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002leg: 1898 New York Courtroom Scenes. Two hand colored original antique engravings, depicting the nature of trials before and after reform in New York's Police Courts. Harper's. 11x16 in. $50

004leg: 1884 Judge Lynch print. Hand colored antique engraving of masked riders leaving the scene after hanging a man, seen in the background in the moonlight. 11x16 in. $50

006leg: 1883 Labors of a Lawyer. A wonderful hand colored wood engraving of a lawyer (with wig) having a reluctant-appearing client sign a prepared legal document. 13x11-1/2 in. $60

007leg: 1881 Washington D.C.-Trial of President Garfield's Assassin, the guards unlocking the handcuffs of the prisoner on his arrival in the court room. This double page hand colored engraving is from the December, 1881 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated.
 22x16 in. $120

008leg: 1878 Matrimonial Difficulty. Divorce lawyer listens while husband explains and wife cries. Lots of humor, however, in the old 1878 hand colored antique print. Harper's Weekly.
16x11 in. $60

012leg: 1878 Reading of Will print. Great hand colored antique woodcut engraving. "Great Expectations." Heirs listen with rapt attention as lawyer reads the will. 10x7-1/2 in. $50

014leg: 1866 Courtroom Sentencing print. Hand colored engraving shows Recorder Hoffman sentencing Edward Ketchum in the Court of Sessions, New York, December 30, 1865. Original page from Harper's Weekly, 1866.
16x11 in. $60

016leg: 1881 Trial of Charles Guiteau. Two hand colored engravings with text on the trial of Guiteau, the assassin of President Garfield. Shows Guiteau in his cell, and protesting at the trial. Harper's.
11x16 in. $40

1896 Women Lawyers. Half-tone images with text of six female, early law school graduates are highlighted in this rare Leslie's Weekly.
10-1/2 x 15-1/2 in. $40

019leg: 1876 President Grant's Challenge. Hand colored engraved print by Thomas Nast shows the bayonet of U.S. Government running through the viper of oppression (White League - Ku Klux Klan). Grant challenges "Go On!" to governors of Southern states to protect all citizens, not just whites. Harper's. 11x16 in. $40

1875 Justice Bound by Red  -  Nast shows  how the politicians have tied up "Justice" in red tape. Crooks in foreground are laughing. Hand colored
wood engraving. 
11x16 in. $80

021leg: 1875 Court Corruption Cartoon by Nast. Hand colored antique engraving from original Harper's. "The Upright Bench which is Above Criticism." (If the price is right.) Artist Thomas Nast.
11x16 in. $60

022leg: 1874 Vigilance Court in Session. From Sketches in the West by Frenzeny and Tavernier, for Harper's. Excellent hand colored antique engraving shows self-satisfied vigilantes preparing to hang supposed criminals.
16x11 in. $60

023leg: 1882 Backwoods Justice. "Lawing the the North Woods." Three hand colored original woodcut engravings with text. Humorous page on judicial procedures in the rural Adirondacks of the 1880's. 11x16 in. $50


100leg: Old, Rare Legal View: New York City Court Room. Hand colored engraving from the July 2, 1887 issue of Harper's Weekly, titled "The Trial of Jacob Sharp in the Court of Oyer and Terminer, New York City." One of the best engraved 19th century courtroom scenes ever published! A witness is shown on the stand, being questioned while the jury listens and teams of lawyers
examine paperwork.
16x22 in. $90

201leg: 1794 hand colored engraving of, The Ceremony of a Divorce, as practised by the natives of Canada, in North America. Engraved for Portlock's New Collection of Voyages and Travels.
 9.5x15 in. $150

203leg: 1874 New York City - Henri Rochefort, The Communist, In His Lecture At The Academy Of Music, June 5th. Wood engraving depicting Henri Rochefort lecturing by a podium as an audience of gentlemen look on. Published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on June 20, 1874. 8.5x11in. $30

204leg: 1919 Half-tone cartoon with the caption, "Sure, I'll be a Bolshevik," by the artist Strothmann, published in LIFE in 1919. Scene depicts a uniformed man stooped over with his hands raised up standing next to a seated gentleman smoking a pipe as he winks and smiles while looking straight ahead.
11x18in. $30

