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Kurz and Allision

Vividly colored lithographs, approx. 22" x 28" Published in the 1880-1890's. These rare prints depicting American Wars have long been sought by collectors of American History. All original. No reproductions.

Civil War: Battle of Wilson's Creel. Aug. 10' 1861. Union (Gen. Lyon) Loss: 223Kd, 721Wd, 291Missg, Gen. Lyon Kd. - Conf. (Gen. McCulloch) Loss: 265Kd, 800Wd, 30Missg.

Civil War: Battle of OPEQUON or Winchester, VA. Sept. 19' 1864. Union (Gen. Sheridan) Loss: 653Kd, 3719Wd, 618Wd. - Conf. (Gen. Early) 1500Kd, 2000Wd, 2500Pris.

Civil War: Battle of Bunker Hill. June 17th 1775. Howe, Com. British, Loss: 1054. (Maj. Pitcain Kd.) - Prescott, Com. Americans: Loss: 450 (Gen. Warren Kd.)

Battle of Quingua, Phil, I. April 23' 1899. Killed Col. J.M. Stotsenburg, Lieut. LE.Sisson & 5 Priv. 3P. 4'Cav. Wd 44, Most of the I'Neb.V.R. - The Utah & Iowa Regiments Particiated.

Civil War: Battle of Donelson. Capture of General S.B. Buckner and his Army, February 16th, 1862.

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