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001tele: 1888 Telephone & Telegraph Factory. Five black & white engravings on one page, showing manufacturing process. Scarce print from Scientific American. 11x16 in. $60

005tele: 1930 Bell System ad. Original black & white ad promoting having phones throughout the house. From Theatre Magazine. 9-1/2x13 in. $15

007tele: 1874 Telegraph Office print. Original black & white print from London Illustrated. Several scenes of the Central Telegraph Establishment, General Post Office. 11x16 in. $40

010tele: 1892 Western Union views. Five hand colored engravings on Scientific American front page, of the Western Union Central Telegraph Office in New York City. Includes total of six page section of the magazine. Authentic antique. 11x16 in. $60

012tele: 1877 Massachusetts- Trial Exhibition of Bell's Telephone For the Transmission of Sound by Electricity, Operated Between Salem and Boston. This hand colored engraving shows two scenes: reporters and scientific men taking notes in professor Bell's room in Boston and Professor Bell in Lyceum Hall, Salem, addressing a party of scientific men in Boston. This unique engraving is from the March, 1877 edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. size: 11x16 in. $60

100tele: 1892 Western Union Telegraph views. Five engraved images from the March 26, 1892 issue of Scientific American, showing the Western Union Central Telegraph Office in New York City. Small stain at the top edge of the paper. Otherwise fine condition. 11x16 in. $40


200tele: Antique 1866 Atlantic Telegraph Cable Scenes. Hand colored, engraved scenes from the August 11, 1866 issue of Harper's Weekly. Title is "The Girdlers of the Earth: The Atlantic Cable Laid." At center is an image of the Great Eastern, a large steamship which laid the cable from Europe to America. Portraits of Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Morse are on either side of the center image. At the bottom of the page, there is a small map showing the location of the cable. Titles of four other scenes at the corners are: 1) Interior of Telegraph Station, Valentia, Ireland; 2) Telegraph Station at Heart's Content, Newfoundland; 3) Pres. Johnson Reading the Morning's News from Europe; and 4) Queen Victoria Reading the News from America. 16x22 in. $120

201tele: 1883 New York City, - The Telegraphers' Strike and the Cutting of the Wires - The Night Patrol Watching Suspicious Characters. - From Sketches By A Staff Artist. Three wood engravings on one page published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on August 25, 1883; No. 1,457 - Vol. LVIL. Small engraving on top left reads, "Capturing An Operator;" top right engraving depicts the "Headquarters of the Brotherhood Clarendon Hall Sentinels on Guard;" and main engraving depicts the night patrol spying on the suspicious perpetrators. 11x16in. $50

202tele: 1907 A Travelling Call-Office: The Telephone On An Express Train. - Drawn by Max Cowper. Half-tone published in The Illustrated London News on September 21, 1907 depicts men and woman seated on a train with telephone operators providing local and long distance telephone service for railway passengers. 11x16in. $30

203tele: 1894 A Metropolitan Telephone System and Its Methods of operation - From Photographs By J.C. Hemment. Five half-tones published in Leslie's Weekly on March 29, 1894. From top left to bottom: View in a Telephone Terminal Room, Showing Cables and Method of Distribution; Back of Telephone Switchboard; View in a Telephone Central Office, Showing Portion of Switch-Board Sufficient for about One Thousand Stations; Front of Telephone Switch-Board; AND A Telephone Wire-Chief's Office. 11x16in. $30

204tele: c1920 Interior of a Telephone Exchange. Plate 34. Half-tone depicting women switchboard operators busily working. 6x9.5in. $30


206tele: c1920 Methods and Mechanics of Wireless Transmission. Three sepia half-tones with text which depict the "Health Fairy" in the top picture, proclaiming the virtues and benefits of the radio; the bottom two half-tones depict Secretary of the Navy Denby, with radiophone installed on his desk, talking to the Captain of one of the battleships at sea; and the powerful amplifier in operation. 10.5x16in. $30

207tele: c1850s Magnetic Telegraph; House's Telegraph, At the Crystal Palace; Bain's Telegraph, At the Crystal Palace; AND Merchants' Telegraph, At the Crystal Palace. Four wood engravings with text published in Gleason's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion. 10.5x15in. $30

208tele: 1891 Monitor's Desk In the Exchange; Underground Cable Run Leading From Subways Into the Vault at the Spring Street Exchange; AND Telephone Cables Across the Brooklyn Bridge. Three wood engravings with text published in Harper's Weekly on October 3, 1891; Volume XXXV., No. 1815. Light water stain in bottom section of page which doesn't affect the article about the telephone. 11.5x17in. $30

211tele: c1920 Radio In Some of Its Lighter Out-Of-Door Phases. Four sepia half-tones of people engaged in canoeing and sunbathing, as well as inside a building as they experiment with listening to their radios with headphones on. 10.5x16in. $30

212tele: 1899 The Recent Experiments In Wireless Telegraphy By United States Army Officials At Washington. Eight half-tones on one page which depict people using wireless telegraphy. Published in Harper's Weekly in 1899. 11x16in. $30

