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Gouvernement General Du Dauphine, Vaugondy, Gilles 1751 - A large copper engraved and original hand colored map of the Dauphine region of France by Robert de Vaugondy. The map covers the southeastern region of France from Rossilon south to Guillaumes and from Privas east as far as Susa, Italy. The map includes the whole or parts of the departments of Drome, Isere, Savoie and hautes-Alpes and renders the entire region in extraordinary detail offering both topographical and political information with forests and mountains beautifully rendered in profile. The map includes a beautifully engraved title cartouche in the top left quadrant. This map was drawn by Robert de Vaugondy in 1751 and published in the 1757 issue of his Atlas Universal. - Special Note: This region, known as the playground of Europe's elite, is admired for its stunning natural beauty, distinctive culture, superb cuisine, delightful beaches, and fantastic wines. Isere is known for its production of Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage, a mild cow's milk blue cheese, and Saint-Marcellin, a softer cheese, while Drome s famous for its production of Picodon, a spicy goats-milk cheese. The Hautes Alpes area of France is known for its production of Coteaux and Collines Rhodaniennes wines, and is also famous for its chestnuts.
Condition: Very Good, wide margins, normal brown aging on edges,
fold in middle.
size 19.75 x 19 image

Carte du Departement De La Gironde Bordeaux, P Chaumas, 1869 - Large original hand colored map of the most important wine region of the world, very well detailed showing towns, forts, major railways, roads, (established and under construction) forges, graveyards, monuments, inset on lower right depicts town plan of Bordeaux on the river Garrone. Township areas of Tbourne, St Savin, Sauterre, Lusac, Langon, Villandrant, etc. clearly delineated by colors of green, blue, rouge and yellow, P. Chaumas, library editor. Condition: Very good, some water spots lower left margins, and limited foxing and age coloring throughout with light folds barely noticeable, bottom right edge torn near legend.
size: 27.5 x 21.5

1864 Map of France, Holland and Belgium, Published by Johnson and Ward. Each province is individually colored with original hand coloring. Old cities, towns, major roads, railroad lines and geographical features are all shown. Small inset maps of Corsica, Amsterdam and Brussels are also included. The entire image is surrounded by a decorative border. 18x26 in. $80

C.1704 Monaco (Nice Provence) Abriss uncolored copper engraving of the Mediterranean Coast by Gabriel Bodenehr in Augsburg. Map's title is, "Abriss der Dryen gegeneinander Correspondierenden Vestungun Monaco, Capo di Sant Spirito und Niza di Provenza."
7-1/2 x 6 in. $250

1855 Map of France by J.H. Colton. Each province in the country is individually hand colored. A small inset map of Corsica is in the bottom left corner. The entire image is surrounded by a decorative border. 16x19 in. $100

1879 Map of France, Spain and Portugal by S. Augustus Mitchell. Nice original hand coloring. Also includes inset maps of Switzerland and the island of Corsica. Map image is surrounded by a decorative border. 12x15 in. $60

1833 Map of France from Henry Tanner's Universal Atlas. Beautiful antique copper engraving, with delicate original hand color. Inset maps of Corsica and the Paris metro area are included at top. The right margin is cut close to the map border, but the border is completely intact.
 12x15 in. $120


1871 Women of Montmarte. Wood engraving shows a group of women marching to Montmarte during the second siege of Paris. Caption reads, "The Commune or Death!" Engraving is accompanied by text. From an 1871 issue of Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $30


1887 Riviera Earthquake Scene. Engraved print shows scenes of the earthquake along the Riviera. Published in an 1887 issue of Harper's Weekly. 11x16 in. $30

1883 View of Hotel de Ville. Beautiful lithograph shows an exterior view of Hotel de Ville and surrounding edifices. Image accompanied by descriptive text. Published as an illustration to a book in 1883. 12x17 in. $50

1860 French Modes Dress. Color lithograph from 1860 was published in a book on costumes. The print shows various French modes of dress in the 16th century. 7x8 in. $40

