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San Francisco's Baldwin Hotel and Theater.  Hand colored lithograph in sepia tone. The architect was J.A. Remer. Repair on bottom right corner.
26 x 20 in. $400

1898 Color Rand, McNally & Company's Indexed Atlas of the World Map of San Francisco which also has an inset top right of San Francisco and Vicinity. The map features historic places of interest, cemeteries, and other buildings.
27-1/2 x 20-1/2 in. $150

1891 James Lick Monument San Francisco. Hand colored antique engraving of the Lick Monument. Front page Harper's. 
11x16 in. $60

General Grant in San Francisco. 1879 Very rare, large format wood engraving with eight vignettes, including a bird's-eye view of the Palace Hotel, the Chronicle Building, and Montgomery Street.
28-1/2 x 20 in. $395

1940 “(Covarrubias) The Flora and Fauna of the Pacific.” Color lithograph from the Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE) on Treasure Island, San Francisco, 1940. Plate II: Pageant of the Pacific. By Miguel Covarrubias. Published by Pacific House, San Francisco.
38 x 25 in. $175

CHINESE IN SAN FRANCISCO, 1877. Antique print from Harper's Weekly by Paul Frenzeny, in later full watercolor, of A Chinese Reception in San Francisco. Good condition.
21" x 15" $80

1884 Mitchell Map of California. This interesting map was published in 1884 by the S.Augustus Mitchell Co. Each county in the state is colored seperately with original hand coloring. Old cities, towns, railroad lines and geographical features are shown. In the upper right corner there is an inset map of San Francisco which includes the locations of prominent bulidings and railroad lines. In the lower left corner there is a small inset map of the entire San Francisco Bay area. This map is in excellent condition.
15x23 in. $200

1883 "La Republica," a Spanish newspaper printed in San Francisco on April 28, 1883. There are four pages filled with local interest news, articles about General Crook and the Apaches, interesting advertisements, and a lot more. The condition is very good with no brittleness nor dry rot.
23 x 16 in. $30

1879 General Grant in San Francisco. Two hand colored wood engravings on one page, showing the celebrations accompanying General U.S. Grant's visit to San Francisco in September 1879. From Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
11x16 in. $60

1894 Midwinter Exposition San Francisco. Four hand-tinted photographic views of the Midwinter Exposition in San Francisco: "The Fine Arts Building," "South End of Central Court," "The Midway" and "General View of the Procession on Central Court." Harper's. Weekly
11x16 in. $60

1898 Ship Bound for Manila. Black & white view by de Thulstrup of S.S. "City of Peking" pulling out of the wharf at San Francisco, on its way to Manila during the Spanish-American War. Four original pages from Harper's Weekly on the conflict, 1898. Has a few 
tears on the edge. 
11x16 in. $60

1886 Civil War Veterans in San Francisco. Hand colored antique engraving. Aerial view of a procession of the National Encampment of the G.A.R. going down Market Street. Front page of original German Frank Leslie's. 
11x8 in. $60

1867 San Francisco Views. Two fine black & white original engravings. Looking toward the Golden Gate from Telegraph Hill, and Seal Rocks and the Cliff House. Includes text, from Harper's Weekly. 
11x16 in. $40

1906 Burning of Nob Hill San Francisco. "Where Money Was Useless." Original black & white litho shows flight of wealthy San Franciscans from the fire following the Great Earthquake of 1906. From London Illustrated.
16x11 in. $40

1889 Sicilian and Italian Fishermen's Dock, San Francisco. This double page, hand colored engraving was drawn by H.F. Farny and shows fisherman loading up their catch of the day while one man naps on the ramp. This unique engraving is from the April, 1889 edition 
of Harper's Weekly. 
size: 16x22 in. $200

"San Rafael and the Golden Gate." Scenes of San Rafael. Color, wood engraving was published in 1893 issue of Harper's Weekly. It shows several scenes of San Rafael and it's vicinity,
including Point Reyes. 
  11x16 in. $60

1882 View of San Francisco Bay. Hand colored wood engraving was published in 1882 as an illustration to German book on scenery. It shows in the foreground a formidable rock with ships in the distance. 
10x14 in. $60

1879 Chinese Life in San Francisco. Colored wood engravings published in The Graphic showing the interior of a Chinese Theatre and the
Chinese custom of cleaning 
bones of their dead.
15 x 11 in. $60

"A Chinese Burial in Lone Mountain cemetery, San Francisco California." Hand color wood engraving published in  
Harper's Weekly.
11x16 in. $50 

1873 Picturesque View of California's Capital and Metroplis. Print showing four, hand colored photographs of Sacramento and San Francisco was published as an illustration 
to a book in 1873.
11x14 in. $60.

