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Comparative Lengths of Rivers, Bradford 1835 - An attractive hand colored comparative map showing the comparative lengths of the principal rivers in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa. A large inset in the top half of the map notes the comparative heights of mountains, snow level, and distribution of vegetation in each of the three zones (Frigid, Temperate and Torrid). The map details the world's great rivers in relative to one another and divided by continent. The rivers have been necessarily straightened to indicate their lengths. The Mississippi is considered, by far, to be the world's longest river. The length of the Nile is grossly underestimated - when this was made the source of the Nile had yet to be determined. The St. Lawrence River is drawn to include four of the five Great Lakes. The map was published as plate no. 15 in Thomas G. Bradford's 1835 Comprehensive Atlas Geographical, Historical and Commercial.  Bradford's atlas, published in 1835 was an important work on many levels.
Condition: Very good, wide margins normal aging color.
size 9 x 11 image.

Western Hemisphere, with Length of Rivers and Mountain Heights, Cram 1887 - A small lithograph map with original color, issued by the George F. Cram Company is a wonderful example of Cram's cartographic style and expertise. This map is probably from Cram’s first world atlas, and shows approximate height in feet of principal mountains in the Western Hemisphere and length of rivers in miles. Special Note: George F. Cram (1842-1928), served in the U.S. Army during the American Civil War. After the war ended, Cram joined his uncle Rufus Blanchard's Evanston, Ill. map business in 1867. Two years later, he became sole proprietor of the firm and renamed it the George F. Cram Co. which became a leading map firm and first American firm
 to publish a world atlas.
Condition: Very good, wide margins, no folds with nice pastel coloring some light browning on the edges.
size 10 x 12.75 image.

Length of Rivers and Heights of Mountains, Unknown 1884 - A small black and white steel engraving map with an extremely decorative border of vignettes including, Indian, Chinese, Settler and Slave heads on the corners. Between the heads are small vignettes of steam ships, sailing vessels, canoe portages, teepees, primitive huts, camel riding, and the US Capital building. The center features mountains and rivers, several volcanoes are shown erupting, this is probably from an early history book
engraver unknown.
Condition: Good, some browning on margin edges, and yellowing in middle hardly noticeable.
size 9.25 x 11.25.

Comparative Section Map, Weller 1870 - Rare and unusual map showing cross sections of the elevations of South America, the British Isles, Palestine and the depth of the North Atlantic Ocean. Hand colored lithograph probably from Weller’s Crown Atlas of 1870, specific focus given to the Dead Sea, with a section of the sea bed from Valentia to Trinity Bay Newfoundland.
Condition: Excellent some browning on margin edges but image very good throughout.
size 16.5 x 13 image.

Mountains and Rivers, Johnson and Browning, 1861 - A large original colored lithograph and very decorative map of the mountains and rivers showing the lengths of the principal rivers of the world and heights of the principal mountains. The map delineates volcanoes, mountain lakes and passes and other features, includes names and distances and identifies continents in addition to the elevation of
the cities of the world.
Condition: Very good, small margins top and bottom, normal aging color on edges, fold in middle a few blotches inside image.
size 23.5 x 16.5 image.

Geographical Distribution of Quadrupeds and Reptiles, Weller, 1870 - A very unique and engraved original hand colored world map of the vertical worldwide distribution of quadrupeds and reptiles, showing the distribution of reptiles by latitude and quadrupeds by elevation at the bottom. The map also shows whale distribution and interestingly the southern- most distribution of reptiles and turtles and the southern-most distribution
of polar bears.
Condition: Excellent no folds, slight browning on lower margin.
size 16.5 x 13.0 image.

A Comparative View of Waterfalls, Islands, Lakes, Rivers and Mountains in the Eastern Hemisphere, Tallis-Rapkin, 1850 - A wonderful, engraved and originally colored map of the major islands, lakes, rivers, waterfalls and mountains of the Eastern Hemisphere. Engraved for R. Montgomery Martin's Illustrated Atlas. Tallis was one of the last great decorative map makers. His maps are prized for the wonderful vignettes of indigenous scenes, people. This map has a very decorative border and title and two active volcanoes.
Condition: small borders otherwise no folds some small areas with discoloring at bottom,
normal age colors.
size 10 x 13 image.

