, and playing a tambourine. This item is in excellent condition. The original mark from the copper printing plate can be
seen around the image.
 8x13 in. $120

1650 Views of West African Coastline, by Kip. Two hand-colored, engraved views by J. Kip, showing scenes on the Western coast of Africa. Location is not clear; probably in the vicinity of Ghana. Published circa 1650. Top view is titled "The Prospect of Little Comendo." Bottom is titled "The Prospect of the Town and Castle del Mina, Being at NNE about 2 Miles." Excellent condition.
13x15 in. $150

1650 West Africa Coast Scene, by Kip. Hand-colored, engraved scene by J. Kip, titled "The Prospect of the Fort St. Anthony at Axim." Shows a view of the fort as seen from the water, with small villages in the background. Location is on the Western coast of Africa, near Accra in Ghana. Excellent condition.
13x15 in. $200

1850 Cowperthwait Map of Africa. Beautiful, engraved map, with original hand coloring, published in 1850 by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co. The continent is divided into European colonies. A key in the upper right corner lists the names and African possessions of the European colonial powers. In the lower left corner, there is an inset map of Liberia with descriptions of its geography and history. Excellent condition.
13x17 in. $100

Fascinating 1812 Map of Africa. Hand colored, engraved map of the African continent, published in 1812 by an English cartographer. Title is "A Map of Africa, from the Best Authorities." The continent is divided into five large regions: 1) Sarra or the Desert; 2) Negro Land; 3) Lower Ethiopia; 4) Upper Ethiopia; and 5) Cafreria. Smaller divisions within the region are also shown, as well as cities, rivers and mountains. 9x14 in. $150

Algiers - Panrama City View featuring a lengthy description written in French. Fine condition. Hand colored half-tone engraving. C.1900.
23 x 9 in. $40


Very nice hand colored lithograph from 1861. Plantations de Musa Ensete en Abyssinie. Very nice print of a Banana Plantation.
4.5x6.5 in. $30

South Africa, Cape of Good Hope, Kolbe 1727. A small and rare original hand colored engraved map of the Cape of Good Hope, noting early Dutch Settlements, Caarte Van de Colonie Van de Kaap, by Karl Kolbe. Finely detailed showing de Bay Falzo, Hout Baay, Tafel Baay and early houses of Cap. Olof Berg, Jacob Vogel, Jan Hattung along the Kuil River, and Robben Eyland. Good condition, some folds visible, slight tear on a bottom margin, small margins all around.
6.5 x 7.5 in. $400

1854 Liberia – American Colonization Society. Mornovia. President Robert’s House and Episcopal Mission near Cape Palmas. Lithograph.
7 x 11 in. $60

1854 Liberia – American Colonization Society. Monrovia from Bushrod's Island. Lithograph.
5 5/8 x 9 1/2 in. $60

1854 Liberia – American Colonization Society. Russwurm's Monument. Cape Palmas. Lithograph.
6 1/4 x 10 1/4 in. $40

1854 Liberia – American Colonization Society. Cape Palmas. Lithograph.
5 x 10 1/4 in. $60

1854 Liberia – American Colonization Society. Cape Palmas. Lithograph.
5 x 10 1/4 in. $60

wo part map of Africa. Beautiful hand colored map, published in 1854 by A & C Black. Upper portion titled, Africa, North Part. Lower portion titled, Africa South Part. 12.5x17 in. $50

1747 Hand color copper engraved map of the Isle De Madagascar autrement Isle De St. Laurent, Par N.B. Ingr. de la Marine,
1747, Echelles.
12-1/2 x 10-1/4 in. $150

1855 Colton's AFRICA map - (Southern Sheet), published by J.H. Colton, No. 172. Hand colored antique map with very ornate border in excellent condition.
14.5x17.5in. $100

1855 J.H. Colton original hand colored engraved map of Africa with inset top right showing
the Delta of the Nile.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $150

1868 Originalkarte des Gebietes der Sudlichen Calla & Waboni (Map showing Africa and Somali regions near the Indian Ocean) (German edition).
14.5x20.5in. $60

Slave Gold Coast - 1790 Guinee also includes Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, and The Ivory Coast. Fine original engraved map - outlines in color. "Royaumes Etats ET Pays De La Haute Guinee" by Bonne. Some discoloration along orignal fold.
9 1/4 x 13 3/4 in. $125


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