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Chart of the Mediterranean, Philip and Son 1848-1850 -- A very attractive and large original hand colored lithographed map of the Mediterranean Sea showing countries in pastel coloring and the sea shaded in blue. The map extends from the Rock of Gibralter to Cyprus, and from Italy and Greece to North Africa. Five small insets provide detailed soundings of the harbors of: 1. Marseilles, 2. Genoa, 3. Gilbraltar, 4. Leghorn Road, and 5. Smyrna. Steamship routes are shown throughout with times of voyage. Again, a very attractive map in excellent condition, with a nice border.
Condition: Excellent, small margins top and bottom with normal browning on edges, one major fold in middle.
size: 19.5 x 24 in.

Battle of Maestricht, 1732 An engraved black and white map of the battlefield of the Battle of Maestricht in Belgium from Paul de Rapin's, The History of England written in French by Mr. Rapin de Thoyras. Translated into English with Additional Notes by N. Tindal. London: 1732. The map shows the positions of the Army of Two Crowns in exhaustive detail and has a wonderful title cartouche in the upper left section with two legends outlining the positions of Allies, Cavalry and Artillery in Battle. Special Note: The maps listed represent battles that took place during the War of Spanish Succession (1701-1713) concluded by the Treaties of Utrecht. The war resulted from a dispute over who should inherit Spain and its possessions after its Habsburg rulers became extinct in 1700. The last Habsburg king of Spain, Charles II (d. 1700) had left the throne to his closest relative in female line: Philippe de France, duke of Anjou, grandson of Louis XIV (Felipe V of Spain). The closest relatives in male line, the Habsburgs of Austria, disputed this claim, and many European nations did not want to see French princes reigning over both kingdoms. The Utrecht treaties recognized Felipe V of Spain, but transferred the Spanish possessions in the Netherlands and Italy to Austria and to Savoy. To reach the goal of separating the crowns of France and Spain, the treaties required Felipe V to relinquish all claims to the French throne, and the remaining French princes to relinquish all claims to the
Spanish throne.
Condition: Good, small top and left margins shaded water mark
down the middle.
size 18.5 x 14 image

1851 Malta, Gibraltar and Corfu by J. Rapkin. British Possessions in the Mediterranean. Hand colored steel engraved map with original hand coloring which also includes Malta & Gozo, Gemiler Island, Vatni, Ithaca and shows Greek fishing boats.
Condition: Very good with adequate margins more than 160 years old.
13-1/2 x 9 in. $125

003euro: 1876 Map of Europe. Original antique hand colored map by Gray. Inset ethnographical map of Europe. 17-1/2x14-1/2 in.

004euro: 1851 Cowperthwait Map of Europe. Beautifully hand colored, with many statistics regarding Royalty, population, government, religion, etc. 27x17 in. $120

005euro: 1832 Roman Empire Map. Very attractive old French antique map. Countries outlined with hand coloring. 24-1/2x20 in. $100

006euro: 1868 Johnson Roman Empire Map. Shows Empire in the Time of Christ and His Apostles, Also Indicating St. Paul's Journeyings. Insets of Greece and Italy. Original hand coloring, with attractive border. 26x1/2x18 in. $50

007euro: 1864 Johnson Map of Europe. Original hand colored attractive antique map with nice border. 26-1/2x18 in. $50

008euro: 1847 Europe Map. Antique hand colored map by Cady & Burgess. Shows populations of cities. Inset of Denmark. 9x11-1/4 in. $60

London Pictorial Map. Geographers’ Map Co. Shows places of interest, stations. C.1940. Insets of cinema land and theatreland. Linen backed, printed in color.
30 x 21 in. $75

Picture Map of London – by Geographia 1929-30. Fabric backed. Printed in color. Highlights historical sites & buildings. Tear on side.
29 1/2 x 19 in. $185

010euro: 1875 - Beach at Trouville France. This large, beautiful print is from the Oct. 30, 1875 issue of Harper's Weekly. The print is titled "The French Seaside-Bathing at Trouville." It shows a large crowd of people gathered on the beach, relaxing and playing in the water. This print is in excellent condition. It would look fantastic in a frame! Size is 16" x 22" $40

011euro: 1864 Map of Europe. Original hand colored genuine antique map by Johnson. 26x18 in. $50