1919 San Francisco naval Parade. Print published in a 1919 issue of Mid-Week pictorial shows a photograph of sailors and marines marching through Market Street, San Francisco on May 20, 1919. Print accompanied by text. 
11x16 in. $30

"Newport" from San Francisco to Manila in the Spanish American War." Wood engraving published in Leslie's Weekly.  Shows scenes from the voyage of the troop ship.
11x16 in. $30

1892 Exterior View of San Francisco Residence. Wood engraving published in the American Architect and Building News in 1892 shows a San Francisco residence.
9x12 in. $30

Golden Gate from Telegraph Hill 
1873hand colored steel engraving.  8x9 in. $150

1884: San Francisco Palace Hotel Interior. Engraved view of the central court in San Francisco's Palace Hotel, from the Jan. 25, 1884 Building News. In the center of the main floor, horse-drawn carriages are shown circling a beautiful fountain. There are several light horizontal creases on this page, where the printing press originally crimped the paper. Overall condition is very good.
8x12 in. $80

1906: Pre Earthquake San Francisco Scenes. Photographic scenes of San Francisco from the April 28, 1906 Illustrated London News --just three weeks after the great earthquake. The photos show the San Francisco area as it looked before the earthquake occurred. Captions beneath each photo identify the buildings and proclaim each one to be destroyed.
16x22 in. $100

1855 Hand colored lithographed U.S. Coast Survey by A.D. Bache, Superintendent, Map of the Vicinity of the Golden Gate of San Francisco Bay, California. Index of signs in upper right hand corner. Right side of the map has been archivally repaired.
12 x 9 in. $60

RARE 1850 San Francisco Panorama. This black & white engraving by Charles Magnus of New York is a panorama that includes Alcatraz, Telegraph Hill, Yerba Buena and the harbor with hundreds of abandoned gold rush boats. It is in
excellent condition.
10x6.5 in. $150

1910 San Mateo County lithograph. Huge 4 Part Map. Shows land grants, subdivisions, train lines, wagon roads, rancho proptery owners, etc.
Each print measures 32 x 46 in.

1945 Telephone Directory – Includes phone and street addresses for San Francisco, Colma, and Daly City. *Title page and 1st 2 pages chipped. 646pp.
9 x 11 $75

C.1880s-1890s Color lithograph that is age-toned with some discoloration at margins from old backing mat. Two archivally repaired tears at top. Engraved by Bosqui Engraving & Print Co. Building seen from the street of the venerable San Francisco company, still in business. Presented by the Fireman’s Fund
Insurance Company.
30 x 24 in. $1,250


Apache Warrior
Victorio, died near border. 1880 San Francisco Illustrated Wasp "Semi-Tropical Impudence." An amused Uncle Sam leans over border fence as the Mexican Government asks for money to help defeat Victorio. Victorio pictured as a dead wild boar. Chromolithograph Wasp Cover.
14 x 10 1/4 $150

Stanford University Palo Alto. 8 Vignettes of Campus Scenes. 1891 Water colored, Wood engraving.

15 x 9 1/ $150

1906 Post San Francisco Earthquake Scenes.Four half-tones show the wreckage from the aftermath of the historic earthquake. Center image is an engraved view of homeless San Franciscans camping in an Oakland park across the bay as they await word of their fate.
16 x 11 in. $40 

1932 City and County of San Francisco Hetch Hetchy Bond. This one thousand dollar bond is signed by the Mayor of San Francisco at the time (Angelo Rossi), The seal of the City and County of San Francisco appears at the bottom of the bond. This piece of History would look great framed in your home or office. size: 14x10.5 in $30

1892 San Francisco. Seven scenes of San Francisco, from Harper's Weekly. Images captioned (from top left going counter-clockwise), San Francisco Bay; Seal Rocks; Jefferson Square; Market Street; Union Square; Cliff House; and California Street. Center crease has been archivally repaired, as have as a few small tears in the margins. 22x16 in. $150


North Of The Golden Gate article published with a picture of Mt. Tamalpais, From Near San Rafael featured
 above the article.
12x16 in. $30

"Mount Tamalpais
And Red Porch."
Hand colored wood
engraving published in
Picturesque America.
9.5x12.5in. $40

Map of the Waterfront of San Francisco - 1940. San Francisco and its waterfront from Fort Mason to the San Mateo County Line. In the Hunter's Point area, the original land is shown, with the developed
landfill around it.
Condition: Excellent
with light creasing.
Size: 56 x 17 in.

