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1883 Anti-Mormon chromolithographed Puck cover showing Uncle Sam with his tooth marked "Mormonism," and caption of image is, "Rotten to the Core." Uncle Sam is saying, "I suppose I've got to have the derned thing out -- only, pull it easy!"
13 x 10 in. $200

200morm: RARE Antique: Salt Lake City Utah Mormons. Beautifully hand colored, engraved image from the Sept. 9, 1875 Illustrated London News. Title is "An Oasis in the Desert: Fountain Court, the Temple." Well-dressed women, men and children are shown strolling and seated on benches in this beautiful area of Salt Lake City. 16x22 in. $200

201morm: 1880 Salt Lake City Utah View. Hand colored antique engraving from an 1880 publication. Title of the scene is "Salt Lake City and Wahsatch Mountains, Utah." Nice panoramic view of the city, from an early period in its history. 6x9 in. $30

203morm: 1873: Mormons Bringing New Wives Home. Engraved scene from Harper's Weekly titled "Mormonism: A Fresh Supply of Wives. Going Out to the Settlements." Six young women are shown travelling through the Utah countryside, on their way to a new home. 11x16 in. $40

204morm: 1874: Constructing Mormon Temple in Utah. Engraved scene from Harper's Weekly, titled "Quarrying Stone for the New Mormon Temple." Workers are shown chipping at huge blocks of stone, which were to be used in the temple at Salt Lake City. 11x16 in. $30

206morm: 1894 Mormons: View of Brigham Young Tomb. Black and white, photographic image of Brigham Young's grave, at Salt Lake City Utah. Printed in 1894. Text beneath the image discusses Young and the Mormon church. 11x13 in. $30

208morm: 1857 Mormon Scenes: Salt Lake City, Elders. Engraved images from Harper's Weekly, accompanied by part of an article about the Mormons and Salt Lake City. Top two images are portraits. Brigham Young is on the left. Elder Heber C. Kimball is on the right. At the bottom is a panoramic view of the Great Salt Lake. Small brown spot in the right margin. Otherwise fine condition. 11x16 in. $30

209morm: 1894 Salt Lake City View. Hand tinted, photographic view of Salt Lake City as seen from a distance. Text beneath the image describes some of the sights in the city. 11x13 in. $40

211morm: 1882 Anti Mormon Salt Lake City Scenes. Large engraving from Leslie's Weekly, titled "The Great Blot on the Civilization of the Republic. Incidents of Everyday Life at the Mormon Stronghold, Salt Lake City." Contains five scenes, each with its own caption: 1) Emigrant Train Approaching Salt Lake City; 2) On the Way to the Theatre; 3) Bringing Home a New Wife; 4) Freshly Arrived Immigrants Waiting to be Sent to their New Homes; and 5) Poor Mormons Paying Tithes in Produce. 16x22 in. $150

1854-1855 Very rare hand colored steel engraving by Frederick Piercy titled, "Camp at Keokuk." This picturesque camp was a staging area for the next leg of the Mormon journey to Council Bluffs. Published by F.D. Richards, Liverpool. Very good condition.
12 x 10 in. $325

1147morm: 1858 Brigham-Young Shanties at Provo. Original Harper's Weekly (1858). View of Brigham's Shanties at Provo City. Color: Water Color. Type: Wood Engraving. Size: 11x7 in. $30


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