Humboldt’s Distribution of Plants in Equinoctial America According to Elevation, 1854 An amazing and wonderful engraved print with hand coloring of Adam and Charles Black's rare profile view of the Andes Mountains, particularly Ecuador's Mt. Chimborazo, based upon an influential 1805 illustration by the renowned German explorer and scientist Alexander von Humboldt. Among the first scientists to take Kant's philosophy of Transcendental Idealism into the scientific field, Alexander von Humboldt, to illustrate discovers made on his ascent (the first) of Mt. Chimborazo. Humboldt, as a well-educated German nobleman, was heavily indoctrinated into the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. During his epic journey into South America, Humboldt used illustrative techniques to catalog, define, and reason through the scientific
data he collected.
Condition: Excellent with normal aging browning on margins, wide margins and some water staining on the bottom left margin.
size 15.5 x 11 image.

Comparative Heights of Mountains, Bradford 1835 - A handsome and small engraved map with original color, the map is one of the earliest obtainable comparative mountain charts published in the United States by Bradford. Chamoulari and Dhawalghiri are the tallest listed mountains. The mountains are color coded to show North America in Blue, South America in Yellow, Europe in Red, Asia in
Green and African Brown.
Condition: Very good, wide margins, no folds, normal browning
 on margin edges.
size 10 x 8 image.

Heights of the Principal Mountains and Rivers in the World Cowperthwait, 1850 - A wonderful engraved map of the principal mountains and rivers of the world with original coloring and decorative border. Mountains are shown along the bottom of the map with important cities and geological formations noted at their appropriate elevations. Rivers are arrayed along the top of the map descending from the seas to their sources – where known. The Missouri and Mississippi River systems, at 4100 miles, are listed as the world's greatest rivers and Dhaulagiri, at 26, 262 ft., the world's tallest mountain. The mythical 'Mountains of the Moon' are noted as the source of the Nile. Engraved by F. Humphrys for issue as page 75 in the 1850 edition of Mitchell's
 New Universal Atlas.
Condition: Very Good, small margins, brown age coloring on side margins, but great coloring throughout.
size 17 x 13.5 image.

Tableau Indiquant La Longeur des Principaux Fleuves et La Hauteur de Quelques Chutes, Basset Paris, 1852  A very attractive rare and engraved comparative map with original color of mountains, rivers and waterfalls (in meters) of the continents. The map features two wonderful colored vignettes of waterfalls with mountain and rock backgrounds, From the Geographie Universelle Atlas Illustre destine A L'Enseignement De La Geographie Elementaire. 48 Cartes Par M.M J.G Barbie Du Bocage, A. Vuillemin, J.B. Charle, V. Levasseur, T. Duvotenay, H. Dufour, et F.E. George. A Paris, Maison
Basset Rue De Seine, 33.
Condition: Very good, color excellent, small top margin, no folds, normal browning on margin edges.
size 13 x 10 image.

A View of the Comparative Lengths of the Principal Rivers and Heights of the Principal Mountains of the World, Orr and Company London, 1832 - A handsome rare engraved comparative map of with original color from, A General Descriptive Atlas of the Earth. The map shows the principal mountains and rivers by continent, with the highest mountain in the world known at the time as Kunchinginga at 28,177 feet. By W.M. Higgins London: Published by W.S. Orr & Co., Paternoster Row; And W. And R. Chambers,
Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.
Condition: Good, small top and bottom margins, normal brown aging color and some water marks outside image on margin edges.
size 11 x 9.25 image.

Gray Principal Mountains and Rivers of the World. 1875. The rivers are shown flowing to the top of the map, extending from the longest (Mississippi/Missouri) on the left, to the shortest (Merrimac) on the right. The mountains are grouped by continent, with the shorter mountains rising up to the tallest. Hand colored, lithograph. Excellent condition.
size 16 x 25 in. $200

Rivers Mountains Gilbert Modern Atlas, 1840 A rare and attractive black and white steel engraved comparative map of the length of the world's rivers and the heights of its mountains in the Western and Eastern Hemisphere, Plate from Gilbert's Modern atlas, shows rivers in the middle and mountains on the sides of each hemisphere.  A fun balloon cartouche of the Guy Lusac in Western Hemisphere, the world’s most famous aeronaut of the time and Green another Aeronaut in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Condition: Good, small margins, bottom margin missing edge outside image normal browning
on edges of margin.
size 11.75 x 9.5 image.

Map and Description of the Principal Mountains Throughout the World, Carey and Lee, 1822 A large and attractive comparative map (black and white) of Western and Eastern Hemisphere mountains listed in side and bottom legends by height in feet. Thought to be a copy of Thomson’s, A comparative view of the heights of the principal mountains and other elevations in the World. Drawn & engraved for Thomson's New general atlas by W. & D. Lizars, Edinburgh; Thomson, John; 1817. This map is plate No. 52. Arranged by F. Lucas Jr. Engraved by Young & Delleker.
Condition: Good, fold down middle, small margins top and bottom, some browning on edges, image in center has slight foxing on edges of image.
size 20.5 x 16.5 image.


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