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Kpol Jan Sobieski pod Wiedniem- This is a vibrant chromolithograph showing the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania
near Vienna.
20 x 15 in. $120

1911 Map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, by George F. Cram. Antique map title is "The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and its Protectorates Bosnia and Herzegovina." Each nation within the empire is colored separately. A small inset map shows the southern portion of Dalmatia and Herzegovina. 15x22 in. $60

1892 View: The Ampitheater in Pola, Austria. Nice woodcut engraving of a scene in Pola, looking down on the city with the ampitheater on the right. Published as an illustration to a book.
9x11 in. $30

1869 Map of Central Europe. Hand colored map from a geography text, showing an area from the German states in the west to European Turkey in the east. Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Greece are also included. 10x12 in. $40

006ceur: 1897 Map of Central Europe from the Century Atlas. Focuses on the German states and Austria-Hungary, but also includes France, the Low Countries, England, Switzerland and northern Italy.
12x16 in. $30

1864 Johnson's Map: Austria, Turkey in Europe and Greece. Beautifully hand colored, engraved map from the 1864 edition of Johnson's Family Atlas. Includes a small inset map of the island of Candia in the lower right. There is also a small engraved view of the city of Constantinople. Entire map image is surrounded by a decorative border.
18x26 in. $80

Circa 1880 map of the countries surrounding the northern Adriatic Sea, from Stieler's Hand-Atlas. Extremely detailed, engraved map with original outline hand coloring. In the lower left corner there is an inset map of Vienna and vicinity.
15x19 in. $40

1915 Rumania Bulgaria Turkey Map. Color map by George F. Cram showing cities, towns, railroad lines and geographical features. Also shows the locations of submarine telegraph cables. 11x15 in. $30

1885 Greece, Turkey, Balkan States Map. Color map by J. Bartholomew, published in a late 19th century world atlas. Map title is "Turkey in Europe, Greece, Roumania, Servia, Etc."
 11x14 in. $50

1880 Central European Modes of Dress. Color lithograph published as an illustration to a German book on costumes circa 1880 shows how the common people dress in Georgia, Albania, Romania and Poland.
 7x10 in. $40

1854 Map of Hungary, Surrounding Area. Engraved, hand colored map from K.V. Spruner's Historical Atlas. Hungary at the time was much larger than it is today, and this map shows it covering that larger area. In the upper left corner, there is a small inset map showing the country's religious divisions between the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches. 14x18 in. $100

1838 Bradford Map: Central, South Europe. Beautifully hand colored map from T.G. Bradford's famous world atlas of 1838. This map is from the 1846 printing of the atlas, and the phrase "corrected to 1846" appears below the bottom border. Countries shown are Germany, Austria, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, Greece and Turkey. Cities and geographical features are shown throughout the region.
13x17 in. $200

US Revolutionary War: Kosciuszco of Poland. Colorful, lithographed calendar published circa 1925 by the Novelty Calendar & Printing Co. of Fall River, Mass. Contains portraits of Revolutionary War heroes George Washington and Thaddeus Kosciuszko, with the US and Polish flags
 crossed above them.
15x20 in. $80

RARE Old Homann Heirs Map of Austria. This beautifully engraved, hand colored map is titled Circulus Austriacus quem componunt Archid, Austriae, Ducatus Stiriae, Carinthiae, Carnioliae, Comit, Tyrolensis, ditionesque Sueviae Austraie. It was drawn by Tobias Majer, and published by Homann Heirs in 1747. The map is extremely detailed. It shows the western part of what was then the Austrian monarchy, comprising Austria, Bohemia, Moravia and Northeast Italy. The map title is surrounded by a beautiful design, which includes the coats of arms of five Austrian districts. In the lower right corner, there is a map key which is also surrounded by a decorative border. This map is in very good condition, with no
significant blemishes.
22x25 in. $600

