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Radio Memorabilia

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Radio Memorabilia Prints.
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002rad: 1906 Early Radio Hardware. Black & white drawings of the machines and the operators they are replacing. London Illustrated. 11x16 in. $30

003rad: 1908 Wireless Telegraphy. "Typewriting letters while many miles from a typewriter." Black & white illustration showing the early contraptions used for transmitting messages through the air. 11x8 in. $30

004rad: 1946 Radio Advertisement. Colorful ad showing the newest models of radios from General Electric. 10x14 in. $15

006rad: 1922 Radio Equipment. Pictures showing radio operators and the reception and transmission equipment they use. Authentic antique rotogravure. 11x16 in. $30

007rad: 1930 French Philips Radio ad. Black & white ad shows different models of the day. 11x15 in. $20

008rad: 1929 Crosley Radio ad. Shows the beauty of their new Battery Radio and the different models. From The Country Gentleman. 11x15 in. $15

009rad: 1920 Wireless Telephony. Visual demonstration of wireless telephony. Black & white drawing showing radio waves from city to city, and the machines sending them. From The Graphic. 10x16 in. $30

010rad: 1924 Marconi Beam Wireless. Drawings demonstrating Beam wireless short-wave radio, which focussed the radio waves, enabling them to travel farther and restrict the angle of reception, ensuring comparative secrecy. From The Graphic. 10x16 in. $30


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