Straits of Carquines and Vallejo, Ringgold 1850 - A very large chart with four insetsin original color, showing the primary anchorages in San Francisco Bay and Environs at the outset of the 1849 California Gold Rush. Inset 1: Vallejo Bay; Inset 2: Mare Island; Inset 3: Sacramento City; Inset 4: San Francisco; Inset 5: Susuin Bay (called New York of the Pacific). Cadwalader Ringgold was a US Navy Officer who served in the US Exploring Expedition and later headed an expedition to the Northwest, before retiring briefly before the Civil War. Ringgold entered the US Navy in 1819 and commanded the schooner Weazel against the West Indian pirates in the late 1820s. From 1838 to 1842, he participated in the Wilkes Expedition. In AUgust, 1841, Ringgold led a 60-man exploring party in San Francisco Bay, exploring the sources of the Bay for twenty days. This expedition traveled as far as Colusa, California. In July of 1849, Ringgold returned to San Francisco as commander of an official survey team surveying the harbor, shortly after the announcement of the discovery of gold in California.
Condition: Excellent with some foxing in lower margins and some water marks on left border and near image.
32 x 22 in. $600

1893 "The Midwinter International Exposition at San Francisco," a hand colored bird's-eye view engraving with inset portraits of M.H. De Young and Alexander Badlam,
drawn by Guy Rose and
featured in Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $60

California- Attempted Assassination of Rev. I.S. Kalloch, Workingmen's Candidate for Mayor, By Charles DeYoung. 1879, Leslies Illustrirte Beitung (in German) Hand Colored Leslie's Cover detailing sequence of actions during the assassination attempt- De Young firing upon Kalloch, The rescue of DeYoung from the mob, and Kearney counselling moderation afterwards. Page features inset portraits of De Young and Kalloch. This page is from Leslie's German Edition.
 16" x 11" $50

General Grant at San Francisco 1879 Harpers Weekly Hand Colored double page featuring four engravings that document General Grant's visit- "Watching for the Steamer," The City of Tokyo," The Reception at the Palace Hote,l" and "Illumination and
Salute on the Sand Lots."
15.5" x 22" $150

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. 1809 Harpers Multi image hand colored engraving of the features in the park- images include the Key Monument, The Childrens Play House, and the views from the stairways. 11" x 16" $80

San Francisco Architecture 1888. Picturesque California Half Tone Engravings showing prominent San Francisco landmarks. Images include U.S. Mint, Hall of Records, City Hall, Polytechnic School, Union Square and Lotta's Fountain at
Market and Kearney.
19" x 14" $100

Orphan Asylum, Golden Gate Park 1888 Picturesque California Photogravure showing building, grounds and inmates of the San Francisco Orphans Asylum.
14"x19" $80

Beach and Seal Rock at Cliffhouse, 1888 Picturesque California. Photogravure from painting by C.D. Robinson showing early version of SF landmark and adjoining seascape.
14" x 19" $100

California- Arrival of General Grant and Family at San Francisco 1879, Leslies. Dual hand colored images depicting the interior of the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.
16"x11" $60

California- The Arrival of General Grant and Suite at San Francisco, September 20th. 1879, Leslies Dual hand colored images depicting the arrival of General Grant. The top image shows the procession up Montgomery Street and the lower shows the procession passing Baldwin's Hotel.
16" x 11" in. $70

Notable Features of the California Midwinter Fair 1894, Leslies Drawn by EJ Meeker and CE Tebbes A hand colored collage of images from the Midwinter Fair showing the Liberal Arts Building, the Enterance to the Fine Arts Building, The Hawaiian Building, The Old Mining Camp, The Oriental Village and a full view of the Exhibition grounds.
16"x11" $60


C.1875 Hand colored lithograph of SAN MATEO, showing, "St. Matthews Hall, Church & Rectory, San Mateo, California, Rev. A.L. Brewer, Rector." Published in San Francisco by Moore & De Pue.
Total size with margins is
 29 x 13-1/2 in.