205leg: 1880 Social Science Solved, The Modern Archimedes. "Eureka! Eureka!" "Constant Vigilance" (committee) "is the price of Liberty" in San Francisco. Wood engraving by Thomas Nast depicting a fully-dressed skeleton holding a copy of The New Constitution of California. Published in Harper's Weekly, A Journal Of Civilization on April 10, 1880. Vol. XXIV - No. 1215. 11x16in. $30

206leg: 1886 The Trial Of The Anarchists In Chicago - From A Sketch By Louis Gasselin. Wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly in 1886. Picture depicts a large courtroom filled with
people on trial.
8x11.5in. $30

207leg: 1879 Hatching - Hand colored wood engraving by Thomas Nast published in Harper's Weekly on April 5, 1879. Picture depicts large vulture laying on eggs that read, "Communism" and "Recklessness, Improvidence, Crime" as it peers down at savings institutions and insurance companies in the city below. 11x16in. $40

208leg: 1953 The Rosenberg Case: Judge Kaufman's Two Terrible Years, by Milton Lehman. Two half-tone pictures with text published in The Saturday Evening Post on August 8, 1953. One picture shows Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and the other picture shows Judge Kaufman. 10x13.5in. $30

209leg: 1878 Shall Communism Take Root On American Soil? Colored Lithograph published in PUCK in 1878. Several cartoons blended in one large cartoon depicting communism at large in society.
13.5x19.5in. $60

210leg: 1906 He Used To Be "A Menace" - Now He Finds Himself A Fad. Colored Lithograph published in PUCK by J. Ottmann Litho. Co. Puck Bldg. N.Y. Cartoon depicts a crowd of people offering food and drink as they surround a foreign Socialist in uniform, as a banner in the background reads, "Welcome To America." 14x20in. $60

211leg: 1874 The Emancipator Of Labor And The Honest Working People. Wood engraving by Thomas Nast published in Harper's Weekly, A Journal Of Civilization on February 7, 1874. Vol. XVIII - No. 893. Picture depicts a dressed skeleton wearing a sash which reads, "communists," as he tries to sway a couple with their small child to follow him. 11x16in. $80

212leg: 1878 The Quack Frog. Wood engraving by Thomas Nast published in Harper's Weekly on May 25, 1878. Picture depicts a large toad wearing a sash that reads, "Communist," as he holds up a flag with the words "The Symbol of Universal Human Love" written on it. A fox stands on the other side of the stream. 10.5x15.5in. $80

1889 Court Martial view. "A Court Martial in the Field." Large hand colored original engraving by Zogbaum.
Excellent 1889 antique print.
 22x16 in. $100

C.1890 Puck chromolithograph from a German issue relating to Divorce in a Chicago Railroad Divorce Court. Men and women are holding signs saying, "Absolute Divorce," and sign on far wall reads, "Our Sandwiches and Divorces
Can't Be Beat!"
13 x 10 in. $95

1869 Winslow Homer wood engraving titled, "Jurors Listening to Counsel, Supreme Court, New City Hall, New York." Featured in
Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $200

1867 Hand colored wood engraving titled, "Trial of Jeff Davis, May 13, 1867 -- Mr. Charles O'Conor Moving for His Release on Bail." Featured in Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $80

1870 Legal Corruption cartoon by Nast showing a lawyer pleading for his client by giving graft. B/W Wood engraving featured  in Harper's Weekly.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $60

1872 Thomas Nast Boss Tweed above the law, a New York crook. Image shows how the Boss regarded the law. Hand colored wood engraving from Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $80

1888 Hand colored wood engraving showing Criminal Identification method before fingerprinting became available.Shown at the
Joliet Prison in Illinois.
16 x 10-1/2 in. $80

1886 Marrying Outrage - Puck Color lithograph titled, "The Child-Marrying Industry."
13-1/2 x 10 in. $80

"Admission to U.S. Supreme Court of the First Colored Lawyer." Lawyer Samuel Lowery of Nashville. Wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
10-1/2 x 8 in. $90




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