1860 Napoleon Bonaparte and Pope Pius VII. Detailed steel engraving published circa 1860 as an illustration to a book shows Napoleon Bonaparte inducing Pope Pius VII to sign the Concordat of 1801. This agreement re-established the Roman Catholic Church in France and provided for the nomination of bishops by the state and the conferral of office by the pope. 5x8 in. $40

1870 Franco-Prussian War. Harper's Weekly wood engraving showing a Pictorial Map of the Seat of
War in Europe.
22 x 16 in.$60

Very Old RARE View of Arras France, 1575. This item is an hand colored, engraved view of the town of Arras, which is near Belgium in the far North of France. It was printed circa 1575 by Braun and Hogenberg, of Koln, Germany. Beautiful, panoramic view of the walled town, with figures standing and walking in the foreground. Gives the viewer a real sense of the Northern French countryside as it looked in the mid 16th century! Condition is excellent.
7x21 in. $400

1757 Map: Coast of Brest, France. Beautiful, engraved map from a 1757 issue of Gentleman's Magazine, titled "A Draught of the Road and Harbour of Brest with the Adjacent Coast." Cities and towns along the coast are shown, and water depths off shore are marked as well. Left margin has been extended to facilitate framing. Overall condition is very good.
8x19 in. $60

1815 Map: Loire River Area, Vendee France. Hand colored, engraved map by F. Collin, published in 1815. Title is "Pays Insurge en Mars 1793, Connu de tous Tems parses Habitans sous le Nom de Pays de Boccage." Shows an area south of the Loire river where royalists and republicans were in conflict during the French Revolution. Includes the city of Nantes. Lower part of right margin is cropped, but image is not affected. Overall condition is very good. 13x19 in. $150

ca.1645 Map: Le Maine, France. Beautiful, engraved map titled "Diocese du Mans vulgo Le Maine, ubi olim Cenomani." Very detailed and decorative. The title is surrounded by a hunting scene, and the mileage scale is decorated with cherubs. No mapmaker's name is given; may have been drawn by Blaeu. Area shown is between Normandy and the Loire River. Excellent condition. 19x24 in. $650

c. 1960s French Air Afrique poster "Les jets du soleil" "Pour decouvrir vraiment L'Afrique Noire:" Printed by Chabrillac: Paris, Toulouse.
Poster folded. Very
 good condition.
 39 x 24 " in.


1780 Copper engraving titled, "Vue Du Pantheon, Nouvelle Eglise S. Genevieve." Top of engraving
shows "Vue de Paris."
14-1/2 x 11 in. $100

1896 Colored lithograph map showing Paris, Innere Stadt. Bibliographisches Institut in Leipzig is written under bottom border. Middle of map shows the Seine running through and branching out near Notre Dame.
12 x 9-1/2 in. $30

1844 Copper engraving of Ancient France or Gallia Transalpina By T. Hewett Key, M.A. Prof. Latin Univ. Lond., Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Engraved by J. & C. Walker. London, Charles Knight & Co. Roman numerals key on bottom
 lefthand corner.
17 x 14 in. $80

1871 Double-page wood engraving from Harper's Weekly of Paris -- Showing the Positions of the Principal Buildings, Forts, Villages, and Railways.
22 x 16 in. $30

1832 Steel engraving which is lightly hand colored and in fine condition. Title is, "The Environs of Paris." Published by Chapman & Hall, Under the Superintendence of the Society of the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.), London.
16 x 13 in. $150

1812 Hand colored copper engraving showing the Entrance to the Grand Chartreuse, Daupheny.
10 x 7-1/2 in. $50

1898 Hand colored half-tone from The Graphic showing Eiffel Tower and Ferris Wheel in background of construction workers "Preparing for the Paris Exhibition of 1900: View of the Building Operations from the North
Side of the Seine."
22 x 16 in. $40

