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Map of Chocktaw Nation Indian Territory - The Department of the Interior Commission to the Five Civilized tribes. Red indicates the land alloted to July 1, 1904. The brown shows the Coal Segregation, and the blue symbolizes the Asphalt.
39 x 34 in. $350

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1835 Indian Territory West of Lake Michigan steel engraved map which depicts the tribes which include the Chippewas, Ottawas, Pottawattaimies, Sacs, 
Fores, Winnebagoes, 
Menomonies, and Sioux.
40-1/2 x 27 in. $750

Winter Campaign against the Indians - Harper's Weekly hand colored wood engraving showing General Miles' winter campaign against the Indians. Images show a Sioux Cemetery; the Chief Scout, "Yellowstone Kelly;" Fort Peck - On the Missouri River; Cantonment on Tongue River; the Yellowstone from the Mouth of Tongue River; Cheyenne Captives; and
38 degrees below Zero.
16 x 11 in. $60

1868 Cocopas Indians. Hand colored rare lithograph from the Colorado Exploring Expedition. Original antique litho by H.B. Mollhausen. 12x9 in. $120

1857 Texas Co-Co-Pas Indians. Scarce hand colored lithograph, from the U.S.-Mexico Border Survey. 11-1/2x8-1/2 in. $80

1873 Indian Council print. Hand colored antique woodcut engraving. Shows a young brave addressing the council convened around a fire. Harper's. 16x11 in. $50

1876 Indian Trading views. Several excellent hand colored original engravings on one page, depicting Indian trade with Whites. From drawings for Harper's by W.M. Cary, 1876. 11x16 in. $50

1855 Gros Ventres print. Hand colored antique litho from U.S. Railroad Survey. Shows distribution of good to the Gros Ventres. Original print by the famous western artist John Stanley. 11-1/2x8-1/2 in. $60


1861 Moquis Dwelling. View of the interior of a Moquis House. Original lithograph, hand colored, from the Colorado Exploring Expedition. 11-1/2x8 in. $60

1847 Indian Cooking Pots print. Original color litho print by important western artist Captain Seth Eastman. Genuine antique.
9-1/2x12-1/2 in. $60

1886 Taking The Census At An Indian Agency. The scene is an agency near Bismark Dakota, the Missouri River appears in the distance. Sioux Indians are being counted and Chief Gall is standing in the foreground. This rare, hand colored engraving is from the November, 1886 German edition of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper (text is in German). 
Size is 11x16 in. $80

1896 Mat Making. Color engraving published in an 1896 Government report shows two Indian women making mats. 8x11 in. $30

1876 American Indian Dance: Self Torture. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly, titled "Indian Sun Dance: Young Bucks Proving their Endurance by Self-Torture." Young Native American men are shown with large hooks pierced through their chests. The hooks are attached to ropes, which are tied to the tops of tall wooden poles. A crowd watches as they dance around the poles, trying to break free.
16x22 in. $120

1890: Indians Leave Reservation Illegally. Hand colored engraving from the Illustrated London News, titled "Excitement Among North American Indians: Interview with Indians Who Have Left their Reserves Without Leave." Shows a group of Indians in traditional dress being questioned by representatives of the United States government.
11x16 in. $60

1896 Remington View: Oklahoma Indians. Hand colored, halftone engraving by Frederick Remington, from Harper's Weekly. Title is "Paying the Indians for the Cherokee Strip: Scenes Around the Government Paymaster's Quarters." Temporary booths have been set up by white salespeople, advertising numerous products, services and get-rich-quick schemes. Indians in the area are being accosted in an effort to convince them to spend their newly acquired money. 11x16 in. $80

Dacotah and Ojibwa boundary. Also, Menomonee and Winnebago. c.1850 by Seth Eastman from Schoolcraft’s History. Hand colored engraving.
9 x 13 $90

130ok: Choctaw Nation 1904. Map of the Choctaw Nation Indian Territory. Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes. Color coded to show ashphalt and timber. Also shows rivers and settlements.
34 1/8 x 38 7/8 in. $195

