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1855 Rare Map of a Part of the Territory of Washington to Accompany Report of Surveyor General. Hand colored lithographed map by James Tilton, Surveyor General.
21-1/2 x 17-1/2 in. $400

Map of Public Surveys in the Territory of Washington, Henry 1862 A very large horizontal hand colored map created from surveys by Anson Henry (37th Cong 3d sess. House . Ex Doc No1) Shows mountains and rivers and areas where surveyed had been completed, extends from Rocky Mountains to the Olympic Peninsulat with extreme detail of Seattle and the Columbia River, nice shading and coloring throughout. Condtion: Folds but no browning and wide 
untrimmed margin.
size 34.5 x 17 image

1886 Scarce Mountain Mines of Washington. Titled "A Lady's Camping Tour in the Far, Far West." Five delightful hand colored views by a London publisher. 
11-1/2x16 in. $60

1892 Wheat Growing Map, Washington. Columbia River region. Population of cities and counties given, railroads in red. Great detail, printed in color by US Government. 
30x24 in. $100

1855 Washington Chemakane Mission. Lithograph by US Government for possible railroad route at 47th-49th parallels. Color view shows Indian settlement. 
10-1/2x8 in. $60

1888 Lumbering in Washington. Hand colored photo-engraving. Impressive picture of the 
lumberjacks at work. 
16x12 in. $60

1873 Map of Washington, Oregon by Gray. Beautiful, hand colored map from Gray's 1873 world atlas. Shows cities, towns, railroad lines and geographical features. Each county is colored separately. 
14x17 in. $100

1891 Bradley's Atlas of the World's hand colored map of  
Washington and Oregon.
26 x 19 in. $80

1899 Views on the Cascade Mountains. Hand tinted photos from Harper's Weekly, titled "Climbing the Cascade Mountains: The Annual Outing of the Mazama Club." Shows groups of hikers ascending the mountains, as well as views of the surrounding scenery. In the center of the page, there is a very faint stamp from a library that previously owned this print. The stamp is visible, 
but not distracting. 
11x16 in. $40

1889 Seattle Washington Fire Scenes. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "The Great Fire at Seattle. Contains scenes of the fire itself, and the ruins of the city afterwards. 11x16 in. $50

1909 Aberdeen Washington Scenes. Two hand tinted rare photos from a 1909 publication, showing scenes in Aberdeen Washington. At top is a view of a mammoth log in an Aberdeen saw mill. At bottom is a bird's-eye view of the city. 
11x16 in. $40

1881 Hand colored engraved Washington map showing  
Counties outlined in red.
13-1/2 x 11 in. $50

1883 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving showing Sketches in Puget Sound. Drawn by  
Charles Graham.
16 x 11 in. $80

1902 Dodd, Mead & Company color map of Oregon and Washington.
12-1/2 x 10 in. $30

Color Washington map 
showing outlined counties.
14-1/2 x 10 in. $30

1904 Colorful map of Washington with a small inset of Seattle in  
bottom left corner.
13-1/2 x 10 in. $40

Color map showing Washington 
and its vicinity.
13 x 10 in. $30

1882 Hand colored wood engraving showing Sketches of Vancouver Island and British Columbia. Featured in The Illustrated London News.
22-1/2 x 15-1/2 in. $150

1855 Color lithographed US Pacific Railway and Expedition Survey's General Report - Plate XLIV titled Fort Vancouver, W.T. Lithographed by Sarony Major & Knapp.
11 x 8-1/2 in. $60

1855 Color lithographed USPRR Expedition & Survey's General Report with information sheet on the Survey for a Railroad Route showing the Hudson Bay Mill. Lithographed by Sarony, Major & Knapp.
11 x 8-1/2 in. $50

1888 Color half-tone showing the Occidental Hotel in Seattle in the Occidental Square.
8 x 6 in. $40

C.1880 Hand colored steel engraving showing Port Gamble Mills, the Puget Mill Company Owners.
10 x 7-1/2 in. $50

1897 Hand colored half-tones showing seven scenes in and about Seattle. Top image shows the Central Part of Seattle, from the Water-Front, Looking East. Featured
in Harper's Weekly.
15 x 10-1/2 in. $80

1909 Hand colored wood engraving showing a Bird's-Eye View of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition at Seattle. Featured in Harper's Weekly, A Journal of Civilization.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $60