"Underground Opium Den in San Francisco."  Double-page hand colored wood engraving featured in Harper's Weekly and drawn by H.F. Farny. Fine condition.
20 x 15 in. $170

1856 Rare hand colored lithograped "Preliminary Chart of Entrance To San Francisco Bay, California which features an Inset Sub-Sketch of San Francisco Bay on top right corner. This chart is a Survey of the Coast of the United States.Keys and Sailing Directions are featured on
bottom of chart.
40 x 26 in. $1,250

C.1851 Chart of the Bay of San Pablo Straits of Carquines and Part of the Bay of San Francisco -- Rare hand colored lithograph by Cadwalader Ringgold, Commander of the U.S. Navy, Assisted by Simon F. Blunt, Lieut. U.S.N. 1850. Entered According to the Act of Congress in the year 1851 by Cadwalader Ringgold...in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia. Sheet No. 2. Very good condition.
32 x 22-1/2 in. $1,450

1855 Hand colored lithograph from the original U.S. Coast Survey by A.D. Bache showing Sketch of South Farallon Island, Pacific Ocean. Map shows topographical areas plus three views of the island.
Very good condition.
15-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $225

"The Cliff House and Sutro Park, San Francisco, California."
View of the Cliff House and Seal Rocks from Sutro Heights. Beautiful wood engraved view from behind Sutro inside the Greek Statuary Garden. Drawn by Charles Graham. Fine condition.
16 x 11 in. $80

1888 Rare Golden Gate Park Views. Fifteen photogravures by Britton & Ray, published in the San Francisco News Letter. Included is the Arched Gateway on Hayes Street, the Conservatory of Flowers, Sutro Heights, Deer Park, Sharon Memorial Bandstand, an earlier Cliff House (pre-Gingerbread Cliff House), and other views. This is very rare
and in fine condition.
24 x 19 in. $600

RKO Radio Pictures chromolithographed poster for The Woman On Pier 13.
40 x 27 in. $350 

Eubie! Original poster. 1980 production at the Curran Theatre, San Francisco. A musical revue featuring the work of Eubie Blake.
21 3/4 x 14 in. $40

Poster Russian War Relief. “Send a warm gift to a little Russian friend.” Northern California committee. c.1945. Merry Christmas, Tanya.
13 x 20 in. $65

Suisun City and Vallejo Bay. Confluence of Sacrament and San Juaquin Valley Rivers by Cadwalader Ringgold 1850. Insets of Benicia, Tongue Shoal and entrance of Sacramento River. Shows depths, towns and island names. Hand colored. **Center fold has been archivally mended.

22 x 32 in. $500

Great White Fleet Visits San Francisco. 1908. 8pp Call Supplement – color front & back pages. Centerfold “When It’s Fight + When It’s Frolic.” Very good condition. Commemorates the round the world trip of 16 battleships sent by Theodore Roosevelt.
17 x 23 in. $45

Stanford Memorabilia – 3 Original antique items. 1911 Albumen photo of the Quard Play Program. 1915 3 plays by the English Club, and a play program for “The Senator” presented by the class of 1913.
$55 for all 3 items. 

Los Gatos 1920s – 4 Original vintage chromolithograph postcards of Santa Cruz. Main Street (Los Gatos), Old Stone Mill, Santa Cruz Ave., Grammar School, Church and Library in a vintage frame.
3 3/8 x 5 3/8 in. (Postcards)
9 x 16 5/8 in. (Frame) -- $75

Bohemian Club 1894. “Midsummer Jinks of the Bohemian Club of SF in the Redwoods. Hand colored halftone by Charles Graham. 3 vignettes of the parade and burring sorrows and cares.
10 1/2 x 15 3/4 in. $85

U.S. Military Post Benicia. USPRR Exp & Surveys. Geology - Plate II.
8 x 10 1/2 in. $70

SF Stock Exchange “Money Market Panic” 1873 Hand colored, wood engraving. Illustrated London News. Rare.
10 x 14 in. $125

Map of Bolinas Beach, Marin County, CA. 1927 City Map. Showing the propertie numbers and street names.
19 x 26 in. $175

1920s Stanford vs. Army football poster. Sepia toned action picture with stadium in background. “Stanford vs. Army & Stanford vs. Y.M.I.” Season tickets $5.
13 7/8 x 22 in. $450

"Map of San Francisco Showing Expiration Dates of Privately Owned Street Railway Franchises." Rare 1929 political pamphlet promoting Charter Amendment 24. Amendment sought to revoke all private permits and franchises and give control to the city of San Francisco. Also shows the Presidio, Rancho Laguna da la Merced. *Stain near top middle.
19 x 25 in. $400

Presidio of San Francisco. 1966 Army Pres lithograph showing the various buildings, roads, railroads and fences. Presidio Golf course is also shown along with Inspiration Point.
14 x 16 in. $90