1889 Arizona: Moqui Indian Snake Dance. Hand colored engraving from Harper's Weekly. Shows a group of Moqui Indians dancing with snakes, while others look on.
16x22 in. $150

1887 In The Lodges of the Blackfeet Indians. Remington Native American Indian print. size: 11x16 in. $50

1890 Farny Print: Indian Dance, New Mexico. This hand colored, wood-engraved print was drawn by H.F. Farny, and published in the June 7, 1890 issue of Harper's Weekly. The print is titled "Indian 'Tablet Dance' at Santo Domingo, New Mexico." It shows a group of Native Americans performing the dance, wearing traditional clothing. This print is in
excellent condition.
Size is 16x22 in. $150

1887: Indians, Cowboys in Winter. Hand colored engraving by H.F. Farny, from Harper's Weekly. Title is "Suspicious Guests." Shows a group of cowboys gathered around a campfire, watching warily as an Indian approaches them.
16x22 in. $150
b/w: $80

Beautiful hand colored engraving from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper dated March 15, 1884. Page caption reads, Educating the Indians, - Scenes at the Government Training School at Carlisle, PA. Ten images showing different scenes from the school. size: 11x16 in. $150

January 18, 1879 issue of Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. Four hand colored engravings on one page titled, Virginia - Civilizing the Red Men - The Government School for the Education of Indian Youth at Hampton. 11x16 in. $50

Red River Expedition in North America. Two hand colored engravings from the June 4, 1870 issue of The Illustrated London News. Upper image of The Prairie Crees. Lower image titled, Ojibways of Red River. Small tear on lower right side has been archivally repaired.
16x11 in. $60

The Car Among the Wigwams: A Novelty in an Indian Camp in Canada. Hand colored half tone from the February 29, 1908 issue of The Illustrated London News.
11x15.5 in. $50

1873 "The Rev. Dr. Thomas" and "The Modocs - Murder Of General Canby And The Rev. Dr. Thomas." Two wood engravings with text published in Harper's Weekly on May 3, 1873. 11x16in. $30

1873 The Modoc War Region - Five wood engravings depicting scenes in the Modoc war region, with text, published in Harper's Weekly on June 14, 1873. 11x16in. $30

1873 Funeral Of The Late General Canby - The Body Lying In State - Photographed By Buchtel & Stolte, Portland, Oregon; AND Funeral Of The Late General Canby - Armory Hall Where The Body Lay In State - Photographed By Buchtel & Stolte, Portland, Oregon. Two wood engravings plus text published in Harper's Weekly on May 24, 1873. Small tear in top left-hand corner. 11x16in. $40

1873 Modocs Scalping And Torturing Prisoners AND The Late Captain Evan Thomas AND The Late Lieutenant Albion Howe AND The Modoc War - Soldiers Recovering The Bodies Of The Slain. Wood engravings with text published in Harper's Weekly on May 17, 1873. 16x22in. $30

1873 The Modocs - Murder Of General Canby. Hand colored wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly on June 28, 1873 depicts a man pointing a pistol at General Canby as the general's hand is outstretched as he tries to stop this occurence, as many other people watch on. 10.5x15in. $80

1835 Very Rare - “A Reconnoisance of the Minnay Sotor Watapah, or St. Peter’s Rivers, to its sources. With points of interest, topography, and both Indian and French terms.”
Very rare engraving.
22 1/2 x 41 in. $950

1889 Wood engraving titled, "Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian, Oklahoma." This is one of Frederic Remington's best engravings.
23 x 16-1/2 in. $300

c1900 Print: Indians Stalk Antelope. Original Harper's Weekly. (c1900) Stalking Antelope. Color: Black and White. Type: Half Tone.
 Size: 11x16 in. $40

