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Middle East (Including Syria, Persia and Arabia)

This is a small selection of our inventory of antique Middle East maps and prints. Additional inventory is available. Contact us with your request. 1-800-879-6277 

001mide: 1882 Map: Biblical Exodus in Holy Land. Interesting, engraved map, published in 1882 by H.H. Hardesty. Title is "Map of the Lands of the Exodus." The route of the IsraelitesĀ’ wanderings between Egypt and Jericho is traced with a red line.
11x14 in. $45

003mide: 1881: Mount Hermon. This hand colored steel engraving was published by D. Appleton and Co., New York. size: 12.25x9 in. $45

004mide: 1904 Persia, Afghanistan and Baluchistan Map by Hammonds Co. which shows the area between the Russian Empire and the Arabian Sea 9"x12" $40

005mide: 1855 Coltons Persia and Arabia Map pub. by Johnson and Browning Hand Colored detailed map. 
14.5" x 17.5" $80

007mide: 1890 Map of Afghanistan, printed in German 9" x 11" $30

008mide: Dancers and Musicians of Mesopotamia Detailed engraving showing a male dancer and female musicians. 8" x 11" $40

009mide: Kurds of Hazon Detailed engraving of men in traditional Kurdish costume. 
8" x 11" $40

010mide: 1894 Damascus and the Syrian Pilgrimage Harpers Weekly Six Black and White photograps include: The House of Shamyeh, in the Christian Quarter, Tomb of Saladin, View of Damascus from the Garbiyeh Minaret of the Great Mosque, A Story Teller, The Camel Litter with Embroidered Cloths for Mecca, and The Departure of the Pilgrims. Also available in black & white. 
11" x 16" $50

1843 Arabia with Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia Published by the Society for the Diffusion of Usefull Knowledge Oct 1843. engr by J. & C. Walker Detailed engraved map of Saudi Arabia with colored 
outlines of country borders.
13.5" x 16" $80

1884 Turkey in Asia/Persia and Afghanistan Map 1884 M. Bradley Bros. Double page hand colored antique maps form a large single presentation- top map shows Turkey in Asia Minor, and the bottom shows Persia and Afghanistan.
25" x 19" $60

1865 Le Monde Illustre Voyage De L'Empereor - Medeah.
10" x 14.5" $40

1880 Camel Ungulata. Chromolithograph
7" x 9.75" $30

1851 Graham's Magazine, 
Evening in Persia. Chromolithograph.
6" x 10" $40

1885 The Graphic, An Artist's Tour Among the Arabs Cafe of Hammah, Algiers; An Algerian Maiden.
11.75" x 16.5" $40

1885 The Graphic - An Artist's Tour Among the Arabs; A Street Conjuror; Algiers; A Street 
in the Casbah.
11.75" x 16.5" $30

1836 W. H. Bartlett Pass in a Cedar Forest, Above Barouk.
10.5" x 8" $40

1837 Der Horeb in der Arabischen Wuste - Arabia.
10.25" x 7.25" $40

1841 Die Garten Des Chans in Baktschissarai - The Garden of Chan.
10.25" x 7.5"  $40

1840 Schiras in Persien - Shiraz in Persia (Iran).
10.5" x 7.5" $40

1852 Teheran.
10.25" x 7" $40

1852 The Temple of the Sun at Balbec description.
10.25" x 7"  $40

1858 Antioch in Syria.
9.5" x 6.25" $40

1856 W. H. Bartlett Damascus.
10.25" x 6.5" $40

Ballou's Pictorial
View of Antioch, in Syria
10.5" x 15"

1862 Illustrated London News - Quail Catching in Syria.
11" x 9" $40 

1860 Harper's Weekly - The American College and Sheik's house at Abeih, near Dheir-El-Kamar, Syria.
11" x 15.5" $30

1862 Illustrated London News Diving for sponges on the coast of Syria.
10.75" x 16" $30

Gleason's Pictorial Hotel, in Damascus.
11" x 15" $30

1859 Illustrated London News, Beit Mary, Mount Lebanon, the scene of the recent conflict between the Druses and the Maronites.
15.5" x 10.5" $30

