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This is a small selection of our inventory of antique Police prints for sale. Additional inventory is available. Contact us with your request. 1-800-879-6277 

002pol: 1870 The Lost Child. Beautiful hand colored engraving of officer returning a lost little girl. From Every Saturday. 11x15 in. $50

006pol: 1874 Thomas Nast Police cartoon. Police that turned a blind eye to liquor traffickers and gambling houses were referred to as "swine." Authentic hand colored antique engraving, from Harper's front page. 11x16 in. $50


009pol: 1909 Policewoman. "Move On! - But the question is: Could They?" Amusing black & white drawing in Harper's two-page spread, by James Montgomery Flagg. 21x16 in. $40

010pol: 1887 Constable makes an arrest. "Arrested on Suspicion." Genuine antique black & white engraving. Harper's 10-1/2x16 in. $30

011pol: 1879 New York Police Chase. Mounted policeman charging down the Grand Drive, pursuing a "swell team for fast driving." Antique full page hand colored view from Leslie's. 16x11 in. $50

012pol: 1883 Slugging Match. Ironic view of police breaking up dogfight outside of sanctioned boxing match. Hand colored antique engraving from Harper's. 16x11 in. $50

013pol: 1872 Police Escort. Officer carrying woman over the slush to board the streetcar. Hand colored genuine antique engraving, from the Graphic. 11x16 in. $50

014pol: 1881 Mounted Police view. "The Mounted Policeman--An Object of Ardent Admiration." Genuine antique hand colored engraving, front page of Harper's. 11x16 in. $40

015pol: 1887 Police Reserve at the Ready. New York City reserves lined up and ready to control Labor Party demonstration. Authentic antique, hand colored engraving. Front page Leslie's. 11x16 in. $50

016pol: 1875 Criminal Apprehended. "In the Grasp of the Law." Antique hand colored engraving from Harper's. 10-1/2x16 in. $50

020pol: 1887 Chicago Anarchists views. Three original black & white engravings from front page Leslie's. Cook County Jail guarded by police, and two celebrated prisoners in their cells. 11x16 in. $30

022pol: 1889 Police Corruption Editorial. Large vivid color lithograph from Judge, the American Humor magazine. Cartoon shows police taking "hush" money in a variety of situations. By Frank Beard. 19-1/2x13 in. $75

024pol: 1878 Police Athletics views. A series of hand colored original engravings depicting friendly athletic competition between police officers in New York. Harper's. 16x11 in. $50

025pol: 1886 Police Physical Exams. Six hand colored antique engravings on one page showing candidates for the New York police force undergoing rigorous physical tests. 11x16 in. $50

026pol: 1907 New York Mounted Police Chase. Dramatic hand colored litho view of a mounted officer in pursuit of a speeding automobile near Grant's Tomb. Original front page Leslie's, 1907. 11x16 in. $50

027pol: 1881 New York Mounted Police views. Original two-page black & white spread in Harper's. Shows several scenes from a day in the life of the mounted officer, from pursuing a theif and stopping a runaway carriage, to shooting a wild steer and rousting vagrants in the park. 22x16 in. $40

029pol: 1884 Church or Prison? A Sunday morning contrast: Police escort a group of criminals to prison, past churchgoers entering the church. Original black & white engraving from Leslie's. 16x11 in. $30

030pol: 1897 Bertillion Identification System. Five excellent rare black & white original engravings, front page Scientific American. Show aspects of the identification method using measurements. 11x16 in. $45

031pol: 1892 Police a Friend to Children print. Hand colored antique engraving from front page of Once a Week. Shows officer walking hand-in-hand with two children. Water stain in lower corner margin. 11x16 in. $50

032pol: 1885 "Bolted"- An Incident in Rotten Row. Original wood engraving from the May 1885 edition of The Graphic. Drawn by John Charleton and signed in the plate. Size: 20x16 in. $50

100pol: Rare, Antique Chicago Police Riot Scene. Hand colored, engraved image from an 1888 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (German language edition). A horse-drawn wagon filled with Chicago police is shown fleeing from a crowd of angry rioters. The rioters are throwing bricks, stones and pieces of wood at the policemen. Several policemen are shooting into the crowd with their pistols. 11x16 in. $50

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