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Puerto Rico Pictorial Road Map - C.1950 Color verso map of Puerto Rico and San Juan which shows roads, railroads, canals, sugar centrals, airports and other
 places of interest.
23 x 16-1/2 in. $45

1915 Cram Map of the Bermuda Islands: Nice, color map from a 1915 world atlas. Name of each island is shown, as well as the names of channels between islands. Cities and towns are also marked.  
12x15 $60

1894 Map: Cuba, Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti and Dominican Republic. Nice, color map from an 1894 world atlas. Name of each island and country is shown, as well as the names and channels between islands. Cities and towns are also marked. 
11x14 in. $50

Chart to Illustrate the Landfall of Columbus, Becher 1856 An original color lithograph and very detailed nineteenth-century chart with the conjectured tracks, each marked in a different color, of Columbus across the Caribbean according to Mr. Washington Irving, Senor Navarrete and Captain A.B.Becher, a Royal Navy Captain and the author of this chart. The chart was published for the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society by John Murray. The geographical detail includes Hispaniola, Cuba and the Great Bahama Bank with inset maps of The Crooked Isles (Proposed Fragrant Isles of Columbus) and an inset of Watling Island (The San Salvador of Columbus). Across the top of the map is a coastal profile of Long Island. This is a very engaging nineteenth-century summary of various expert’s interpretations of Columbus' journey some 360 years earlier from a renowned geographical journal. Condition: Good, fold in center, small foxing right side and other rust colored lines along
folds; right margin missing.
size 24.5 x 16 image

1900 Rare Nassau Bahama Islands Booklet with nine photogravure illustrations, three fold-out maps, 310 pages and twenty-plus pages of advertisements. Booklet has paper covers. The bottom part of the spine is missing but the interior contents are complete. Booklet in
very good condition.

Aruba Pictorial Map - C.1950 Color early road map issued by Esso Corp. and shows paved and unpaved roads, and projected roads.
36 x 25 in. $35

1855 Colton Map of the West Indies. Beautiful, antique engraved map from the 1855 edition of Colton's World Atlas. Country and island borders are drawn with original hand coloring. Small inset maps of the Bermuda Islands and Havana Harbor are in the upper right corner. Excellent condition.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in.

Published in 1698, this rare hand colored engraving is of the Jacobins Convent. The image on the left shows the plan of the convent, and is titled, Plan du Convent des Jacobins au Mouillage de la Martinique. Right side image shows the Elevation du Convent des Jacobins au Mouillage de la Martinique. 9.5x16 in. $150

Hand colored engravings from 1821 of the French Military. Writing in French, the pictures are titled, France Militaire. Top picture captioned St. Domingue, Mole St. Nicholas. Lower image captioned, Martinique, Fort Royal. 10.5x7 in. $45

Beautiful old hand colored copper engraving printed by Bellin c1750. Map titled, Carte de L'Isle de Saint Domingue. Small section of lower left margin has been archivally repaired, does not effect image.
11.5 x 7.5 in. $100

1880 Palacio Montserrat - Hand colored wood engraving published in L'Illustration Horticole in 1880. PL. XVII. Engraving depicts a beautiful palace surrounded by a
 forest of evergreen trees.
10.5x14in. $40

1874 Two hand colored wood engravings published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on November 14, 1874. Top picture shows the opening of the dramatic season at the Academy of Music in New York; Bottom picture reads: "Peddling Fresh Flying Fish - An Everyday Scene in Bridgetown, Barbadoes. - Sketched by Alfred Trumbly. 11x16in. $30

1857 Several hand colored wood engravings with text published as a double-page spread in Harper's Weekly on March 21, 1857. Title of article is, "A Cruise To the Somers Islands." Engravings depict the people, government, habitat, and views of Somers Islands.
16x22in. $50

1873 Several hand colored wood engravings with text published as a double-page spread in Harper's Weekly on February 8, 1873. Engravings depict a Map of Samana Bay; Santo Domingo City; An Old Street in Santo Dimingo; a Dominican Negro Woman; House of Don Diego Columbus; A Native Hut; A Natural Farm; a Water-Carrier; Parasitical Vines; Haytian Gentlemen; Santo Domingo Products; A Weary Traveler; a Country Woman and "Pickaninny;" The Citadel; and Negro Habitations.
16x22in. $50

1896 Banana Cultivation On the Island of Jamaica. Nine half-tones publishedas a double-page spread in Harper's Weekly in 1896 which depict banana cultivation and harvest and locations bananas are grown on the Island of Jamaica. Small fingerprint stain near top center but otherwise, great condition.
 16x22in. $50

1872 A Tropic Forest - Granville Perkins. C. Weight, Sc. Colorful engraving of a mysterious forest in the tropics which hovers over a small stream with lily pads and a lone egret. 11x16in. $40

1779 Hand colored copper engraved Map of the West Indies and Middle Continent of America by John Blair. This folio is engraved by Thomas Kitchin and shows Central America, the Bahamas, Florida, the Gulf of Mexico. Texas is named, "New Kingdom of Leon." Map was originally folded and there are a few darker spots near the title but overall, map is in very good condition.
24 x 18-1/2 in. $475