1878 Wood engraving from The Graphic showing, "The Paris Exhibition of 1878. Seven engravings total showing The Trocadero Building, The Pont of Jena, The Colossal Statues of Each Nation at the Entrance of the Building, the Tramways at the Trocadero, among other scenes.
22 x 16 in. $40

1890 Lightly hand colored map of Paris, France. The Champ De Mar is shown on the left and The Palais Des Tuileries is shown  
near center of map.
22 x 14 in. $35 

Wine Region: Les Vines de Bordeaux. 3 fold out maps of “Route des Grand Crus.” Haut-Medoc, Graves – Cerons, St. Emilion, one of the most celebrated wine routes in Europe. c. late 40s-50s. Maps are fine covers split at spine, wine label inside cover.
19 1/8 x 8 in. $75

Roven - Veud'Optique. Printed in mirror image. View of the Seine River as it flows through the Capital City of Normandy. c.1780 Hand colored copper engraving.
17 3/4 x 11 3/8 in. $150 

1877 Wood engraving from The Graphic showing "The Forthcoming Paris Exhibition." Top engraving shows "The Principal Facade of the Building on the Champ De Mars." Bottom engraving shows "The Building on the Trocadero."
23 x 16 in. $50

1832 Hand colored steel engraving map of Bordeaux, France which is lightly hand colored and in fine condition. Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.) in London. Map is embellished with vignettes on bottom border showing two different views of Bordeaux.
16 x 13-1/2 in. $300

1840 Lightly hand colored steel engraving of ancient Toulon, France. Published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.), London. Fine condition and embellished with vignette on bottom border. Map shows population during that time.
16 x 13 in. $150

1834 Lightly hand colored steel engraved map of the Western Division of Paris, France, Including the Quarters. Published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.), London. Fine condition with key in bottom lefthand corner and comparison of heights of prominent buildings on bottom border.
16 x 13 in. $150

1855 Hand colored steel engraved map of France. Published by J.H. Colton & Co. with small inset bottom left-hand corner of Corsica.
17-1/2  x 14-1/2  in. $140

C. 1850 Hand colored lithograph of the "Vue de la Bastille du cote du Pont-Levis." Authentic Antique Print.
11-1/2 x 8 in. $100

1871 Supplement to Harper's Weekly wood engraving showing the Pictorial Map of the City of Paris and it's Environs, Showing the Principal Buildings, Monuments, Parks, Etc., the French Fortifications , and the Prussion Lines of Investment for the Franco Prussian War. A bird's-eye view of Paris. Image size minus borders is:
29-1/2 x 20-3/4 in. $125

1848 Huge antique Paris engraving which shows a beautifully engraved overview of Paris in 1848. Signed in the plate by Champin. This large linen-mounted engraving was from a supplement to the Illustrated London News and this photo doesn't do it justice. The folds are not as pronounced as this photo shows. Condition is very good.
41 x 19 in. $250

1804 Hand colored lithograph showing a celebration of fireworks at a French harbor as an ornate ship sails in front of a large, cheering crowd of citizens. Text is written in French and is titled, "Fete Du Sacre Et Couronnement De Leurs 
Majestes Imperiales."
18-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $400

1833 Lightly hand colored steel engraved map of Brussels (Bruxelles) in fine condition. On bottom of map it shows the comparison of heights of prominent buildings. Map published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.) and published by Baldwin & Cradock, London.
16 x 13-1/2 in. $200

1841 Lightly hand colored steel engraved map of The Western Division and the Eastern Division of Paris, Containing the Quarters. Published under the Superintendence of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (S.D.U.K.) and published by Chapman & Hall, London. Bottom of map shows the comparison of heights of prominent buildings. Map is in fine condition.
22-1/2 x 16 in. $350

1937 L'Illustration Internationale De Paris complete 27 page issue with text and photographs related to the exposition. Dated 5 Juin 1937. 
In fine condition.
15 x 11 in. $50

1893 Monte Carlo - The Riviera by London Graphic. Seven vignettes of the casino, the promenade and the people. Chromolithograoh.
14 x 10 in. $60



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