1886 Wood engraving from Harper's Weekly showing the Anti-Chinese Riot at Seattle, Washington Territory. Drawn by W.P. Snyder.
16 x 11 in. $30

1945 Pictorial Map showing colorful products such as apples, potatoes, strawberries, cherries, animals, industries also Coulee Dam of Columbia, and Basin Irrigation.
26 x 18 in. $220

1879 Mitchell's original hand colored Map of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and part of Montana. Entered According to Act of congress in the Office of the Librarian of  
Congress at Washington.
15 x 12 in. $180

Map of a Part of Washington Territory Lying East of the Cascade Mountains, Tilton, 1857 - A lithographed map of a Part of Washington Territory Lying East of the Cascade Mountains to Accompany Report of Surveyor General. This uncommon and very detailed map covers the Columbia River from Ft. Dallas eastward to Ft. Walla-Walla, and north to Ft. Colvill. The "Great Plateau of Spokane" spans the center of the map. In the upper right corner, the "Gold Mines" are shown along the "Western limits of the Rock Mountains". Steven`s survey route for the Pacific Railroad, creeks, rivers, lakes, roads, the Old Presbyterian Mission are also shown along with Lake Chelan. The map was surveyed by Tilton and lithographed by C.B. Graham, Washington D.C., 1857.
Condition: Good dark impression, issued folding, with minor toning and numerous fold separations,
small top margin.
size 14" x 22.1" image

Washington and Oregon, Colton 1853   A very early and rare map of Washington and Oregon with original pastel coloring of newly formed counties in each state. Canada is British Possessions and Oregon and Washington extend into the states of Idaho, Montana, parts of Montana and Wyoming are shown as Nebraska Territory and California is also shown as a territory. Colton maps of this region exhibit dramatic changes from year to year, indicating actual changes in the expansion and settlement of the area. In this map Washington and Oregon extend fully to the Continental Divide where they encounter a Nebraska Territory that extends north all the way to Canada. This map also shows the routes of early explorers including the proposed Stevens route of the Pacific Railroad. The map also shows Indian tribes, passes, and important forts. Dated and copyrighted: 'Entered according to the Act of Congress in the Year of 1853 by J. H. Colton & Co. in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.' Published from Colton's 172 William Str. Office in New York City. Condition: Very good, typical aging and browning on the edges, wide margins, some water spots and foxing on margin edges.
14.75 x 11.75 image

1886 Wood engraving from Harper's Weekly showing the Anti-Chinese Riot at Seattle, Washington Territory. Drawn by W.P. Snyder.
16 x 11 in. $30

1892 Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving showing the Indian Encampment on Ballast Island in Seattle. Scene is shown during the hop-picking season.
Drawn by W.H. Bull.
15-1/2 x 11 in. $80

1932 Rand McNally color Standard Map of Washington featured in the Commercial Atlas. Index of its Principal Cities and another index sheet included. Small piece missing on side border bottom right.
27-1/2 x 20-1/2 in. $80

1893 Rand McNally & Company's Indexed Atlas of the World shows this colorful and majestic
map of Washington State.
28 x 22 in. $100

1890 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Northwest Magazine showing a View of Hoquiam, Washington.
13-1/2 x 10 in. $100

1890 Hand colored wood engraving featured in The Northwest Magazine showing Bucoda, Washington.
13-1/2 x 10 in. $100

1890 Scenes in Spokane Washington. Nine hand-colored, antique engraved scenes from the Sept. 6, 1890 issue of Harper's Weekly. Title is "Spokane Falls, State of Washington, and the Northwestern Exposition. Center image shows the exterior of the Exposition building. Smaller scenes on the sides show individual landmarks around the city.
16x22 in. $150

1891 Views of Tacoma, Washington. Eleven hand-colored, engraved scenes from the June 20, 1891 issue of Harper's Weekly. Title is "The City of Tacoma and its Environs
." Each scene is numbered,
with a descriptive title
at the bottom of the page.
16x22 in. $150

Beautiful 1872 map of Washington. Published by Asher & Adams in the New Statistical and Topographical Atlas of the United States. Original hand coloring. 17.5x24.5 in. $200


Very nice cover from the November 30, 1889 issue of West Shore. Color lithograph showing the New Court House at Seattle.
8.5x11 in. $60