1865 Le Monde Illustre Voyage De L'Empereur.
14.5" x 10.25" $30

1877 Harper's Weekly - A Bedouin Arab of Moab retreating
over the Jordan.
11" x 16" $40

1870 Appleton's Journal - The Arab Story-Teller.
7.5 " x 10.5" $40

H.A. Harper Mount Hermon.
13" x 9" $40

1921 Coronation of Emir Feisal as King of Irak - ceremony at Bagdad.
11" x 16" $40

1780 Colonel De Cavalerie Arabe.
11" x 17.5" $300

1773 A Scene in the Persian Seraglio.
9" x 14" $60

1813 Mamalukes Excercising
 the Sabre.
12" x 9" $100

1799 "Tombeaux Situes Sur La Route De HHems A Ba Albek" Tombs Located on the road to Ba 'albek HHeM (Lebanon).
20.5" x 13.25" $650

1799 "Chateau et portion de la ville de Hemss, Jadis Emese" Portion of the castle and the town of hemss once gerotim. Scenic Journey to Syria, the Phoenician,
 Palestine & Lower Egypt.
20.5" x 13.5" $650

1822 Arts & vocations; cotton, the spinners and wool, timber.
19.5" x 26.5" $300

1822 Arts & Vocations; carpenters.
19.5" x 26.5" $300

1822 Arts & Vocations; camel.
19.5" x 26.5" $300

1764 D'Anville Orbit Romani Pars Orientalis Auspicus Serenissimi Principis Ludovici Philippi Aurelianorum Ducis.
22" x 27"  $375

1768 - A map of the places adjacent to Issus (Iraq).
9" x 8" $100

1675 Populi Persarum Arabes.
9.5" x7.25" $150

1835 Asia Minor.
 13.25" x 10" $50

1849 Middle Eastern colored Atlas titled, "Orbis Veteribus Notus," published in London by
W. Tegg & Co.
12 x 9-1/4 in. $50

1797 Mediterranean Sea, engraved from Malham's Naval Gazetteer.
16" x8.25" $300

1874 Map of Part of Yemen.
10.5" x 8.5" $40

1865 Orbis Terrarvm - insets: Babylon, Persepolis, Necropolis.
18" x14.5" $60

1843 Ancient Syria by W. Hughes.
14" x 17" $60

c.1850 Asia Minor - by William Henry Francis.
17" x 14" $40

Algiers - Panrama City View featuring a lengthy description written in French. Fine condition. Hand colored half-tone engraving. C.1900.
23 x 9 in. $40

1740 Eman. Bowen Anatolia or Asia Minor with Syria and such other provinces of teh Turkish Empire.
20.5" x 16.25" $200

1809 Red Sea from Salaka and Fiddali trade and exploration routes.
24" x 30.5"  $35

1762 Jusqu'a L'An by Buy de Mornas shows most of the Kingdom of Lydia (Turkey).
15" x 21.5" $200

1764 Laurie & Whittle Red Sea to North of Black Sea.
21.5" x 29" $400

Carte De L Egypte De La Nubie De L Abissinie. 1792 by De Lisle. This map highlights the Cerea of North Africa and Saudi Arabia. Later printing of the 1707 map. Water colored, copper engraving.
22 x 25 1/2 $250

Syria (inset of Mt. Sinai) 1843 Chapman and Hall (SDUK) Engraving outlined in color. Encompasses parts of modern Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt – era of Ottoman Empire.
13 ½ x 16 1/8 in. $90

Oil Map 1958. Middle East. Large format map from International Outlook issue of World Oil; Aug 1, 1958. Inset of Southern Arabian Peninsula. Shows oil fields, pipelines, refineries, concession boundaries.
27 ¾ x 40 in. $80

1878 Afghanistan: Khyber Pass Scene. - "The Afghan War - Peshawur and the Entrance to Khyber Pass." **Two very small holes in the paper; one at the top of the image and on in the top margin. Overall, condition is very good.
15 x 21 1/4 in. $45  

Damascus Syria 1860 birdseye view from the Hill of Salhiyeh. Hand colored, wood engraving from Illustrated London News. Rare. Fine condition.
11 x 15 5/8 in. $60  

Persia (Iran) 1904 Vintage map. Includes locations and populations.
10 x 12 1/2 in. $30  

1768 Middle Eastern map titled, "Palestinae Seu Terrae Promissionis," which is an historical map: Imperium of King David and Solomon revealing fundamental facts of the Old Testaments, such as escape from Egypt, Kingdom of David and of Solomon, etc. Detailed inscriptions in this map in Egypt, the Holy Land, Syria, S. Turkey, etc. Roman versions of names are underlined. Map Maker is
Tho. Kitchin Sculps.
24-1/2 x 18-1/2 in. $325

