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Malay Peninsula

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Rare Vietnam and Pirates: Regio Gannam or Kingdom of Tonqueen, 1730 - A rare engraved hand colored map of the Hainan, the Northern part of Vietnam and southernmost China. The map is oriented with West at the top and provides an interesting presentation of Northern Vietnam with a reference to Laos over the mountains to the west. In the city of Cancry, six of the villages are noted to be inhabited by Pirates of the long-haired Chinales who were expelled in 1682. A large compass in the middle radiates lines out from the center to the right of the Island of Aynam. Condition: Very good, some browning on edges, overall good color, size 10 x 7 image.

1796. A Chart of Cochin, China Including Touron Harbour and the Island of Callon, . H. W. Parish & J. Barrow. showing the coast of Vietnam and today's Danang with inset showing the land profile. Steel plate hand colored engraving from Staunton's survey June 1793. Left border has been patched 3" at bottom. Excellent condition.
 17 x 22" plus margins.

1890 Malaysia Scenes. Two antique engraved views from the Illustrated London News. Top view is titled "Tringganu, the Seat of the Sultan of Tringganu." Bottom is titled "The Pekan, Seat of the Sultan of Pahang." 11x16 in. $30

1891 views in Burma. Two engraved scenes from the Illustrated London News. Top view is titled "The Manipur Expedition: Panthay Mules and Mule-Drivers." Bottom is titled "Burmese Letter-Carriers."
11x16 in. $30

1890 People, Scenery in Siam. Six engravings from the Illustrated London News, titled "Sketches with the Anglo-Siam Boundary Commission." Shows natives of Siam, and views of the Siamese countryside. 11x16 in.


NORTH VIETNAM. c.1780 Engraved by Canu, Map of Tunquin, Where the Vietnam War started. Shows the many rivers around the capital Hanoi, in North Vietnam, compiled by several reports of early French Jesuit explorers. Watercolor copperplate engraving on handmade paper. Very good condition. Measuring 14 x 14" plus margins.

Cartes des Cofes de Cochinchine Tunquin, Bellin 1769 - A wonderful small engraved and hand colored fine detailed mid-18th century antique map showing the Gulf of Tonkin with today’s Vietnam, Southern China and Island Hainan, Cartographer, J. N. Bellin, published in Antonine de Prevost d’ Exile’s Histoire generale des Voyages. Condition: Very good, small left margin with some browning on the edges.
size 5.5 x 8 image

1884 Rice Mill in Tonquin, SE Asia. Engraved view of villagers in Tonquin, Indochina, milling rice with a foot-operated machine. From the New York Daily Graphic. 6x10 in. $20

1875 Burma Soldiers Guarding Buffalo Bones. Rare engraving from the Illustrated London News, titled "Burmese Soldiers Guarding the Bones of Sacrificial Buffaloes." Accompanied by an article about Burmese customs, and a smaller engraving of the Burmese Prince's chief wives. 11x16 in. $30

1888: Native Boats on Gulf of Tonkin. Beautiful lithographed scene, printed in 1888 by a French publisher. Title is "Caboteurs du Golfe du Tunquin, entrant a Tourane." Shows three native boats sailing through the water, with land in the distance. 14x21 in. $100

1891 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated News of the World. Tile of image is, "A Siamese Royal Family Festival: The King Presenting the Crown Prince To the People."
16 x 11 in. $50

1790 Bonne Map of Southeast Asia,: La Presqu'Isle de l'Inde shows the Archipelago of the East Indies including Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Java. Water colored copperplate engraving on hand made paper. Measuring 10 x14" plus margins.

1891 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated News of the World. Title of image is, "A Burmese Prince On A Visit of State."
16 x 11-1/2 in. $50

1891 Hand colored wood engraving in bottom image and hand colored half-tone in top. Both images were featured in The Illustrated News of the World. Top image shows, "Elephants Removing Timber in the Chindwin Forest, Burmah," and bottom image shows, "The New Regiments For Service in Burmah: A Music Party."
16 x 11-1/2 in. $50

C.1890 Singapore - Malay Village chromolithograph.
10 x 7-1/2 in. $50

C.1890 Singapore - Coconut Grove chromolithograph.
10 x 8 in. $50

Mandalay, The Capital of the Kingdom of Burmah. 1885 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated London News. Bottom right image shows a Burmese Priest.
16 x 11-1/2 in. $60

Singapore Rajah of Jahore – 1856. Original lithograph from Commodore Perry’s Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas & Japan.
8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $60



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