1851 A Diagram Of A Portion Of Oregon Territory map - Surveyor Generals Office, Oregon City on October 20, 1851 by John B. Preston, Surveyor General. Diagram shows which towns are propsed to be surveyed in A.D. 1852.
 Excellent condition.
15x40in. $300

1862 Preliminary Chart of Gray's Harbor, Washington Ter. depicts the tides and soundings of Gray's Harbor. Excellent condition.
 18x19in. $150

1862 Priliminary Chart of (the) Entrance To Koos Bay, Oregon - Hand colored lithographed map depicts the tides and soundings in the entrance to Koos Bay. Excellent condition with a nice black
and yellow border.
18x19.5in. $180

1849-1855 U.S. Coast Survey, A.D. Bache, Superintendent, Sketch J - Map shows the Progress of the Survey of the Western Coast during 1851 through 1855. Small map in excellent condition, No. 42. Black and pale pink border. 10.5x13in. $80

1862 Color lithographed U.S. Coast Survey showing the Progress of the Survey in Section No. XI from Tillamook Bay to the Boundary in Sketch K. Inset of the Triangulation of Koos Bay, Oregon on
bottom left of chart.
25-1/2 x 19-1/2 in. $180

1889 Washington's State Barge Passing Through The Fleet - Drawn By J.O. Davidson. Hand colored wood engraving published in a Supplement to Harper's Weekly on May 4, 1889. Scene depicts tall, flag-masted ships surrounding Washington's state
 barge as it passes
 through the fleet.
16x22in. $200

1888 Harper's Weekly "A Puyallup Hop Ranch Near Tacoma, Washington Territory"
16x10.5in. $60

1855 Rare color lithograph showing early Western Fort Okinakane in an antique Railroad Expedition print.
11 x 8 in. $80

C.1860 Johnson's Washington, Oregon and Idaho hand colored engraved map.
18 x 14 in. $180

J.H. Colton original hand colored engraved map showing Washington and Oregon. Colton was among the earliest map makers with very accurate maps depicting cities and states in the United States.
17-1/2 x 14-1/2 in. $290

1887 Mitchell's Map of Oregon, Washington. Hand colored map of Oregon and Washington. Shows the locations of Indian reservations, cities, towns and major roads in both states. Also shows railroad lines and geographical features.
15x22 in. $90

Oregon Territory 1852. A nicely hand colored Oregon Land Survey Map published by the General Land Office in 1852 and surveyed by John B. Preston. Showing Oregon State and moving North to Washington, Puget Sound then stopping at Vancouver Island. A finely detailed map with mountains, rivers, townships and marks notable cities such as Salem, Oregon City, Astoria and Olympia. A scarce map.
52 3/4 x 17 3/4 in. $3,200

PLAT Book of Arlington County, Va. 36 Compiled from official records, private plans and actual surveys by Franklin Survey Co. Philadelphia 1943. Includes index & utility maps. All in color & linen back. Elephant Folio. Each map measures 21 x 30 in.
18 x 21 1/4 in. $1,950

Atlas of Arlington County, Va. 1935. 26 colored maps including index and zone maps. Shows buildings, roads owners. Also has index of subdivisions. Elephant folio. Franklin Survey Co. Philadelphia.
18 3/8 x 24 1/4 in. $1,950

1926 Road Map – Washington State drawn by A.P. Neyhart. Shows oil, paved, gravel, dirt & uncompleted roads and counties -AAA. Original folds. Excellent condition. Verso: Mileage table, ferry and traffic information. Printed in color.
18 1/2 x 27 1/2 in. $125

Old Fort, Walla Walla. c.1855 United States Pacific Railroad Expedition & Surveys. Hand colored, lithograph.
8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $60

Kettle Falls, Columbia River. 1855 USPRR Survey. Plate XLVII.
8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $40

Peluse Falls. 1855 USPRR Survey. Plate XLI.
8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $40

Dalles. 1855 USPRR Survey. Plate XLII.
8 1/2 x 11 1/2 in. $60

Map of That Part of Washington Territory Lying West of the Cascade Mountains, 1857 - A detailed lithograph map with original hand coloring, one of the first General Land Office Surveys of the region East of the Cascades, with great detail of today’s Puget Sound then the Admiralty Inlet. The map extends from the Columbia River to Canada. Shows Fort Dallas, Fort Walla Walla, the Presbyterian Mission on the Walla Walla River, Steven’s Route, the Military Road from Steilacoom to Walla Walla, Fort Simcoe, a Mission on the Atah-nam River, the Great Plateau of the Spokane, Fort Colvill and the Gold Mines to the North, Spokane House, and a host of other details. The earliest map to detail the region east of the Cascades, signed by James Tilton, Surveyor General, PS. Duval and Son’s Philadelphia. Condition: Very Good, small left margin, slight tear on top left margin and two small vertical folds.
14 x 22 image