1871 Two hand colored wood engravings with text published in Harper's Weekly as a Supplement on April 8, 1871. Top engraving depicts the Cathedral, San Domingo City; bottom engraving depicts the Mountain Pass in San Domingo. 11x16in. $50

1900 Banyan Tree on the Island of St. Kitts, British West Indies. Half-tone of a man standing next to a gigantic Banyon Tree, with a text article surrounding half-tone. Published in Scientific American
 on February 10, 1900.
11x16in. $40  

1855 Eruption Of Mount Pllee, in the Island of Martinique. Hand colored wood engraving with text published in Ballou's Pictorial
Drawing-Room Companion
 in 1855. 11x16in. $40

Jamaica 1825 -- Hand colored copper engraved map titled, "Geographisch-Statistiche und historiche Charte von Jamaika." This is the Jamaica map from the scarce German version of the Carey & Lea Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Atlas. Verlage des Geographrischen Instituts, Cartographer, Weimar.
Map is in fine condition.
21-3/4 x 15-5/8 in. $350

1794 Hand colored copper engraved map of the Island of Jamaica divided into counties and parishes. Title of map is, "A Map of the Island of Jamaica Divided into Counties and Parishes, for the History of the British West Indies by Bryan Edwards, Esqr. 1794."
25-1/2 x 12-1/2 in. $375

1822 Hand colored copper engraved Charte von der Insel Guadeloupe Prag with small inset of St. Lucia. Grande Terre and Cabes Terre and Basse Terre are shown. These countried are in the
West Indies in the Caribbean.
10 x 9-1/2 in. $150

Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of the Leeward Islands in fine condition. Hand colored engraving with surrounding text on the Leeward Islands and its geographical statistics. Map shows Anguilla, St. Martins, St. Bartholomew, St. Christophers, Barbuda, Antigua, Montserrat, Guadaloupe, Dominica, Deseada, and more islands. Plate 45.
22 x 17-1/2 in. $300

Hand colored engraved Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of the Windward Islands which include Trinidad, Martinico (Martinique), St. Vincent, Barbadoes, St. Lucia, Grenada and Tobago. Published by Carey & Lea and in fine condition.
Statistical text
surrounds map.
Plate 44.
22 x 17-1/2 in. $395

1720 Hand colored copper engraved Map of the Island of Bermudos, Divided into its Tribes showing castles, fortes, etc. Map has
a narrow left margin
and is by  Herman Moll.
7 x 4 in. $245

1854 Hand colored engraving of the Virgin Islands with References, published by Edmund & Geo. W. Blunt. Engraved for the American Coast Pilot, 17th Edition.
9-1/2 x 6 in. $100

Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Jamaica 1823 One of the most highly prized and detailed maps of the Caribbean, (from the Atlas of Clay and Lea,) this beautiful and very large engraved and original colored map (in center of page) is surrounded by content sections organized by economy (goods sold) climate, civil divisions and populations, chief towns, commerce, religion, government, and a large historical sketch. Towns on the map are shown as Negro towns with special markings, nice shading depicts mountain ranges and the three sections, Cornwall, Middlesex and Surry. The aim of Cornwall was to establish an English colony on Jamaica, in 1791 there were 723 sugar plantations, 100 breeding and grazing farms and a large number of cotton, coffee, pimento and ginger plantations existed. Kingston is shown on the south coast along with Port Royal and their respective populations at that time. From: Henry Charles Clay and Isac Lea’s Atlas drawn by J. Finlayson. Condition: Very good, increasingly rare, slight fold on outside margin left and folded in the middle, some slight discoloration around map itself from other side of printed page.
size 22 x 17.5 $300

Antilles by A.M. Perrot. Small but detailed map of the Caribbean Sea and West Indies from Florida to South America. 1827 Water colored, Copper engraving.
Page: 8 1/2 x 9 1/2
Print: 6 1/2 x 6 1/2 $80

J.H. Colton & Company handcolored engraved map of the West Indies, with insets top right of The Bermuda Islands and City
 & Harbor  of Havana.
17 x 14 in. $180


1867 Harper's Weekly double-page hand colored wood engraving showing the View of St. Thomas, West Indies, Lately Purchased by the United States.
21-1/2 x 16 in. $180

C.1816 Hand colored engraved maps of St. Vincent on the left and Barbadoes on the right. Engraved by Kirkwood & Son, Edinburgh.
26 x 20 in. $500

1871 Hand colored wood engraving showing two images of the Santa Domingo Expedition -- the upper image shows native tannery in process and the bottom image shows the encampment of Dominican troops. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
16 x 11 in. $80

CARIBBEAN. 1800 J. Stockdale. English map of the island of Santa Domingo showing modern Haiti and Dominican Republic, and the eastern portion of Cuba. Beautiful steel plate engraving with expert water coloring. 36" x 18" plus margins.

1902 Martinique, West Indies Leslie's Weekly magazine showing the Desolation of Stricken St. Pierre, featured in the Volcanic Disaster Special Number. This issue has 18 sheets (36 pages). Very good condition.
16 x 11 in. $40


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