213tele: 1924 A New Aid To Navigation, Wireless Directional Station In Isle of Wight; Exclusive. Seven half-tones published in The Graphic on October 11, 1924 which depict the operations of the new wireless directional station at Niton, on the southernmost point of the Isle of Wight. 10.5x15in. $30

214tele: 1919 Listening to European Wireless Stations In An American Attic. Lithograph published in Scientific American on June 28, 1919; Vol. CXX. No. 26. "As Is" condition with "Elk's Club, Alameda, Cal." stamped in blue ink in upper right top corner. 10.5x13.5in. $30

215tele: 1953 Open 'Round-the-World Radio Transmitter. Large double-page half-tone published in the Illustrated Current News on November 23, 1953 showing Brig. General David Sarnoff, RCA Board chairman, flashing a message from Admin. R.B. Carney, Chief of U.S. Naval Operations to all ships, submarines, and posts all over the world. 12.5x19in. $30

216tele: 1879 Operating Four Powerful Wireless Stations From Washington, D.C. Lithograph published in Scientific American on April 12, 1919; Vol. CXX., No. 15. "As Is" condition with "Elk's Club, Alameda, Cal." stamped in blue ink in middle of picture. 10.5x13.5in. $30

217tele: 1939 Sixty-Three Years Of the Telephone, From 1876 to 1939 - "The Most Valuable Single Patent Ever Issued." Two-page spread which is stapled to three pages with several half-tone pictures depicting various people using the telephone for those years. Published in The Illustrated London News on August 5, 1939. 10x14.5in. each single page. $30

218tele: 1892 Text with wood engravings depicting in Fig. 1: Telephone with keys attached; Fig. 2: The Switching Machine; and Fig. 3: Telephone Central Office. Published in the Scientific American on November 26, 1892. 11x16in. $30

219tele: 1901 Four half-tones in a double-page spread with text of switchboard exchanges and their operators. Published in the Scientific American on July 13, 1901. 16x22in. $30

221tele: 1881 Article with wood engravings published in Scientific American on October 22, 1881, describing the telephone and all its components. 11x16in. $30

222tele: 1859 The British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph Company's Offices, Thread-Needle Street. Wood engraving with beautifully decorated border published in The Illustrated London News on April 2, 1859. 11x16in. $50

223tele: 1890 New York - Convention of Railway Telegraphers, Of North America, At Lyric Hall, The Opening Address. Wood engraving published in Once A Week on July 8, 1890. 7x11in. $40

224tele: 1897 The Advance In The Soudan: Civilization In the Desert. Engraving published in The Graphic on October 9, 1897. Picture depicts a group of Soudanese watching as one of them makes a telephone call on a field telephone on the line between Railhead and Wady Halfa. From a sketch by our special artist, W.T. Maud; Drawn by Sydney P. Hall. 11x16in. $40

225tele: c1910 Scotten-Dillon Co., Detroit, Mich. "Long Distance" Chewing or Smoking cannister label. 4.5x12.5in. $15

226tele: c1962 Western Electric Manufacturing and Supply Unit of the Bell System - magazine page advertisement for the Western Electric telephone with the words, "We made it in 1882." Picture depicts an old-fashioned wooden telephone on a brown and tan background with test on top of page. 10.5x13in. $30

227tele: 1931 "Fire Away, Jim, I'm In My Own Room!" Half-tones and test describing how telephones throughout the house help all the family to enjoy life more. Published in Arts & Decoration in May, 1931. 10x14in. $30

228tele: 1932 "One of the things I do want for Christmas is a TELEPHONE...RIGHT HERE." Half-tone and text article published in Town & Country on December 15, 1932. 10x14in. $30

229tele: c1960s Bell Telephone System. Lithograph and text advertising the Bell Telephone System which features a picture of a couple relaxing in their family room and holding two telephones. 10x13in. $30

230tele: 1949 "How many million times today?" Western Electric, Bell Telephone System advertisement with lithograph of a woman's hand picking up a telephone's receiver. 11x13in. $30

231tele: c1940 Western Electric Manufacturing and Supply Unit of the Bell System. Two lithographs and text which explains about the new telephone dial that lights up. Lithograph on top depicts four sets of fingers getting ready to dial the new light-up dial telephone. 10.5x14in. $30

232tele: 1930 A Courteous touch...for the Convenience of Those who Visit you. Three half-tones with text published in Arts & Decoration in September, 1930. Article demonstrates the ease and accessibility of using the telephone. 10x14in. $30

233tele: 1931 "Everything Will Be Ready When You Get Here, Madam." Four half-tones with text describing how telephone convenience helps keep households efficient and servants satisfied. Published in Arts & Decorations in September, 1931. 10x14in. $30

1889 Hand colored wood engraving featured in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper titled, "Society Ladies and the Phonograph. -- Scene At the "St. Valentine's Market," Now In Progress on Fifth Avenue, New York City." Scene shows women seated at a table while communicating with phonographs.
16 x 11 in. $50


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