Early Antique Map of Poland: 1772. Interesting, engraved map, titled "A Map of Poland with its Appendages, Shewing the Late Partition of that Kingdom." Printed in the Nov. 1772 issue of Gentleman's Magazine, an English periodical. The country is shown divided into small provinces, whose boundaries are marked with dotted lines. Cities and towns are shown, as well as geographical features. This map is in excellent condition.
 8x9 in. $60

1752 Prague - Bird's-Eye View hand colored copper engraving in fine condition.
15 x 9 in. $150

1775 Homann Heirs Map of South Poland. Very detailed, decorative map, titled "Lubomeriae et Galliciae Regni, Tabula Geographica." Published in 1775 by Homann Heirs. Shows an area that is now southern Poland. In that year, much of South Poland was given to Austria. This map shows the locations of metal ore deposits in the Austrian's newly acquired territory, and was useful to the new Austrian lords who wanted to make money in their new land. Title is surrounded by an elaborate cartouche. Nicely hand colored, in very good condition. 21x26 in. $600

1749 Map of Poland, Lithuania. Uncolored copper-engraved map, printed in 1749. No cartographer's name given, possibly by Senex. Title is "A New Map of Poland from the latest Observations." Shows the Polish kingdom (including Lithuania) at its largest size. Poland has never controlled more land than it did during the year this map was published. Several very small spots of foxing near the top . Otherwise very good condition.
8x9 in. $75

18th Century Map: Balkans, South Ukraine. Undated, engraved map titled "Seat of War Between the Russians, Poles and Turks." Published by the London Magazine, mid-1700s. Shows an area from the Eastern Balkans to the Southern Ukraine. Nicely hand colored. Right margin is trimmed to the map border. Otherwise very good condition.
 8x11 in. $100

1801 Map of Austrian Territory by Cary. Engraved map, with original hand coloring, published in 1801 by J. Cary. Title is "A New Map of the Circle of Austria from the Latest Authorities." Includes Austria itself, as well as the territory extending south to the Gulf of Venice. Small amount of foxing in the left margin. Otherwise very good condition. $350

1799 Map of Switzerland by Cary. Engraved map, with original hand coloring, published in 1799 by J. Cary. Title is "A New Map of Swisserland, Divided into its Cantons and Dependencies, Including the Grisons, etc. etc." Switzerland is shown divided into thirteen cantons. Map is in
excellent condition.
22x26 in. $400

1781 Bonne Map: Germany, Hungary, Central Europe. Hand colored, engraved map of Germany and Central Europe, published in 1781 by Rigobert Bonne. Title is "L'Allemagne, la Boheme, et la Hongrie: Avec un Partie de la Pologne." Shows cities, geographical features and political boundaries. Several small but noticeable dark stains on image and lower margin. Otherwise very good condition. 10x16 in. $100

1720 Map of Silesia, by C. Weigel. Hand colored, engraved map of Silesia, published in 1720 by C. Weigel. Title is "Silesiae, Ducatus in XVII suos Principatus et Dominia." Title is surrounded by an elaborate cartouche. A decorative scene is in the lower left
corner of the map.
 14x17 in. $300

1720 Map: Transylvania, Romania. Nicely engraved map, with original hand coloring, titled "Fines Hungariac Victoriis Caroli VI?." Drawn by Kauffner, and published in 1720. The map focuses on Transylvania, which is now part of Romania. A smaller map in the upper right corner shows a
battlefield in Serbia.
14x17 in. $350

1598 Ortelius Map of Austria. Beautiful, decorative map of Austria, published by Ortelius in 1598. Nicely colored, with original hand coloring. Title is "Austriae Descrip. Per Wolfgangum Lazium." Title is surrounded by a colorful cartouche. Mileage scale and map border are both elaborately decorated. The margins of this map are chipped, with many small tears, but the image is not affected. The entire image is clean and clear. The map has been archivally mounted on acid-free paper to prevent tears and chipping. It would look great in a frame!
14x19 in. $750