013euro: 1819 Map of Sweden, Norway by Arrowsmith. This beautiful map of Sweden and Norway was published in 1819 by Aaron Arrowsmith. Geographical features, cities, towns and departments within each country are all sown in detail. Map size is 9" x 11" $60

014euro: 1784 COPPER ENGRAVING - JOHN CHURCHILL. Stunning very old hand colored French copper engraved portrait. "Johannes Churchill," Britain's Duke of Marlborough and patriarch of the Churchill family which included the future Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Lower engraving shows Churchill leading the charge at Blenheim. An excellent antique print, plate marks still evident around image. 8-1/2" x 14" $120

100euro: 1855 Antique Map of London. Handsome detailed map of London published by J.H. Colton and Company. 14x17 in. $80

103euro: 1911 Old Map of London. Attractive color map published by Century. Map shows London and its vicinity. 11x16 in. $30

104euro: 1797 Rare Thomas Kitchin London Map. 200 year-old, copper engraved map shows the cities of London, Westminster, Borrough of Southwark and surrounding areas. Excellent condition. 11x12 in. $150

105euro: 1840 Turnbury Castle, Scotland. Striking steel engraving shows Turnbury Castle in Ayrshire, Scottland, birthplace of Robert Bruce. Print shows the impressive castle amidst a sea of waves. 9x13 in.

106euro: 1840 Cullean Castle, Scotland. Picturesque copper engraving shows Cullean Castle overlooking the sea. 11x16 in.

107euro: 1866 Dunrobin Castle, Scotland. Wood engraved print depicts the Prince and Princess of Wales visiting Dunrobin Castle. They are shown descending the Great Staircase. Accompanying text describes the Castle's interior. From an 1866 issue of The Illustrated London News. 11x16 in. $30


Vienna Birdseye view of the capital of Austria located on the Danube River. 1752 Copper engraving.
9 x 15 in. $150

Central Europe Pre WWII (1936) THOS. COOK & SON. Shows steamships, river steamers, roads, cities. Ads verso.
28 x 19 in. $35

108euro: 1874 Depiction of Scottish Covenanters. Richly-colored, wood engraving shows a group of Scottish Covenanters in prayer before battle. Historical print with text describing the plight of the covenanters on back. From an 1874 issue of Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $40

109euro: 1867 Scottish Games. Several wood engravings show various Scottish sports, including some that have become part of American culture such as the sack and wheelbarrow races. The print is accompanied by text describing the games. From an 1867 issue of Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $30

110euro: 1900 Map of Europe. Color map of Europe was published circa 1900 by the People's Publishing Company. It shows major cities, railways and bodies of water. The map is bordered by Spain on the left and Siberia on the right. 11x13 in. $40

111euro: 1874 Madrid Spain Bullfight Scene. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "A Bull-Fight At Madrid." Shows a bull attacking a horse in the ring, while men try to distract it and the crowd cheers. Text on either side of the image describes the scene. 11x16 in. $50

112euro: 1838 Bradford Map of Europe. Fascinating map, with original hand coloring, from T.G. Bradford's famous world atlas of 1838. This map is from the 1846 printing of the atlas, and the phrase "corrected to 1846" appears below the bottom border. Each country is colored separately. Cities and geographical features are shown throughout the continent. 13x17 in. $200

113euro: 1838 Bradford Map of Western Europe. Beautifully hand colored map from T.G. Bradford's famous world atlas of 1838. This map is from the 1846 printing of the atlas, and the phrase "corrected to 1846" appears below the bottom border. Countries shown are Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and the British Islands. Cities and geographical features are shown throughout the region. 13x17 in. $200

200euro: This beautiful, engraved map was published in 1795 by Matthew Carey, as an illustration to Carey's American Edition of Guthrie's Geography. It is titled "An Accurate map of Europe from the Best Authorities." Each country is hand colored with wash and outline coloring. Cities and geographical features such as mountains and rivers are shown throughout the map. 14x17 in. $120


203euro: A New and Accurate Map of Europe Collected from the best Authorities, Assisted by the most approved Modern Maps and Charts. The whole being regulated and adjusted by Astronomical Observations by Eman Bowen. Hand colored copper engraving from 1747 Europe. 14.5x17.5 in. $250



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