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001mov: 1913 Silent Movie Actresses. Rare photographic images of four prominent movie actresses, from a 1913 periodical. Actresses shown are Mae Busch, Constance Talmadge, Mary Philbin, and Lillian Gish. 11x16 in. $40


003mov: 1928 Scenes at Will Rogers Ranch. Five antique photographic images from the Oct. 1928 issue of Pictorial California, showing scenes at Will Rogers' ranch in the Santa Monica mountains of California. Accompanied by text. 11x14 in. $40

004mov: 1919 Silent Movie Lobby Card. Tinted photographic image printed on sturdy paper, containing a scene from the movie "Young Mrs. Winthrop." Caption beneath the image says "The Winthrops Realize that Love is Everything in Life." There is a small stain in the upper right margin of this item, but the image is clean and clear. 11x14 in. $40


005mov: 1942 Postcard Folder: Hollywood CA. Nice postcard folder from the early 1940s, showing numerous tinted scenes of Hollywood buildings and other landmarks. Each image is approx. 4x6 in. $20

006mov: 1926 Movie Star Photos. Photographic portraits of six movie stars on one page, from the Oct. 1926 issue of Theatre Magazine. Stars shown are: WC Fields, Al Jolson, Groucho Marx, Frank Tinney, James Barton and Julius Tannen. 11x14 in. $35

008mov: 1918 Movie Projector Ad. Full page ad for the Premier Pathescope, a "flickerless" motion picture projector that could be used at home. 11x16 in. $40

009mov: 1919 Ad for D.W. Griffith Movie. Full page ad for "A Romance of Happy Valley," a drama produced by D.W. Griffith. Text states that the movie has a "Breath-catching, soul-stirring climax that only the genius of a Griffith could conceive." 11x16 in. $40


Columbia's 1944 "Kansas City Kitty." Morgan Litho Corp, Cleveland.
27 x 41 in. $60

010mov: 1916 Portrait of Douglas Fairbanks. Handsome photographic portrait of Douglas Fairbanks, from a 1916 issue of Theatre Magazine. Beneath the image is a facsimile of Fairbanks's signature. 9x13 in. $35

011mov: 1935 Postcard Folder: Movie Star Homes. Nice postcard folder from the 1930s, showing numerous tinted views of the homes of movie stars. Each image is approx. 4x6 in. $20

012mov: 1929 Movie Ad: Harold Lloyd. Full page advertisement for "Welcome Danger," Harold Lloyd's first talking motion picture, from the Oct. 1929 issue of Country Gentleman magazine. Text states that the movie is also available in silent format, for theaters not equipped with sound. 11x14 in. $35

Full-size movie poster, circa 1916 announcing M.B. Dudley and Geo. F. Cosby Present: Panama and the Canal from an Aeroplane in six parts -- The Feature Film Sensation of the Century. Schmidt Lithograph, San Francisco. A few margin tears.
28 X 42 in. $800

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