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Philips' Smaller School Room Map of the Dominion of New Zealand. Published in London by George Philip & Sons in the 1930s. Very good condition on
 original rollers.
43 x 37 in. $195

001nz: 1864 View: Post Office in New Zealand. Antique woodcut engraving from the Illustrated London News, titled "The Post Office of Auckland, New Zealand: Arrival of the Home Mails. Shows a crowd of people gathered outside the post office building, reading letters from England. 8x11 in. $30

002nz: 1897 Map of New Zealand, Pacific Islands. Nice color map from the 1897 Century Atlas, titled "Islands of the Pacific Ocean. New Zealand is featured, with an inset map of the Auckland area. Also shown are numerous small island groups in the Pacific.
12x16 in. $30


004nz: 1971 New Zealand Water Color Scene. Beautiful print of a water color painting showing scenery and native peoples of New Zealand. Printed on the cover of a ship's menu from the S.S. Mariposa, a Matson Line cruise ship which was travelling from Pago Pago to Honolulu. Inside the menu is a list of food offerings for dinner on Oct. 15, 1971. 9x11 in. $40

006nz: 1872: Railroad Scenes in New Zealand. Three engraved images from the Oct. 26, 1872 issue of the Illustrated London News showing railroad tracks and bridges in New Zealand. Image titles are as follows: 1) The Otago Great Northern Railway, New Zealand: Waitaki Railway Bridge; 2) Waimakarua Viaduct; and 3) Port Moeraki. Some of the print from the opposite side of the page is visible on the front, but the images are not stained or torn. 11x16 in. $40

007nz: 1886: New Zealand Volcanic Eruptions. Four engraved views from the July 31, 1886 issue of Harper's Weekly, titled "Scenes of the Volcanic Eruptions in New Zealand." Images are titled as follows: 1) A Mud Crater; 2) A Steam Hole; 3) The White Terrace; and 4) The Pink Terrace.
11x16 in. $30


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