Kingdom of Hungary and Transilvania. Detailed topographical map showing towns and rivers. Figures of Kings on side of map key. 1744 Bowen. A New and accurate map of the Kingdom of Hungary and the Principality of Transilvania with bordering countries. Hand colored copper engraving is titled, Drawn from the best authorities assisted by the most approved Modern Maps. The whole being adjusted by Astronomical Observations by Eman Bowen.
13.5x16.5 in. $150

J.H. Colton map of Central Europe. Printed in 1860, this hand colored map shows Prussia, Austria, Turkey and Italy. 13.5 x 11 in. $60

C.1820 Copper engraved Carey Map of Poland & Lithuania showing Russia, early Prussia and Austria. Light brown stain on upper right border extending a little bit
 into top right corner.
17 x 13 in. $250

1833 Lightly hand colored steel engraved map of Vienna (Wien) in fine condition. Bottom of map shows the comparison of heights of prominent buildings. Map is published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.). Map is published by Chapman & Hall, London.
16 x 13-1/2 in. $200

1786 Hand colored copper engraved map titled, "Carte Generale de la Pologne avec tous les Etats. qui y sont annexes." From the Atlas Moderne Portatif Compose De Vingt-Huit Cartes sur toutes les parties Du Globe Terrestre. A Paris. Map sits inside a decorative mat.
14 x 11 in. $75

1759 Hand colored copper engraved antique Map of the Kingdom of Poland by T. Kitchin, Geographer showing the "Seat of War in the Western Part." Featured in the London Magazine. Fine condition.
10 x 8 in. $90

Regnum Bosnia by Homann Heirs. 1740. 13 vignettes. A lovely pair of maps of Croatia, Dalmatia, and Serbia, Walachia, and part of Bulgaria. The first map 8 small inset maps of Ussitza, Brodt, Wihaz, Zworknek, Ratscha, Sabatz, Belgrade and Orsava. The second map has 7 inset maps of: Widden, Nicopol, Nissa, Chatchek, Seraglio, Krakoievaz, Valiova.
22 x 48 in. $800

1889 Ascent of Mount Ararat, Scenes and Incidents of the Expedition. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing areas of Ararat, the camp at Sardar-Boulak, Kurdian Women, the
Spring of St. James.
16 x 11 in. $60

Presburg (Hungary) by Mallet. 1719 Hand colored, Copper engraving.
4 1/2 x 6 in. $45

1942 Bohmen and Mahren - Folded map printed in color. 
17 x 25 in. $30

North and East of The Gulf of Venice. c1750 Original hand colored, copper engraving.
17 1/2 x 9 1/2 in. $150

Poland "Polonia" - Munster in Geographia Universalis. 1552 (XX variant in the title) Hand colored, Wood block.
10.1 x13 1/2 in. $700

Silesie Et Moravie by Mallet. 1683 Hand colored copper engraving.
5.25 x 8 in. $125

Czech Republic - La Moravie. Small detailed map c1700. Hand colored, Copper engraving.
5 3/4 x 7 in. $80

1787 Czech Republic - La Royaume de Boheme. Decorative map with Cartouche, Coat of Arms and Battle scene. Hand colored, Copper engraving.
8 x 10 in. $80

1579 Hungary "Hungariae Descriptio." Ortelius. Detailed map with Cartouche. Hand colored, Copper engraving.
14 x 19 1/4 in. $500

Southern Poland "Ducatus Teschensis" by Matthaus Seutter. Beautiful Cartouche inset of Teschen. c1760. Hand colored, Copper engraving.
25 x 20 in. $400

Kingdom of Hungary "Regni Hungariae Tabula Generalis" by Johann Homann. c.1720 Hand colored, Copper engraving.
24 3/8 x 20 3/4 in. $450

c.1750 Czech Republic "Circuli Olomucensis Pars Borealis" by Thomann Heirs. Beautiful Cartouche plus figurative Bear Hunt scene. Good margins. Hand colored, Copper engraving.
18.9 x 22.8in. $250



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