Principal Business
Street of Tacoma
10x6.5in. $30

The Northwest Magazine March 1889 "The Tacoma" view in the main dining room, private dining room, office, and parlor.
10x13in. $60

The Northwest Magazine March 1889 View of American Lake, near Tacoma, On the Beach of American Lake 10x13in. $60

1889 Hand colored lithographed U.S. Navy Guard Site Commission North West Coast Proposed Site for Navy Yard, Port Orchard, Puget Sound, Washington Ter., from a survey made by J.F. Pratt, Assist., U.S. C. and G.S. during May, June and July, 1889.Adjoining hydrography and topography from records of the U.S. C. and G. Survey Office. Shows the Mean Rise and Fall of
Tides and other data.
52 x 34 in. $400

1891 Rare hand colored half-tone of Seattle, Washington which shows three views of Seattle from the Hotel Denny, the Business Center from the Coal Bunkers as well as a Harbor View. Featured originally in The Northwest Magazine, this shows a rare bird's-eye view of
Seattle, Washington.
19-1/2 x 13-1/2 in. $400

1866 Rare hand colored wood engraving featured in Harper's Weekly titled, "Emigration To Washington Territory Of Four Hundred Women On the Steamer (called) Continental." Sketched by A.R. Waud. Five images shows women partaking of the Evening Hymn, The Departure, On Deck, The Main Saloon, and Embarking.
22 x 16 in. $250

1855 Color lithograph titled, "Mt. Baker & Cascade Range From Whitby's Island." Sarony, Major & Knapp, Lithographers. Featured in the U.S.P.R.R. Expedition & Surveys.
11 x 8-1/2 in. $100

1855 Color lithograph titled, "Puget Sound & Mt. Rainier From Whitby's Island." Sarony, Major & Knapp, Lithographers. Featured in the U.S.P.R.R. Expedition & Surveys.
11-1/2 x 8-1/2 in. $100

1855 Color lithograph titled, "Mount Rainier Viewed From Near Steilacoom." Sarony, Major & Knapp, Lithographers. Featured in the U.S.P.R.R. Expedition & Surveys.
11 x 8-1/2 in. $80

Rare Johnson's Washington and Oregon hand colored map showing each state outlined in red. Small burn marks are in outside border and one in Washington.
18 x 13-1/2 in. $360

1898 Rand, McNally & Co.'s Washington which shows all its railroads from that era. Red outlined counties and railroad lines are shown with key to railroads
upper left of map.
27-1/2 x 20-1/2 in. $280

This very large, hand colored early survey map of Washington Territory was conducted under the the supervision of James Tilton, Surveyor General. The Williamette Medidian from Portland to Puget Sound and the 4th Standard Parallel extending west to Gray's Harbor have been surveyed, but much of the rest of the cartographical information is speculative at best. However, Wheat notes that the map is important in showing the Hudson's Bay Company's posts at Fort Okinakane and Fort Colville, along with the location of Lake Chelan, east of the Cascades. The U.S. Military Road from Ft. Steilacoom to Walla Walla is shown. The road proceeds from Seattle, up the White River, across Natchess Pass and down to Fort Walla Walla, by the valley of the Yakama River. The map also shows Stevens Route for the Pacific R.R., coming up the Cedar River from Seattle, crossing over an unnamed pass south of Snoqualmoo Pass and proceeding down the Yakama River. Curiously, no surveys had been made or were yet contemplated through this region. This is an extremely important map of the State of Washington as a territory and rare. Condition: Very fine wide margins, with three folds, some discoloration on top of folds not affecting image.
size 27.75 x 21.5 image

Queen Anne High School Yearbook. Seattle. 1910-1911 “Kuay” 98pp. This historic building now on the national register and has been turned into condos. Contains pictures of faculty, graduates, teams, ads.
9 x 5 in. $45

University of Washington Student Magazine 1926. “Columns” plus the Sun Dodger. (82pp pictorial covers.) Stories and articles by students including Sidney Patzer.
12 x 9 in. $35



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