1893 chromolithograph showing, "Musalla Al-Nabi, The Prophet's Place of Prayer." Published in "Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah" by Captain Sir Richard F. Burton, London.
8-1/4 x 5-1/2 in. $45

1687 Hand colored copper engraving showing, "Imperator Primus 1450 Mahomethes Magnus, Turcarum," in circular image on top and text below.
15 x 9 in. $80

1868 Hand-tinted engraved map of "The Peninsula of Mount Sinai," By the Rev. F.W. Holland, M.A., London, Stanford's Geographical Establishment. Fine condition.
17-1/2 x 17 in. $225
Check for availability

Chromolithograph showing Jaffa Gate, Jaffator and
Porte de Jaffa, Jerusalem.
11-1/2 x 9 in. $30

1850 TURKEY in ASIA map with inset in bottom left corner of the Environs of Constantinople. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1850 by Thomas Cowperthwait & Co. in the Clerk's office of the District court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Antique hand colored map has a thick green and pink border and is in
excellent condition.
12.5x17in. $100

Carte de L’Arabie, du Golfe Persique, et De La Mer Rouge, Bonne 1774 - An excellent hand colored and copper engraved map of Arabia and the Red Sea, by the French cartographer Robert Bonne. Very detailed, Jerusalem at the top with the Gulf of Persia to the Northeast, the Tropic of Cancer runs through the middle of the map, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia don’t exist yet and Egypte is noted across the Red Sea. Very rare and hard to find map of the Arabian Peninsula, especially in this condition. From Atlas Encylopedique, by Bonne and Desmarets. Condition: Very good, wide margins, major fold in middle not really visible, small browning on outside of bottom left
margin and right.
size 14 x 10 inch image.

Sketch of the Countries Situated between Shiraz and Constantinople Melish, 1824 - A rare and unusual engraved and originally colored map showing the route of his majesty’s mission under Sir Harford Jones Bart. In 1809 from Bushire to Tehran and then to Constantinople, also the route of Col Malcolm in 1801 by J. Rennell. Condition: Very Good, small right margin some folds but good vibrant pastel color with some water stains throughout but
not very noticeable.
size 17 x 10 in. image.

Carte De La Syrie Blanchard and Freres, 1844 A hand colored and steel engraved map of Syria from the Atlas Georgraphique et Iconographique, Paris and published by M. L. Migne. The topography is highly detailed and the map covers Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and what now is Israel. Condition: Very good, small left margin browning on edges and light foxing in margins.
size 10.5 x 14 inch image.

Afghanistan (Cabool) The Punjab and Beloochistan, Tallis, 1850 - A very attractive steel engraved map of Afghanistan and Pakistan by John Tallis, with three wonderful inset vignettes: 1.) of a Sultan Mahmoud and Fortress Ghuznee, 2,) another with Lahore with horses, camels, riders and mosques in the background, 3.) Boats on the Indus River. India, or Hindoostan as it is called on the map to the lower right with the Arabian Sea on the bottom left, the map has a very decorative motif border as with most Tallis and Rapkin maps of the time. From Tallis’s Illustrated Atlas, and Modern History of the World, Geographical, Political, Commercial and Statistical. Condition: Very good, small margins, slight tears on top margin outside the image, some browning on edges.
size 13.5 x 9.5 inch image.

1835 Persia, Arabia, Tartary, Afghanistan hand colored map.
12-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $60

1850 Rare hand colored engraved map of Persia and Arabia &c. Entered According to Act of Congressby Thomas
Cowperthwait & Co.
17 x 13-1/2 in. $160

1893 Color image showing the Land of the Semites -- Desert and Caravan. Copyrighted by the Jones Brothers Publishing Company. Plate V.
10 x 6-1/2 in. $30

1885 The Graphic wood engravings showing in top image, "The English Legation, Teheran;" and bottom image shows "Mount Seir, Missionary Summer Residence (Ooromiah)." Caption underneath reads, Persia Ilustrated."
16 x 11 in. $30

Mohammedanism color map showing the Modammedan Empire with an inset of Mesopotamia, Irak, and Syria. Plate VIII.
14-1/2 x 10 in. $60

Two colored maps on one page. Top map is of Turkey in Asia (Asia Minor) and bottom map shows Persia and Afghanistan.
25-1/2 x 19 in. $110

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