Rare Sketch of the Public Surveys in Iowa Territory, 1845 - A rare grid map locating regions reserved for the Sioux and Winnebago Indians and the 'Neutral Ground' buffer zone. Shows Forts Atkinson and Crawford. Locates Raccoon Agency on a branch of the Des Moines River. Lower left is the Nation of the united Chippewa, Ottawa and Pottawatomie Indians. Locastes Iowa City, Fairfield and Keokuck.  Published by The General Land Office, Washington D. C. Condition: Good, small left margin damaged, multiple vertical folds with some yellowing and normal browning on the edges.
size 12.5 x 14 image

Language Map of Native Americans (1911) in Canada, East US, and Mid-West. “Distribution and Interrelation of the Algonquin Dialects.” By Swanton & Michelson. Half-tone engraving printed in color.
17 x 20 5/8 $80

19th Century Government Policy! 1880 Cartoon by Thomas Nast. “Give the Natives and Chance Mr. Carl.” The cheapest and easiest way of civilizing them. Secretary of the Interior Schurz background shows 3 cartoons success. African American, German & Irish.
10 7/8 x 16 in. $60
b/w: $50

19th Century Government Policy! 1879 Thomas Nast cartoon showing James G. Bennett publisher of the NY Hearld showing farm equipment "Root, Hog, or Die." Wood engraving.
10 7/8 x 15 5/8 in. $45

1873 Oregon - The Modoc War - Bringing Back To Camp The U.S. Soldiers In The Ambuscade In The Lava-Beds AND Oregon - An Indian Rendezvous - Cape Horn, On The Columbia River. Wood engravings with text published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
 11x16in. $30

1873 The Modoc Trial - The Warm Spring Indians - From A Photograph By C.F. Watkins, of San Francisco, California. Large wood engraving with wrap-around text facing other direction, published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper on July 26, 1873. Picture depicts a large group of Modoc indians on their horses, all standing in a line.
 11x16in. $30

1873 The Modoc War - Captain Jack's Cave In The Lava Beds. Wood engraving with text published in Harper's Weekly, A Journal Of Civilization on June 28, 1873. Vol. XVIL - No. 861.
11x16in. $30

1873 Modoc Brave Lying In Wait For A Shot AND On The Look-Out For An Attack On A Picket Station AND Modoc Squaws AND Captain Jack's Late Stronghold AND Warm Spring Indians Scouting. Five wood engravings with text, titled "Pictures From The Lava Beds - From Photographs By Muybridge, Furnished By The Courtesy of Bradley & Rulofson, San Francisco," published in Harper's Weekly on June 21, 1873. 11x16in. $30

View of the 1683 Wm. Penn's Treaty With the Indians. Beautiful Philadelphia chromolithograph by Kurz & Allison, c.1890.
28 x 22 in. $350

1887 Around Behring's Straits - Drawn From Photographs By Harry Fenn. Eleven hand colored wood engravings on one page published in Harper's Weekly on February 12, 1887. Each scene captioned as follows: Old Russion Church, S'Michaels; Woman Of Point Barrow; Indian Oomlak, Wood Frame Covered With Walrus Hide; Oomalik Chief, Point-Hope; Fur Seals at St. Paul's Island; Dog sled, Indian Point, Siberia; Indian Summer Rendezvous at Sheshalik Kotzebue Sound; Native Houses, Plover Bay, Siberia, Covered With Walrus Hide; House of Point Hobe, Oomatik; Skin Covered Fishing Canoes; and Natives At Sheshalik Kotzebue Sound.
16x22in. $150

1879 Shooting Cattle At Standing Rock Indian Agency - Drawn By W.A. Rogers. Hand colored wood engraving published in Harper's Weekly on February 22, 1879. Scene depicts a group of indians shooting cattle in a pen in the background, and in the foreground, indians tending to their families.
16x22in. $150

1873 Double-page hand colored wood engraving featured in The Illustrated London News titled, "The Lava Beds, Lake Tule, California, The Scene of the Modoc Indian War."
22 x 16 in. $180

1875 Color lithograph titled, "Toro-Mucho, Chief of a Band of Kioways," from the Colorado Exploring Expedition.
11 x 9 in. $120

1875 Hand colored lithograph titled, "Chemehuevis," from the Colorado Exploring Expedition.
11 x 9 in. $120




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