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Fires and Firefighters

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C.1880s-1890s Color lithograph that is age-toned with some discoloration at margins from old backing mat. Two archivally repaired tears at top. Engraved by Bosqui Engraving & Print Co. Building seen from the street of the venerable San Francisco company, still in business. Presented by the Fireman’s Fund
Insurance Company.
30 x 24 in. $1,250

1882 Great Fire of New York City - Incidents of the great fire on Park Row, January 31st. Hand colored wood engravings featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
16 x 11 in. $50

Scenes and Incidents of the Boston Fire. Four hand colored panels from the 1872 issue of Harper's Weekly.
 16x11 in. $50

1871 New York Fire Review. Third Brigade displays trucks, engines and horses in review for Frand Duke Alexis. Hand colored antique engraving from Leslie's. Includes text. 15x5 in. $30

1885: New York City Tenement Fire Escapes. Color lithographed satirical cartoon from Puck Magazine showing residents of New York City tenement houses working, playing, and sleeping on their fire escapes. Caption beneath the image reads, "The New York Tenement House 'Fire Escapes.'" Puck Would Like to Know How the Tenants Expect to Escape by "Them" in case of Fire.
9-1/2x13 in. $50

1868 Burning of Fort Lafayette. Nicely hand colored antique engraving of the fort burning in New York Harbor. Original page from Harper's Weekly, 1868.
16x11 in. $50

c.1880 Old Winter Fire Print. Hand colored antique engraving. Shows snow-covered ruins in the aftermath of a fire on Centre Street in New York. From German Leslie's.
10-1/2x8 in. $30

1886 Forest Fire view. Hand colored antique engraving of flaming trees going up in smoke. Harper's.
11x16 in. $40

1874 Chicago Fire Department views. Hand colored engraved antique print shows the Department's Officers, fire scenes and other city views
 on one Harper's page.
 11x16 in. $50

1876 Fire in Constantinople. Fine large antique engraving showing a chaos of firefighters and pump-bearers, soldiers and lookers-on. With text, from
original Harper's Weekly,
 22x16 in. $50

1882 New York Fire Scenes. Four hand colored old engravings on one page. From 1882 German publication. Captions and text in German. Shows firefighters battling blazes, a rescusitation attempt, and building ruins. Three small binding
holes in text body.
12x8 in. $30

1888 New York Fire Scenes. Two excellent black & white antique engravings on one original Harper's page, published March 1888. The Great Fire at 42nd & Lexington, and Interior of Union Square Theatre after the fire. Tear in left margin. 11x16 in. $30

c.1890 Horse Stable Fire view. Antique French color litho print of stable hands trying to control stampeding horses during a fire. From Petit Journal.
 16x11 in. $40

1876 Fire in Constantinople. Hand colored woodcut engraving from the July 22, 1876 issue of Harper's Weekly. Frantic fire fighters and civilians are shown attempting to douse the flames in a burning building. Beneath the image is a short article describing the scene. 16x22 in. $60

Harper's Weekly "Burning of the Temple Theatre at Philadelphia, December 27" Jan. 8, 1887 hand colored wood engraving.
 9 x 13 in. $60

1873 Image of a little girl being saved by a firefighter. Gorgeous hand colored wood engraved image titled,"The Rescue," drawn by T.W. Wood from Harper's Weekly.
11 x 16in. $60

1876 Pictures of the New York Fire Insurance Patrol in action. Gorgeous hand colored engraved image titled,"The New York Fire Insurance Patrol," drawn by I.Pranishnikop from Harper's Weekly. Shows scenes of the New York Fire Insurance Patrol in action. 11 x 16in. $60

1889 Image of Firemen in a horse drawn fire engine on their way to a fire in St. Petersburg. Gorgeous hand colored engraved image titled,"Going to the Fire in St. Petersburg," drawn by Thulstrup from Harper's Weekly. Scene shows firemen on horseback on their way to a fire in St. Petersburg. 22 x 16 in. $80
Black & White: $60

"The Old New York Fire Department Celebration," Harper's Weekly, 1885 Hand colored wood engraving.
 9 x 13 in. $60

Harper's Weekly "The Burning of the St. George Flats" Apr. 19, 1884 hand colored
wood engraving.
 9 x 13.5 in. $60

Harper's Weekly "A Big Blaze at Hunter's Point - A Constant Menace to New York and Brooklyn" Feb. 23, 1884 hand colored wood engraving.
9 x 11 in. $50

Harper's Weekly "The Fire-Boat 'New-Yorker'" Feb 7, 1891 hand colored wood engraving.
 9 x 13.5 in. $60

Harper's Weekly "A Fire at a New York Dock - The River Fire-Brigade at Work." 1882 hand colored wood engraving.
9 x 11 in. $60

"Destruction by Fire of the Windsor Hotel" -
Leslie's Weekly 1899 hand
colored  half tone.
9 x 11 in. $50

Harper's Weekly "The Park Place Disaster - Searching the Ruins by Night" Sept. 5, 1891 hand colored wood engraving 9.5 x 13.75 in. $50


Scientific American "The Floating Steam fire Engines of New York - Burning of the Ferryboat Garden City." 1884 hand colored wood engraving.
 9.25 x 11.75 in. $60

Harper's Weekly "A Struggle to Answer a Fire-Alarm During the New York Blizzard," 1888
hand colored wood engraving
9 x 11.25 in. $60

Harper's Weekly
1889 Firemen at Work -
hand colored wood engraving
16 x 22 in. $120
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Harper's Weekly
1889 The Burned District of Boston, Before and During the Fire of Thanksgiving Day
hand colored wood engraving
16 x 21 in. $100

Frank Leslie's
1856 View of Parlor Belonging to Engine House No. 6
hand colored wood engraving
11 x 16 in. $40

1869 Harper's Weekly
Great Fire in Philadelphia - Destruction of Caldwell's Jewelry on Chestnut Street
hand colored wood engraving
11 x 16 in. $50

1861 "Wilard's Hotel, Washington, saved by the New York Fire Zouaves. " Hand colored
Harper's Weekly
wood engraving.
16 x 11 in. $50

1867 Harper's Weekly
Great Fire In New York - the Appleton Building, Broadway
hand colored wood engraving
11 x 7.5 in. $30

1871 Harper's Weekly
Chicago - General Depot of Supplies for the Sufferers by the Fire
wood engraving
11 x 16 in. $40

1871 Frank Leslie's
Chicago - Sufferers by the Fire, Temporary Morgue on Milwaukie Ave, A Night Session of the
Relief Committee. Hand
colored wood engraving
each 11 x 16 in. $80

Harper's Weekly
1871 Chicago in Ruins - Laying the corner-stone of the first
building after the fire
wood engraving
15 x 10.5 in. $40

Harper's Weekly
1871 The Great Fire in Chicago Group of Refugees in the Street
wood engraving
15 x 10.5 in. $40

1882 Picture of the New York City Fire Department using a battering-ram to get into a building. Gorgeous hand colored wood engraving titled, "New York City-Methods of Combating Fires-Bringing the Battering-Ram into Action," from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Shows scene of the New York City Fire
Department in action.
11 x 16in. $120


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