Street Map of Castro Valley. Alameda County, California. 1968. Showing the schools, churches, hospitals, parks, buildings, H.A.R.D. facilities and parks. Published by the Castro Valley Chamber of Commerce.
22 1/2 x 28 1/2 in. $150

1873 "
On The Coast of California, showing Point San Pedro, near San Francisco." First published view of Pacifica, California -- Hand colored wood engraving from
Picturesque America.
12-1/2 x 9-1/2 in. $30

1854 Hand colored copper engraved U.S. Coast Survey of Pulgas Base, California, A.D. Bache, Superintendent. A sub-set inset on right of San Francisco Bay. SHown on survey is also Embarcadero.
14 x 10 in. $60

1868 Wood engraving from Harper's Weekly showing five views following the 1868 earthquake, as well as the Fulton Ferry-Boat Collision. Sketched by Stanley Fox.
15 x 10 in. $50

"Theatrical Performances in China-Town, San Francisco." Hand colored wood engraving drawn by P. Frenzeny and featured
in Harper's Weekly.
16 x 11 in. $40

1880 Hand colored half-tone View looking toward the San Francisco Bay from UC Berkeley Campus. In the distance is the coast of San Francisco on the left and the Marin Headlands on the right.
Image inside wide border.
15 x 10 in. $80

"The Bubonic Plague in San Francisco," which shows Chinamen, confined within the Chinese Quarter, cooking their meals. Hand 
colored half-tone. 
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $60

"Secret Meeting of Highbinders -- Selecting Members to Execute Their Decree of Death." Half-tone and small wood engravings with text featured in Once A Week.
16 x 11 in. $40

"The Chinese Tong Wars in San Francisco," which show the headquarters of the Suey Tong in top image and a leader of the Hop Tong in bottom image.Harper's Weekly half-tone with text.
15-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. $40

1870 Hand colored wood engraving with text showing a Chinese street scene in San Francisco. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Image is clipped at the margins.
15 x 10 in. $40

1870 Wood engraving showing the Chinese in San Francisco giving an offering to the deceased. Featured in Frank leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $40

"California -- Character Sketches in San Francisco -- Manners and Men in Chinatown." Hand colored wood engravings featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper showing Chinese occupations in San Francisco. 
From sketches by Walter 
Yeager and H. Ogden.
16 x 11 in. $60

1879 Hand colored wood engraving showing the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
16 x 11 in. $60 

"California -- Phases of Chinese Life and Labor in San Francisco. Hand colored wood engraving showing Chinese laborers preparing food in San Francisco. Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $60

1875 Wood engraving showing the interior of the Chinese Methodist Chapel in San Francisco in top image with text about the Chapel underneath image.Featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
16 x 11 in. $40

Morjon Brand Chinese Apples label for Connell Bros., Ltd., San Francisco, U.S.A.
11 x 9 in. $40

1894 - Scenes in San Francisco Bay, California. This hand colored half-tone was featured in Harper's Weekly and is titled, "Around San Francisco Bay," drawn by Charles Graham. Views of famous landmarks in San Francisco are shown. This image is in excellent condition.
16 x 11 in. $60

1878 Chinese Quarter of San Francisco - Hand colored wood engraving featured in Leslie's titled, "California -- An Evening in the Chinese Quarter of San Francisco -- The Chinaman's Paradise, A Favorite Haunt of opium-Smokers on Kearney Street." From sketches by H. Ogden and Walter Yeager.
15 x 11 in. $100 

1863 San Pablo Bay. Upper San Francisco Bay hand colored lithograph showing three insets of "Entrance to Karquinez (Carquinez) Straits from near Penole Point," and "Straits of Karquinez with Benecia," and "Entrance to San Francisco Bay from near Penole Point."
38 x 23-1/2 in. image size plus margins.

C.1874 Hand colored wood engraved Scene at the Mouth of Russian River, published in Picturesque America by Robert Swain Gifford.
12 x 9 in. $40

C.1872 Hand colored wood engraved Coast Scene, Marin County, published in Picturesque America by Robert Swain Gifford.
12-1/2 x 9 in. $40 

1857 San Francisco (from Rincon Point). View from Rincon Point area looking toward Telegraph Hill. Man, woman, and children in residential garden in foreground; busy street, scattered houses, and buildings in middleground; and anchored ships in Yerba Buena Harbor in distance. Hand colored, steel engraving.
6 1/2 x 10 in. $150 

Rossmoor, Walnut Creek. A huge early (1964) map of the development showing shopping center, clinic, stable, Rossmoor Parkway. (Many changes in the last 50 years)
42 x 76 in. $150



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